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50 years after the great war started by the Fire Nation. Peace has finally settled upon the four nations, Although tensions are still rather high. Many still don’t trust the Firebenders, and a few extremist groups still exist in the Fire Nation that still hold themselves as the rightful rulers of all the kingdoms. Into this quiet yet intense tension comes a whole new nation of Benders from a faraway, undiscovered island; The Light Benders. They are an empire with peaceful yet sneaky people, Alongside a rich culture and a passion for learning. Yet despite a newfound bending group and installment into civilization a powerful and corrupt villain has sprung into action bent on destroying the world’s newfound peace. Now it is up to the next Avatar to unite all five nations once again and learn a whole new power that none of their predecessors even knew existed. With a whole new nation as a part of the cycle, though, there’s more uncertainty about the next Avatar’s location than ever: This time, the Avatar could truly be anyone.

NOTE: Roleplay created by @ForeverAngel & @GlitterFist! :heart:

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Light Bending Info!


Their origin is mainly Egypt therefore their cuisine is most likely traditional Egyptian Recipes. Please search up Egyptian history for a more broad explanation…Although it isn’t needed. Mainly just their style and cuisine. The Light Benders are prideful and sneaky people but their culture is rich and beautiful. When it comes to bending, Pretty much anything involving light…Light Benders can do. I will list some things.

Focusing Light into Laser Beams.
Bending light to see around corners or across great distances.
Projecting Holographic Illusions.
Drawing light away from an area, Causing complete darkness.
Like waterbenders they can pull power from the Sun but only on the hottest days, I will notify when.
Bending Light around themselves or someone else to turn invisible.

For more powerful and trained techniques, Light benders can blind someone whether temporarily or semi-permanently. Only this is after years of training and with permission or for lore or backstory.

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NOTE: This is set 50 years after Aang’s death so it’s just slightly more advanced but not on Legend Of Korra’s technology level yet and the union of the nations have upheld up until this very point, meaning the avatar hasn’t been discovered due to people not looking until now. In the RP some may be in team avatar but it’s also highly encouraged to create villains as the main villain is just that- the biggest villain everyone has to face but there’s always room for more villains!






A young gentleman with dark brown dreads and skin an expresso skin tone, had his face in a usual frown as he cleaned the horn of a dragon.

He will never admit it, but he found cleaning the dragon horn relaxing. Waxing to make it cleaner was something weirdly relaxing to the cold gentleman.

*creak * *creak *

He heard the noise of someone trying to open the royal dragon door “Azula? Is that you?” he asked in his usual stoic voice



Southern Water Tribe capital city

Kunik sighted as she came out of her igloo. “Good morning” She greeted an old woman with a child around her waist.

As the woman passed, Kunik crack a small sad smile. One of the her tribemate that was not killed. Yes, Kunik was not stupid she knew that she still had half of her village from what it was before. And with the way things are going her village will repopulate again, but that old woman was one of old tribes people that will raise her and play with her.

Something a lot of new tribemate could not attest to doing. And also, it still pained her to have lost such great numbers in her tribe- worst that she could remember their faces.



“Sksksks” Abigail said to Saho, “Hey don’t judge me!” Saho cried out crying.

See, Saho was tasked with the duty of making tea for the emperor and empress. But he has forgotten the direction to the tea and at that time Abigail was sleeping.

He returned to the emperor & empress blushing telling them of his failure because of his location skills. At that time, he has forgotten to look his way and a handful of earth benders who helped in the palace was there.

They chuckled at his failure while the emperor and his wife simply face palmed and told him they should have expected it.

Saho ran a hand in his hair “The earth Kingdom is so unlike the light kingdom” he said, him being a light bender (in secret) and having lived in the light kingdom he could testify this. He missed the kingdom a lot, but he also loved the earth benders like his people.

How angry and betrayed they would be when they found out who he truly is.

“Abigail, wanna go explore outside?” He asked his partner the one who is good with locations. “KSKS” Abigail said, which translates to ‘yeah I guess’

Saho turned the emperor before departing and taking a stroll outside the kingdom.



“Koushi are you ok?” She asked her winged lemur. The winged lemur nodded making her smile “ah glad.”

She sat down on the grass “Don’t worry I will find us a home”

It’s true, ever since her escape and change in appearance- Kenya has never found a home or more of a place she could call the hall. She has lived in hunts and other places, but it didn’t last and scared her kingdom will catch her she would go leaving a note.

At least, Kanya still had money that have not been wasted.

Koushi, the winged lemur made a pitch sound indicating thirst “Here” Kanya said giving



Sailors and deckhands screamed back and forth to each other as three massive ships pulled into the First Lord’s Harbor, arriving in the Fire Nation capital after a long voyage. The ships cut through the water effortlessly thanks to their elongated crescent shape, and they were covered in intricate gold designs that blinded everyone nearby when the sunlight shone off of them. It was amusing to watch the sailors on board try to communicate with the ones waiting on the decks- The language barrier was definitely a problem, but instead of trying to communicate with each other some other way they decided that shouting louder would magically make the other side be able to understand them. Somehow they were able to pull the boats into the harbor and tie them down, and the Light Kingdom sailors began to unload their cargo. As soon as the ships were tied down, though, one piece of cargo decided to unload herself.

Sekhmra had been watching the sailors struggle with amusement, but she didn’t have much patience to keep watching after that. She hated sailing, and she had to get off of this wretched boat and stand on something that wouldn’t move under her. Taking a hold of one of the rigging ropes near her, she leaped from the bow and swung onto the deck. Her grip had been loose, and she’d slid down the rope a bit on the way down, but she didn’t have to worry about rope burn. Her thick, scarred palms didn’t feel a thing.

So this was the Fire Nation, hmm? She looked around at the capital city, waving away whatever servant had scolded her for doing something so dangerous. High-peaked red buildings, a palace in a volcanic caldera… It was certainly dramatic. She took a deep breath, the air smelling like smoke and ash. She didn’t care which nation she was in. She was just glad to be on dry land.

