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I also found these original questions from the internet since i ain’t good at this… :eyes: :rofl:

  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?

  • What was your favorite toy growing up?

  • If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?

  • Would you rather be uncontrolablly laughing or uncontrolablly talking?

  • What would a perfect winter evening and summer day be?

  • If you could ask your pet 3 question, what would they be?

  • Are you a bookworm?

  • Never have i ever eaten something past it’s expiration date

  • Favorite afternoon snack?

Does this mean that my questions thread will get even less attention? :crying_cat_face::eyes::sparkles::joy:
What was your first impression of me? :eyes::eyes::eyes:

  • What accomplishment are you most proud of?
    Getting Diary of a Middle School Teacher featured on the Global Tales shelf last year, and getting my ICELT diploma (In-house certification in English language teaching).

  • What was your favorite toy growing up?
    Probably my Barbies. I had a lot of Barbies and accessories, and I played with them more than any other toys I had. When I was 7, my parents got me the Barbie motor home for Christmas, and I loved that as well.

  • If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?
    Good question! When I was a teenager, I loved the name Vanessa and wanted it to be my new name. There was also a phase when I wanted my name to be Isabel.

  • Would you rather be uncontrolablly laughing or uncontrolablly talking?
    Probably uncontrollably talking because it’s so awkward to laugh during serious moments or 10 minutes after the joke is over. (That has happened to me a few times.)

  • What would a perfect winter evening and summer day be?
    A perfect summer day would be getting ice cream with my favorite people in the world and going swimming, maybe even to a water park. In the winter, a perfect evening would still include my favorite people in the world but it would also involve a hot cappuccino and doing something related to Christmas.

  • If you could ask your pet 3 question, what would they be?
    If I had a pet…

  1. What do you want me to feed you?
  2. What have you heard people saying when I’m not around?
  3. What advice do you have for me?
  • Are you a bookworm?
    I used to be up until my mid-twenties. Now I prefer writing and reading stories online.

  • Never have i ever eaten something past it’s expiration date
    I have, but only if it doesn’t smell or look strange.

  • Favorite afternoon snack?
    Cheese crackers with salsa made by me, or fried green plantains with either a salsa made by me or a delicious one made by someone else.


Probably not! :grin: I actually thought about not making a questions thread and waiting until I got picked as the question user of the week, but since everyone started making one, I thought… why not? Who knows if I’ll even get picked soon, anyway?

I thought you were really friendly and outgoing! :heart_eyes_cat: I still think the same. :sunglasses:


Do you like toes?
Do you like elephants?
Do you like hippos?

Not really, just mine I guess. :smiley:

Yeah, they’re cool. :+1:

They’re okay :sunglasses:

What animal would you turn into if you could turn into an animal for a week?
Is it cold where you live?

A cat! :heart_eyes_cat:

Usually it isn’t… last week was pretty cold but the weather has been very nice this week. Not too hot, not too cold.

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Moved to general chat (I’m putting all these question threads there)

Do you like apples?

Added question-thread tag. :white_heart:

Yes, especially Granny Smith apples. Those are my favorite.

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Did you expect to get new questions after this trend died?
What’s the worst diet you’ve tried out?
The funniest song you know?
Will you enter the writing and art competitions?
What did you think of “the most frequent poster wins :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:”?
What colour is your favourite notebook?
How many words do you write each day on average when you work on a story?

Not at all! But I’m so glad it did because I enjoy answering questions. :purple_heart:

The one where you can’t eat gluten or dairy. The only reason I tried it is because I went to a doctor for these migraines I was having almost daily, and he put me on that diet to see if it would help. It didn’t, and I stopped after three months because it was too expensive and I didn’t have enough meal options.

Probably “My Ding-A-Ling” by Chuck Berry, or the birthday song that says “There’s a cat licking your birthday cake, it’s your birthday today”

I might… last month, I tried writing something for the December competition, but I didn’t like it and scrapped it.

It’s a good incentive in order for people to become more active. :+1:

Well, in 2018, I had a bullet journal notebook with dots instead of lines. It was silver on the outside. But I haven’t been able to find another one like it, and I really want one!

I usually write directly into the Episode Writer’s Portal, so it doesn’t show how many words I type, but so far today I’ve written about 25 lines!

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  • What’s your favorite meme?
  • What do you think of me?
  • What’s your favorite Episode story?
  • Do you like action movies?
  • Have you ever read The Great Gatsby?


I have a lot of favorite memes… I’d have to go through the meme thread. :joy:

I think you’re a very nice and helpful person. :purple_heart:

Probably Reputation by Mira Times Two.

Depends on the movie. It’s not my favorite genre, though.

Not yet. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Do you have children? :yellow_heart:

No, but I’m surrounded by kids most of the time because of my job and because my nephews live next door. :smiley: :purple_heart:


Do you have a favourite student?
Do teachers talk about their students behind their back?
Which subjects do you teach? Are you happy with them or would you rather teach other subjects?
What would you want your job to be if you couldn’t be a teacher anymore?
What inspired you to become a teacher?
Are you one of the cool teachers or one of the teachers almost all students are scared of?
What would you like to teach your students about besides the things you have to teach them?
Does it offend you when people rant about their teachers or when you see memes in which teachers are getting made fun of?
What’s the most interesting question a student has ever asked you?
Would you like your nephews to be in your class?
What’s the perfect amount of homework in your opinion?
Were that too many questions related to your job?

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