Are there any songs that you didn't like at first but have since grow on you?

Are there any songs that you didn’t like the first time you heard them but then gave a second chance and it grew on you?

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I would have to say O.O and Dice by NMIXX

I didn’t really like O.O the first time I listened to it and so I didn’t really give Dice a chance to begin with, then I decided to listen to them again a few days and I actually kind of like them now

Psycho and White Iverson by Post Malone… I didn’t like them that much because they were too different from the first songs I heard by him, but after a while, they both grew on me.

Lollipop and My Homies Still by Lil Wayne… I thought Lollipop was very ‘meh’ at first, until I gave it a listen and watched the video. Now, I really like it. Nothing deep, but it’s a fun song. As for My Homies Still, I thought it was just silly, but then I saw a video where Lil Wayne was signing autographs in a mall, and that song was playing in the background. He was such a sweetheart in that video that I now associate the song with it, so I started liking it more and more after that.

I didn’t initially like the song Push by Starbenders but since listening to it properly I actually really like it