Sekhmra waited patiently for the ships to be unloaded. Lotus, her loyal Serpopard, had come bounding off of the ship soon after her, mowing down several crew members to be at her mistress’s side. Her sister had a separate ship, obviously, and was kept at a safe distance after she stepped off: Too far for either of them to try anything, but still close enough for them to glare at each other. Sekhmra started the stare-down, trying to look as intimidating as she could, but not really feeling anything at all. It was more like making faces at a baby at some point- She only did it to get a reaction and hadn’t taken it seriously in quite a while. Her father’s ship was the largest, and the last to be unloaded, and he was the last of the royals to disembark. Sekhmra smiled at him and bowed, knowing that was the most she could probably do. In public, the King didn’t want to display favoritism to either of his remaining children, so he probably wouldn’t speak to her until after the welcoming ceremony. He still returned her smile, though, and gave her a knowing nod.

Fire Nation soldiers came shortly after. Large, burly men in flashy red armor, they almost seemed like they were trying to one-up the equally large, equally burly Light Guards who’d accompanied the royal family in equally flashy white armor. There was a small parade as the soldiers led them through the Royal Caldera City: The Light King led the line in a shining golden chariot, with Sekhmra on Lotus behind him and her sister across from her, still kept distant. A small crowd gathered to watch them, pointing and speaking awestruck words that were too quiet and fast for Sekhmra to translate. Even though she couldn’t tell if the things being said about her were good or bad, she still held her head high. She liked the attention no matter what, and she was a Princess of Light- No matter what these people may be saying about her, she was still a powerful force.

A large stage of some kind had been set up just in front of the gates of the Royal Palace. Red banners proudly displayed the nation’s emblem, and the Fire Lord sat in luxurious scarlet robes on a throne in the center, his family gathered around him. They were all so close to each other, half of the holding hands or leaning on each other. In contrast with Sekhmra’s family, who couldn’t touch each other or else die or anger their people… She felt a twinge of envy as she walked on top of the stage. A second throne sat next to the Fire Lord for her father to sit, and Anila, his advisor, would stand beside him like she always did. Sekhmra found a spot she felt was suitable and watched as a crowd began to gather in front of the stage. Her father and the Fire Lord were speaking to each other in hushed tones, and her sister was watching them intently just as she was. Eventually they caught each other’s eyes, and Sekhmra gave her another withering glare along with a playful smirk.

What was left to do now? Just stand and wait, she supposed. She let out a heavy sigh as Lotus curled her long neck around her hips, patting the feline’s soft head and waiting for the ceremony to begin.

@Anyone else in the Fire Nation Capital


Kova rested her on her elbow and watch the landscape go by the window in the royal carriage. She moved some green shades and sighed. Her brown hair was pulled back in a braid by the top, and she wore a golden crown on top. Her dress…she didn’t want to talk about. It was better than other ones her mom wanted her to wear, but after a lot of convincing, her mom allowed her to wear a polka-dot sleeved dress as supposed to a more revealing one, since her mom wanted her to immedietly meet men and what not.

"Lyu straighten your back." Her ‘mother’ commanded.

“My name is Kova.” Kova protested but striaghtened her back and sighed as she leaned back against the seating. Kova looked around the carriage. Her ‘mom’, ‘dad’, and ‘brother’ sat inches away from her. 2 months ago, Kova’s life had changed. She went from being a simple peasent working to being taken by royal guards and placed in a dress and ‘princess learning school’. Kova was able to keep her name. This was going to be Kova’s first appearance as a ‘royal’.

Princess ‘Lyu’ that was her name apparently, not that she cared. Kova’s eyes were glued to the window as the Fire Nation revealed itself to her. Crowds were lining up against the palace steps but cleared the way for the carriage. Then the carriage stopped.

Trumpets blared and some guy announced each one of them, all except for Kova.
"And now…presenting for the first time in 18 years since her disappearance in the Fire Nation Capital, Princess Lyuuuuuuuuuu" He said happily. Kova didn’t want out. “Uh…Princess Lyu?” He questioned. Kova rolled her eyes. If it was her first appearance, she might as well make a…rumble?

Kova smirked and jerked her hand forward (imagine spider-man’s hand when he shoots webs) and a piece of metal shot forward, hooking onto the roof of the palace. Kova pulled it and sent herself flying forward into the air before letting go and landing herself down in the classic, knee on ground with fist on ground as well superhero pose right in front of the announcer. Kova dusted her dress and fixed her tiara before looked sternly at the announcer. “The name is Kova.” She blantantly said before walking over to the row of chairs. She smiled softly when no one was looking. Screw the classic royal entrance, if she was going to be forced to be a princess, she might as well have fun doing it.

The crowd murmered behind her and the announcer, and her ‘parents’ stood with their jaws opened. Kova walked over to her mom. “You know deary, you really shouldn’t hang your mouth open. It will give you horrible wrinkles.” Kova said to her, resting her elbow on her opposite forearm. She did her best to immitate her 'mother’s snobby remarks. Kova went to the seats labeled for the Earth Kingdom and sat down as her parents and siblings got into their respective spots. Kova heard more royal families arriving behind her.



Carriage (replace the red with a dark green)


Arm position and hand when talking to 'mom'


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Location: Assembly for all nations.

"Halt!" A sailor from the light nation cried out as the light nation’s ship quickly docked into the Fire Nation’s large harbor, the fire nation’s ships were quite a beauty themselves sleek and great for battle when it comes to tanking but it was clear the light nation outshined them on style and flexibility. As expected the fire nation was the only nation who stood a chance against the light nation’s technical support and overall bravery. Anila sat comfortable and quite scoping out the sailor’s failed and frankly sad attempts at communicating with the fire nation hooligans. Fanning herself with a large gold-embroidered fan she finally stood and followed the princess and her father off the boat as guards moved at haste to protect the royal family and any other important members from the nation.

