Are you bothered when people promote stories on a thread without reading what the OP is asking for?

Tbh it bothers me a lot when people do that, because it shows that they didn’t read the OP or just don’t care about what the person asked for, which is really rude… It’s especially annoying when they say “I know you asked for X, but I’ll still recommend Y”, because they know that they shouldn’t post that story but still do it or when they recommend their story on a thread that specifically says that they should not recommend their own stories… :woman_facepalming::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

So what do you think of this? Does it bother you when people promote stories on a thread without reading what the OP is asking for?
Have you ever promoted a story without reading what the person asked for? If yes, how did they react? :eyes::sparkles:


Yeah, although I never really check threads like that out in the first place.

It’s definitely disrespectful to the OP when people do that, though.


Yes, this bothers me a lot. If your story doesnt meet the requirement the OP is asking, just leave that thread.
Using your example, although the OP asked for X, some users will post Y, even withou context or explaining why they post it in that thread :roll_eyes::unamused:

Some OPs are still kind enough to accept the stories that dont meet their requirements. If it was me, I wish I could block that user :sweat_smile:

And as a writer who is trying to promote stories, I had never disrespested any OPs request. I have 4 stories, so when I come across threads with specific reuqirement, I’ll only send 1 or 2 stories which does meet the requirement.

This situation is also common in R4R threads. The OP wants to do R4R with anyone who posts their stories in, but there comes “Mr Z” ‘begging’ for R4Rs with the other users, besides the OP :unamused: these sort of people too disrespects the OP and isnt even bothered to do R4R with the OP :woman_shrugging:

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Bump! Yes, I think it’s completely disrespectful and stupid. Just read what op said then maybe people will actually read your story without you seeming desperate for attention :roll_eyes: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Yes, this is very annoying.

For example, the original poster be like:
Please recommend me some good stories about friendship!
No bad boys or mafia, it can have romance but it shouldn’t be the main focus.

And someone on the thread:
Name: Falling For The Sexy Married Bad Boy Billionaire
Description: He’s smokin’ hot, sexy, and dangerous—and married!!! Will you fall for his charms, or will you fall for his three assistants who all have a crush on you?
(3 LIs!!! 18+ SCENES, customize every single character!!)


Yeah when people don’t read the OP or just take the opportunity to promote their own story even if it doesn’t fit what the OP has asked for then it does bug me.


Yes, it’s so annoying! It makes it hard for people to find the relevant stories. I once made a thread asking for stories without romance, and 90% were stories that LeT yOu cHOoSe tO bE SiNgle or romance was a sideplot


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