Fire nation guards moved in just as quick and guided the royal family and herself towards a large platform stood tall and proud red flowing banners with the fire nation’s signature symbol printed perfectly on it, How odd. The light nation carried entire parades and entertaining shows, truly they could do better. Anila smirked watching the Light Nation family hold their heads up high. As the king’s royal advisor she made sure to look just as prideful and proud, after all soon she’d be the queen. soon but for now she was simply an advisor and for this role she had no choice but to play, Years of clawing her way up the ranks and getting as close as possible with the princess herself has granted Anila one of the highest roles and easiest access to the King. It’s a shame she had to take down the old man but her plan was nearly time to execute. Shaking herself from her thoughts she spotted the royal family who were bunched up and closed-knit. Disgusting. Vile even, too much familiarity will make you weak it always opens up a large blind spot for attacks and blackmail. Walking uptop the stage alongside Sekhmra and the king she stood by his throne and held all of his documentation and statements for him.

After a few minutes the Earth Kingdom royal family finally arrived, Surely Anila would go and visit the kingdom after she became Queen. They aren’t very good on technicality and war but they had the most beautiful crowns and gowns, a cute brownie point from a light nation native. After ahem Princess Lyu’s childish performance Anila noticed Sekhmra sigh probably out of boredom or irritation. Anila shifted towards her a bit but not enough to leave her post completely, making sure the king was still engaged in conversation with the Fire Lord Anila whispered to Sekhmra in a hushed tone. “They aren’t very dignified are they?” Anila chuckled, casting a pointed finger at the Earth Princess’s dramatic performance alongside her parents now badgering her for her act. “Here, I got you this.” Anila slipped a beautiful band of pearls that were dipped and molted in gold with a final touch of expensive jade lace.

“I purchased this from one of the booths back on the journey, I thought it would be beautiful for you to wear on such an important meeting. You are the light nation’s prized princess after all.” Anila gave her a warm smile and placed the necklace in the palm of her hand. “You shine as bright as the nation’s largest sun my dear, never forget that.” Anila added giving Sekhmra a gentle pat and standing straight forward to her post. Anila knew better than to anger the princess, it’s why their so close today. When Anila rose in positions she quickly turned the princess on her side, a little banter and lack of a mother only advanced Anila’s manipulation. They now shared a bond that of mother and daughter, she knew she was one of the few people the princess trusted with her life and she made sure no one would ever ruin that. Constantly switching her tactics has to be mandatory due to her growing age but she always made sure one thing ruled over it all. The Throne. she’d make a slick remark but quickly cover it with passionate words to confuse the princess- belittling her enough to never make her run but encouraging her as if the door was wide open. Anila was a smart woman after all, she’d gain the kings love within a few months what a foolish man. Now she was ready to claim what was rightfully hers after all her hard-work.

And absolutely nothing, could stop the woman.

@Everyone else in the Fire Nation.



Sekhmra rolled her eyes at the Earth Princess’s dramatic entrance. She did have impressive bending ability, to be sure- She hadn’t seen many Earthbenders, but she knew that it took a lot of practice and skill to be able to do something like that. Even so, an important treaty writing was no place to show off your abilities… Unless you were asked to, of course. And then you could show off as much as you wanted to and one-up everyone else there. Her attitude, too, was very childish for someone who looked to be the same age as Sekhmra was. Kova, as she was so very insistent to state, would have to fix that before she became Queen. A ruler with an explosive demeanor would no doubt result in a kingdom in exploded ruins.

And besides, Sekhmra had done the dramatic rope-swingy thing first. She just hadn’t had as big of a crowd.

“They aren’t very dignified, are they?” She heard a familiar voice, almost feline in its elegance and slyness, purr into her ear. Sekhmra chuckled and turned to face her father’s trusted advisor, Anila, and meet her piercing eyes. Those eyes always had the strangest effect on her: Whenever she felt them on herself, she all of a sudden felt like she had very much expected of her, very much to prove. And sure, she did, but the weight of that rarely bared down on her… Unless she was in Anila’s gaze. Of course, she felt no ill will to the advisor, and in fact lived her as a mother who’d been more present than her biological one had, but her eyes… They always had that strange effect on her, and were always glinting as if she knew something no one else did.

“Not dignified at all.” She whispered back to her with a small nod. Still having to face the crowd, she was trying her best to hide her growing smile. “Although even before we’d arrived here I heard that the people of the Earth Kingdom were boastful brutes. If your reputation precedes you like that, it must be true… I hope I’ve never been that touchy about someone getting my name wrong. Have I?”

Anila didn’t answer the question, instead simply pressing something into the palm of Sekhmra’s hand, closing her fingers tightly around it so that she could actually feel it was there. Sekhmra looked down to see a beautiful necklace of pearls and gold and lace, just the right length to sit perfectly on her collarbone when she wore it. She gingerly put it on herself, her thick-skinned fingertips fumbling with the delicate clasp. “Oh, Anila, it’s lovely.” She said graciously. “But I don’t know, don’t you think it may be a bit too flashy for me?” She asked sarcastically, gesturing to the rest of her fine linens woven with gold leaf.

“You shine as bright as the nation’s largest sun.” Anila told her. It was a simple saying ingrained into their culture, and one that Anila said quite often. But there was something about they way she said it, or maybe the frequency with which she brought it out, that put the same pressure on Sekhmra as her stare did. It wasn’t an overwhelming pressure, it never was, but it was always just enough to make Sekhmra’s mouth go dry. She nodded silently as the advisor stepped away, running a finger along the pearls of the new necklace. If she pressed down hard enough she could feel their shape, and she could feel them perfectly round and (presumably) smooth and cool under her skin. She owned a lot of extravagant jewelry, as anyone who was anyone back home did. But this necklace was different. Maybe it was because it wasn’t Light craftsmanship, or maybe it was because it had passed from Anila’s hand straight to hers, but as it rested on her collarbone just above her heart it provided a sense of comfort. And that was Anila for you: Uncomfortable and comforting, intense and nurturing, always quiet but always heard. A perpetual mystery. But Sekhmra couldn’t imagine a better person for her father to put his trust in.



Book One


Kasora breathed in and sighed in amazement, “Wow, the earth kingdom city of Ba Sing Se. It’s everything I imagined it would be.” She gazed in wonder as the tram pushed by two earthbenders sped them along past the inner wall. When she finally got into the city, Kasora traveled around looking for the hospitals that would hire her as a healer for money so she could get earthbenders to teach her their techniques. A few weeks went by as she worked multiple shifts in the various hospitals throughout the city. Finally she had made enough money to pay whoever would teach her their earthbending techniques. After a month of being dismissed as a crazy girl, Kasora finally found an old master who could teach her.

Kasora smiled and bowed with respect, “Master Hu, it is an honor to officially meet you. I know I’m not an earthbender and that my request is an unorthodox one. So, I mean it when I say I will take these lessons to heart and will carry them with me. If you’ll have me as a student, that is.” Master Hu looked the young girl and smirked, “You have much wisdom for someone so young, Kasora of the Northern Water Tribe. Yes, the honor would be mine to teach you.” He bowed in return and motioned for her to sit as he quickly put the tea on. “Earth is the element of substance; our people are proud and strong. As such our stance is wide and our balance is strong, without balance it won’t matter how great of a bender you are, because you’ll constantly fall and you will lose every battle. So, that being said let me see your bending stance.” Kasora nodded and stood up in her stance. Master Hu laughed softly, “You’re thinking like a waterbender, my dear. Bend your knees a little and adjust your center of gravity.” Kasora did as instructed. “Good, now, I had an idea about what you said about not being an earthbender and I believe I might have a solution. I want you to bend a circular block of ice the size of a boulder, and I want it solid all the way through.” Kasora did as instructed curious as to what the old master had in mind. Master Hu then constructed an earth ramp and made a boulder to push the block up the earthen ramp. “Now, what I’m going to do is release the boulder of ice and I want you to hold your hands out and stop it in its tracks. Earth is stubborn and unwilling to move, so we must be the same.” Kasora gulped at the looming boulder of solid ice, “Master Hu, I’m not so sure about-” Master Hu released the boulder and it raced down the ramp towards Kasora. At the very last second, Kasora bent her wrist and raised it in the air, the solid ice boulder became a wave that splashed her in the face and doused her clothes as well as made her fall on her butt. Master Hu laughed uproariously, “That, you deserved. I can’t be expected to teach you if you won’t listen to me. Do it again, but this time, stay solid and stop it.”

This kind of training went on for the next two full dedicated years until Master Hu had her bending huge icebergs the size of massive ships without changing the state it’s in. The now 16-year old bowed again as she once did those two years ago. “Thank you, Master Hu. I’ve grown as a better bender because of you. I’ve also had a roof over my head and food in my belly these past two years because of you. I only hope that one day I can repay you.” Master Hu smiled warmly, “I didn’t make you a better bender, dear. You did that all by yourself, you either passed or failed all by yourself, the choice was always up to you. I merely guided you.” Master Hu bowed in return, “It was my honor and pleasure to invite you into my home, my little Icebender.” He said affectionately with a chuckle. The old man smirked with a twinkle in his eye, “I can only assume your next trip is to the fire nation to study the firebenders?” Kasora was stunned, “What? How did you-? I wasn’t even sure where I was going to go next.” Master Hu chuckled, “Because child, I believe your subconscious is following the Avatar cycle. Earth, Fire, Air, Water.” Kasora thought for a moment, “Wow I guess I hadn’t realized that. My tribe doesn’t let women officially learn waterbending. So, I left but before I did, I declared that I wouldn’t return until I became the best waterbender the world had ever seen. I just, ugh, I hated that they wanted me to continue learning healing and leave the bending to the boys.” Master Hu shook his head solemnly, “As much as I disagree with some of the Water Tribes’ traditions, I believe it was also rash of you to leave home at such a young age. I could only imagine how your parents must feel.” Kasora nodded slowly before shaking her head, “I know, but I can’t go back, not until I do what I said I was going to do, which was to become the best waterbender the world has ever seen.” Master Hu held up his hand to prevent further explanation from her, with a smile, “I figured as much, child. I suppose it was worth a shot. But if you’re going to venture into the Fire Nation, I must caution you, the New Ozai Society as well as other Fire Nation extremists will not be as tolerable of waterbenders as Ba Sing Se is. This city was home to many refugees during the Hundred Year War, so we are a little more accepting of all nations. What I’m saying, Kasora, is that you must change your clothes and hide your waterbending until you find a master to teach you, one that you trust with your gut and your instincts feel comfortable around.” He hugged her close and handed her some Fire Nation money as well as a ticket for the next tram out of the city. “Stay safe and perhaps one day we’ll meet again.” Kasora hugged the old master and wiped a tear trickling down her face, “We will, I promise.” Kasora bowed once more before leaving the home of her old master.

Present Day:

Age: 24

My name is Kasora and no I’m not the Avatar even though I have traveled around in an effort to learn from every bending style from each of the four nations on a quest to become the best waterbender the world has ever seen in order to prove to my home, the Northern Water Tribe, that women can be waterbenders too and maybe even better if they are dedicated in training. I’ve been to the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation, the Air Temples, even Wong Shi Tong’s fabled lost library. I’ve also developed two brand new sub-styles of waterbending as well as a technique for boiling water without the use of fire. That was 10 years ago, now I continue traveling around believing that there is still more to learn. Destiny is a funny thing, I don’t know what mine is yet, only that I have a plan for my life and who knows where it’ll lead me…

Kasora watched the parade of royals go by. Others seemed to bow and praise the royals as if they were the legendary spirits themselves, she however never saw the point in it. Respect where respect was due is one thing, but treating them like gods was something else entirely. She shook her head and focused on the task at hand. The Order of the White Lotus had tasked her with attending this treaty rally to make sure everything would go smoothly. They assured her that they would be close by should she need assistance. Of course, something this big like a treaty between nations didn’t need a secret society military showing up, it required a gentle touch and letting people work things out without feeling pressured or forced to do so. She scanned the crowd and watched as each royal made personalized entrances, she made no remark and watched for any suspicious characters.

Seeing nothing suspicious at the moment she relaxed for a second and returned her thoughts to the Order of the White Lotus. She remembered receiving an official title of a Master Waterbender and hated everything about it. Every time she tried to refuse it or go through the proper channels and get the title removed, she was denied. She also remembered one of the society’s council members telling her she was the greatest waterbender the Order had every come across or known about through their records, and their records went back thousands of years. She hated compliments like that, she knew she could always improve her skills and truly believed there were better waterbenders out there than her and that the society was wrong about her.

She shrugged off the memories and returned her attention to the stage and the surrounding people. She had a job to do and she was not going to mess up.

Fire Nation dress and hairstlye to blend in



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Location: Assembly for all nations.

As the royals began to settle and conversations began to dip a large group of fire nation soldiers marched out of the dock formerly loaded with large fire nation ships now it only withheld the neighboring kingdom’s machinery. Hundreds of guards chanted and cheered for the royal family whilst waving banners and declaring their strength, proud and true. Stood in-front of the marching crowd was a woman who’s armor was quite different from the rest- her large shoulder plates and gold cuffs stood out like no other even her hat was tall and sturdy clearly made for protection, as many expected she was the prized general who ordered soldiers left and right for whatever task she sent them on, unlike the royal family she was alone, cold and stern. Her expression never wavering in from a simple scowl.
Tapping her foot impatiently a fire nation solider hurriedly rushed to her side and threw open a long scroll for Miyuki to read from. “Welcome our neighboring nations- we welcome you with the upmost pleasantries and respect.” Miyuki read off despite the term of pleasantries she looked at the royals without a single care of pin of respect for them. Typically, she was the general she had a duty and this was just another role to fill for her shoes. She worked hard to gain this position after her Grandfather Datok Arai.

Shooing away the fire nation guard that scurried back to the line and fixed his posture, Miyuki rolled up the scroll and clasped it in her hand, making sure to acknowledge the royal family before stating her speech. “My name is Miyuki Arai- daughter of the famed and late Datok Arai.” Miyuki started, “The fire nation’s most successful and achieving general this nation has ever seen. I as his granddaughter have every intention to fulfill his legacy and walk in his shoes to continue taking the fire nation to victory.” Miyuki smirked towards the other royals and native kings and queens knowing how prideful the fire nation was, they would never sheer away from a quick snarky line or two. But then that was just Miyuki’s confidence talking. She’d hidden in this role for years only beforehand training her fire bending and earthbending to the bone. She’d struggle in making simple waves of airbending and waterbending? Don’t even get her started, she couldn’t even do it. She hated the Avatar title and hated how if she dared to come out people would expect her to protect everyone and everything.

Not a chance, she had no intention aside from the people she cares about and then it was already few. “I hope you find your stay in the nation rewarding and fulfilling. For now, my guards will showcase a few abilities and your free to ask them questions- although anything about the royal family’s personal inquires will not be answered and you will be suspected of treason and planning against the fire nation.” Miyuki stated sternly glancing at the royal children and their immature ways, well at-least the earth kingdom princess, the light nation princess sat quietly at her place and Miyuki could at least respect that.

Taking another stance out of respect for the nation she folded her arms and awaited any questions.

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It has been revealed that indeed it was Azula. She has come to call him for the meeting with the avatar. He gave a bow and followed her.
He sat down on a chair angrily from having to stop the waxing of the dragon horns because of her, Miyuki as she introduces herself.
“The fire nation’s most successful and achieving general this nation has ever seen.” Darakan snorted at this.

Yeah, right. He has met Datok once and he wasn’t that impressive There were a lot more warriors that were more impressive. Datok was too nice and gullible for this Darakan to consider him worthy of the title his daughters has just given him. “Data was more useful when he would clean the dragon dung” Darakan accidentally muttered out loud. As everyone turned to him, he gave a small cough and then scoff."I as his granddaughter have every intention to fulfill his legacy and walk in his shoes to continue taking the fire nation to victory.” “You mean you will bring more suffering to us? I thought we had enough suffering with your ancestor.” Darakan couldn’t help himself comment.



Kunik pouted as she sat on a throne.

She was forced by her people to engage in conversation with outsiders. In other words she was forced to attend the meeting of the new avatar.

‘this couldn’t get any worse’

A man with crooked teeth, big blue eyes and a scar on his face came to her with a tray. The tray of course contained food, bowing to her he pushed the tray towards her face.

Kunik looked at it with disgust. If it was one of her tribemate, no matter how disgusting it was she would have eaten it out of kindness. And because of her genteel upbringing, but this was a foreigner. The food did look tasty but Kunik couldn’t accept anything from a outsider.

What if they have poisoned the food? Her tribe couldn’t run without her.

She shook her head rudely at the man offering her a tray. With a sigh, the man left.

Kunik face soured, where was the avatar?

“Welcome our neighboring nations- we welcome you with the upmost pleasantries and respect.”

Kunik sat up straight, it was a possibility that this was the avatar. Meaning she could leave early.

Miyuki, she called herself. Miyuki the daughter of Arai.

As the girl introduced her father’s title, the advisor of Empress Azula scoffed.

“Data was more useful when he would clean the dragon dung”

She smiled a little on how he mispronounced his name. Her face then returned to its bored expression.

She wondered what the avatar will do~



Location: Assembly for all nations.

Miyuki kept her stance poised and polished as she heard Darakan make comments about her late grandfather, “Watch your tongue, Darakan.” Miyuki scowled before turning her eyes back to the royals with a certain advisor making an all-to-loud giggling noise. Miyuki’s eyebrows arched with mild fury but she held her ground pridefully and continued making sure her soldiers were doing their duty- although that peace didn’t last long as Miyuki heard another comment from the Light King’s Advisor, and then followed another and another at this point Miyuki’s face was flushed with anger, beating bright red like the freshest of tomatoes residing in the Fire Nation’s herbal carts. “Is there something you’d like to ask Miss. Vannari?” Miyuki darted her eyes towards the advisor who stood sleek and sly shifting her way oh so subtly. “Oh! My goodness no please continue my dear.” The woman purred softly motioning her hand to continue, Miyuki could catch her snarky tone from anywhere, especially as a fire native herself.

“It’s just that- I heard Datak did bring the fire nation into a year of chaos?” The woman asked knowing Miyuki wouldn’t take kindly to such a question, knowing she’s blow a gasket about her grandfather before she’d let some uptight foreigner talk down on him as if they didn’t invest in their clothing more than their tactics, what a disgusting nation. Miyuki left her post as quick as the Fire Lord had attempted to order her back to it. Stepping right to the advisor in her long gold-laced dress and chains dangling from her ears, “My grandfather led the fire nation into continuous successful wars before your kind came along. You and your nation are merely a bump in the road a native like myself can easily remove.” Miyuki stated with a hard expression slightly raising her voice nearing the end, although with what happened next she wished she didn’t.

It was so quick- the light. the burning heat expelling from it and the now bright red burn on the woman’s side, she screamed in agony dropping to the platform’s cold solid stage as she held her side with tears welling into her eyes. Before Miyuki could even protest the Fire Lord stood and commanded Miyuki to step back from the woman. “You have violated your code, Miyuki!” The Fire Lord stated in a scowl folding his arms in pure disappointment as Miyuki glanced between him and the advisor still in near-fetal position on the ground, a slight smirk flashed on her face for just a few seconds. “I didn’t-” Miyuki stammered trying her best to uphold her usual stern front but it withered between the chaos as all eyes were on her.

Whispering, rumors began to develop by the second she knew it. She knew she was losing her post and losing her dignity, Miyuki angrily slammed her fist into the nearby panel, making a decently sized hole in the Fire Lord’s meeting room. Before she could turn and leave with at-least a sense of maturity she noticed a bright light emitting from the Light Nation’s Princess, she was angry and giving Miyuki the nastiest look possible. Miyuki gave her a stern look in return before turning towards the enraged princess and placing a firm hip on her hand. Not knowing what was about to happen gave Miyuki a sense of unease but nonetheless she wasn’t one to back down, especially for the trick their royal advisor just pulled.




Sekhmra had looked away for one second, and when she looked back Anila had thrown herself to the floor, the General was fuming, Lotus was hisssing as if someone had murdered her entire bloodline right in front of her, and her surrogate mother had been burned. The crowd was murmuring, and half of them were looking to her, looking to see what she would do. Her sister was here, too, in plain view. But this was what happened when you were the oldest, she supposed. Approaching Anila and the general, she knelt down to tend to the advisor and put on her deep, stern, “yes-I’m-definitely-going-to-be-a-good-queen” voice.

“What happened?” She demanded, gently inspecting Anila’s arm. The burn was very precise and clean and didn’t take up a large area. The skin was a bit blistered, but…

“It’s nothing a nice, cool palm salve can’t fix.” She assured the advisor in their native tongue. She tried to bring some levity to the situation. “Really, Anila, you’ve lived in the desert all your life and you can’t handle a little sunburn? Always so dramatic.” She would have gone on, but the piercing look Anila gave her silenced her immediately. Wiping the grin from her face, she helped the advisor up and turned towards the General who had done this to her. It was impressive how quickly she’d done it- Sekhmra may have been watching it out of the corner of her eye, but she had barely seen the Firebender move. She must have been very skilled.

Everyone else- The Fire Lord, his advisor, Anila, the crowd- Was confronting the General with hostility. But Sekhmra had barely seen what had happened (She’d been zoned out, although she didn’t want to admit it), and she wanted to hear the whole story. As her father had taught her, diplomacy was a dance of two partners. “General, I am also very loyal to my family, and I would get angry if they were insulted too, but-“

My grandfather led the fire nation into continuous successful wars before your kind came along. You and your nation are merely a bump in the road a native like myself can easily remove.”

“I… What?”

A statement like that had no place at a peaceful gathering. A statement like that had no place anywhere. It was a threat, it was a generalization, it was hateful, and it had come almost immediately. She didn’t even know this woman’s name yet, she’d only just looked at her for the first time, but apparently that was all the time she needed to make an opinion about the Light people. All she needed was enough time to look. And yes, Anila had clearly started something. She tended to, it was one of her favorite hobbies. But…

Sekhmra’s blood was boiling. Electric anger rushed through her veins. Who did this woman think she was, disrespecting one of her kingdom’s greatest minds along side her entire kingdom? She wasn’t royalty. She was a lowly general who only had her position because of her dead (and apparently hated) grandfather. She was a little girl in a position that was too big for her, and she had a dangerous attitude and a dangerous amount of arrogance. She was… She was…

Sekhmra looked over to her father. Just like everyone else, he was looking to her to see what she would do. She instantly felt what she had to do when she saw his face. He was waiting for her to prove herself, and that was what she’d have to do. She’d have to put her emotions aside and be a ruler, make peace. No matter how misguided the people she had to make peace with were.

“My father’s advisor is not a representation of my people.” Sekhmra said sternly. A small grin cracked across her face. “Sorry, my ‘kind’. She may have provoked you and acted less than mature, but my people and I have come here on a mission of diplomacy. On a mission of peace. And we’ve only been here for about an hour. Taking all of this in mind, the fact that you are ready to generalize us with hate and threaten to ‘remove’ us… It’s deeply disturbing. And it terrifies me even more given your nation’s history. If we could all take a second to do what we’ve been gathered here to do and talk to each other, I’m sure that everyone can apologize and come to an understanding.” It was only now that Sekhmra looked down and realized that her hands were glowing with a reddish-orange light, in a battle ready position. Her anger was getting the best of her, and she began to take deep breaths and relax her fingers as the light started to fade.

“No more violence, please.” She pleaded. She stepped back to her position on the stage and tried to calm her racing heart.

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“Watch your tongue, Darakan.” Darakan’s face twisted in anger, “Foolish girl! How dare you command me, a royal advisor?” He grasps his chair tightly. Remembering that he is in public, he took a deep breath and with scoff, he said “Your tongue shall one day be mine if you dare speak to me like that again. You should know your place”
“It’s just that- I heard Datak did bring the fire nation into a year of chaos?”

“Oh, he did.” Darakan stated. “That man, her grandfather, ancestor did nothing but bring chaos and shame to the fire kingdom. If not for the fire lord and empress I would have had his tongue.” Darakan declared.

"My grandfather led the fire nation into continuous successful wars before your kind came along. You and your nation are merely a bump in the road a native like myself can easily remove.”

The girl boasted, “You lie!” Darakan shouted, “That man was nothing but trouble. Always causing trouble as if he is a child.”

Darakan gasped as she saw a flash of light. He looked at the woman, oh no what have the descendants of that man done!

Darakan swore it up and down but no one would listen, their family was nothing but trouble and this is a proof. The girl was a murderer. She has attempted to murder the advisor of the light kingdom, the Lady Anila.

Darakan watched as the fire lord reprimanded the girl.

As the girl slammed her fist into a nearby panel he couldn’t help smirk.

“No more violence, please.”

Darakan heard Lady Sekhmara plead. “Why do you plead?” He asked the light kingdom princess.


Kunik gasped as she witnessed a death, oh how right she was! Outsiders were nothing but trouble, murderous they were. They couldn’t even help themselves! attempting murder. None of them had a sense of dignity and were all brutes. This was enough evidence to prove her point.

As the girl punched a panel, Kunik activated her powers. Kunik couldn’t help remember one of the outsiders who attacked her people.

Just like the girl, he punched the nearest thing he could find. And just like the guy, the girl would bring nothing but trouble for her and so she would need to have her guard up.

“Outsiders” she mutters, out loud so everyone could hear. Was this the girl that was supposed to be the avatar? then why was she so brutal? Right, all outsiders were the same.

Though, Kunik expected the avatar to be different. Or was her assumption wrong?

“No more violence, please.”

The outsider who dressed in royal clothes pleaded. Kunik couldn’t help agree. She hated the violence, it reminds her of the death of her people.

“Why do you plead?”

The royal advisor of the empress said. And Kunik couldn’t help be confused by what the dark skinned man meant.

Should they be a reason someone should plead for no violence? She wanted to say, but she held her tongue. No use talking to outsiders




Kova felt eyes watching her as she sat down. Her ‘mother’ scolded her for behaving “innapprorpiatley” to which she just laughed off.

Though when that Miyuki chick walked out and said something about some ‘famous general dude’ or whatever, she kind of checked out. It seemed clear that she didn’t care about the royals saftey, but Kova didn’t care. She just yawned and leaned on her fist on the armchair. When were her boytoys going to show off? This was getting boring.

“You mean you will bring more suffering to us? I thought we had enough suffering with your ancestor.” Some guy sneered. This made Kova perk up in her seat. It looks like I won’t be waiting long… She thought.

Then, of course, someone insulted who she assumed to be Miyuki’s grandfather and suddenly the Light King’s advisor was on the ground and Miyuki was being yelled at. At her spot, it was clear the Miyuko chick did not even raise a hand or make a motion to injure her. Kova was all down for fun and chaos, but being framed drew the line, Kova had experienced being framed first hand. Now she was condemmed to a life of ‘royalty’ because she was framed and the guards found her.

The light princess stepped on the stage and Kova jumped out of her chair and stomped her foot, causing the ground to rumble and seperate Miyuki from everyone else who was yelling at her. Kova quickly orced the Fire Lord to step back as she stepped in front of him.

“Excuse me Mr. Fire Lord sir. Hi, I’m Princess Kova, it’s nice to meet you.” She smiled a bit and quickly shook his hand before he growled and pulled his hand back. Kova cleared her throat and straightened her back. “I have no idea what you saw sir, but I am positive General…Milky? Was it?” She looked back at Miyuki and nodded confidently before turning back to the Fire Lord. “I am positive that General Milky did not harm the Light Nation’s advisor. Yes, I admit, she was making some…interesting remarks, but she did no bending of the sorts. Unless she somehow can magically lift a finger unnoticed high enough to hit this lady in the face, which appeared to not be fire BTW, I am positive Genral Milky did not harm this Advisor.” She said confidently. The Fire Lord growled and shouted at Kova to back off, and so did her parents. Kova glanced at Miyuki and took a step towards her. “Um…”

In a quick, up swift moment, Kova raised her arm and winced as a stone wall raised up in front of them, blocking her and Miyuki from the Fire Lord’s firery rath and the others. Not to mention they were now shielded from the eyes of the audience, at least in front. Someone could easily come up from behind them. It wasn’t an enclosed box or anything, just a wall. Kova looked up. I may need to metal bend my way out of here… She sighed. If General Milky would want to run with her, sure, Kova could try to metal bend them both out of there. But just what Kova has done so far could label her as a traitor and someone in cahoots with soon to be, if not already, fugitive.

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Despite Sekhmra’s best efforts, tensions hadn’t gotten any lower. Now an advisor of some Fire Nation royal- Why were all of the advisors so snippy today?- Was stubbornly refusing to let the past go. Apparently, the general’s grandfather had been quite the divisive figure, and he wasn’t willing to forgive and forget. Usually, whatever speech she could patch together worked in helping other see her cause, but he instead questioned her words. “Why do you plead?” He asked.

Before Sekhmra could answer, she heard one of the woman on the opposite side of the stage, a Waterbender representative, muttering to herself. “Outsiders…” It took Sekhmra a second to comprehend what she was saying, but again, that saw gnawing anger that the General had ignited began to take over. She looked at the woman for a second and studied her tense body language- It was much more restrained than anyone else here, and she was holding her hands close to her body. Looking closely, she could see why: Half-hidden under her cloak, the woman had a small amount of water swirling between her fingers… Just in case. Just in case the “outsiders” like her became too rowdy.

It had only been an hour. Sekhmra scoffed and turned away from her.

“I am pleading because if we can’t have peace than why are we even here?” She told the advisor. “If we all keep going like this, this peace treaty may as well be a declaration of war that we’re signing instead.”

And yet again, it seemed like she’d only been distracted for a second when that strong-willed Earth Princess had gotten out of her seat and bent a wall of earth between herself and the General and the crowd. Sekhmra had no idea what she was doing. The crowd of peasants were the most civilized ones here, currently. Maybe, considering her attitude and flashy entrance, she wanted attention- Or too cause more chaos.

Everyone was arguing again now: The Fire Lord, the General, Anila, the other Advisor, the Earth princess, the cabbage merchant down the street, the kitchen sink… Sekhmra could barely hear herself think over all the pointless, angry noise. She’d completely lost sight of her father and sister, and not having tabs on her sister was never a good thing. Frustrated, she thrust her hands into the air and summoned a large ball of orange light, just about as big as her head, bright enough to catch everyone’s attention but not bright enough to… Y’know… blind someone.

“Everyone, PLEASE!” She begged. “Either stop arguing or, if you insist to keep causing problems, please remove yourself now!” She looked over to the General.




Assembly of All Nations: Fire Nation

Life. Such a simple word but the connotations behind it were… less than simple to say the very least. Living… and I mean, truly ‘living’… was a varied concept dependent on who one asked. Some found ‘truly living’ could only be attained if one was doing something dangerous. Adrenaline seekers. Or, in this lifetime, Extremists. Then there were others who found that life was only worth living with a passion. Something to believe in… something to trust in. Faith… it was a funny concept. In any case, finally, the last group; One that included Koru. This group of people were just trying to get by. Living for the sake of living. People who simply wanted to keep their heads down. And Koru… Koru Voariq was the poster boy for that group. Honestly, he was content with this life and for a long time, he stayed content. Neither rhyme nor reason could change his way of thinking. After all, there was simply too much pain in the world to get involved. Too much politics in choosing a side; and let’s be honest, there were always sides. It was a choice that Koru wasn’t going to make. Now the issue was; as much as Koru wanted to simply stay out of trouble… trouble found him. It found him when he was a child witnessing the death of his parents in front of his very eyes… and it found him a few years ago when his sister was kidnapped. So perhaps Koru wasn’t meant to sit on the sidelines in this lifetime. Nevertheless; Koru would try. That didn’t… however, mean that Koru wasn’t attempting to find his lost sister. Perhaps if he knew where that would lead him… he would have been more careful. But we should start from the beggining. The very beggining.

~ Present Day ~

Reaching the fire nation; Koru had found the last trace of his sister to lead there. Did he have any idea where to go from here? No; but over the years he had become fairly well trained at staying in the shadows, observing, and asking the right questions. It was a skill that not many knew how to do; after all, everyone wanted to be noticed… in one way or another. As he strolled into a rally; apparently one about a peace treaty for the nations - though he’d be surprised if it even happened, let alone lasted more than a year before someone decided to get power hungry - he did what he usually did. He leaned back and observed. Watching the spectacle… and more importantly, the people. Koru had learned early on that one could tell everything they needed to know about a person by watching them when they believed no one was watching.

This was probably how one girl, in particular, caught his view. She clearly stood out from the crowd; the way she stood, her back strained to make herself look taller. It commanded power… and usually when someone did something; it’s because they were used to getting it. The girl wasn’t a simple civilian. Rather far from it. Perhaps Koru didn’t know exactly who she was from simple observation; however, that was where his next trait would come in handy. Placing his hands in the pockets of his fire nation clothes; Koru approached the girl with a relaxed demeanor. He didn’t look at her immediately; rather, he kept his face forward towards the stage. “Tell me…” Koru started, not making any movements to face her. “Why are you trying so hard to blend in… and please don’t try to convince me you’re not. It’s honestly such a waste of time and neither I, nor you, seem to have time to waste.” He stated. With those words, he finally looked towards her. “I have three thoughts. Either you’re planning a revolt… and if that’s the case - please tell me now so I can leave from this sham of a peace treaty. Two; you’re hiding from someone… but by the way you’re standing, hiding doesn’t seem in your nature. Or three, you’re here to protect the royals. Perhaps a guard? I always knew they hid you lot in the crowd for these events.” Koru stated, looking at her features for any reaction to tell him which of the three routes this would be going.




Location: Assembly for all nations.

Miyuki’s fist were balled for what seemed like an eternity, surely she was bound to be banished or even worse- jailed for a crime committed for the false harm of a royal advisor but before any claim could be made the earth kingdom’s princess bended the ground beneath her and created a stone path in-between Miyuki and the guards and so on. Miyuki paused out of sheer bewilderment and watched the girl ramble on with a rushed introduction, “I have no idea what you saw sir, but I am positive General…Milky? Was it?” the earth kingdom turned to Miyuki momentarily as she exhaled a low sigh. “No” but of course, that didn’t stop the girl as she quickly accepted the name and continued her stance towards the man- if anything she was just embarrassed now but somewhat thankful that at-least one person stood up for her against the advisor’s pitiful blame and sly remarks. Some nation they are, their advisor is a fraud. Once the rationality hit and clearly the princess wasn’t getting anywhere with her parents and the royals she hastily built a earthly wall in-front of herself and Miyuki.

Not before long the light princess spoke up as-well in a sense of declaration of peace, it fizzled just as quick as the crowd began to rally once more with rude remarks and snide comments**. “Filthy outsiders! Go back to where you came from!”** One fire nation solider shouted, “You don’t deserve to meet the royal family.” another screamed. Miyuki gave a sly smirk to the light nation princess even if her statement caused an outbreak it was still true to it’s core- they were nothing but trespassing traitors probably planning on stealing from the fire nation’s army, or worse the royal family themselves. The order was now thrown into chaos as the princess began to yell and beg the roaring crowds but an oh so visible ball of beaming bright light coated in orange glaze glowed from the woman’s hand as she turned to Miyuki. “Oh? Is that how your native runs things? Sure, I could’ve chose better words but you scum foreigners cast a ball of light when things are going your way hm?” Miyuki stated boldly taking a stance shifting her feet prepared to dodge the ball of light. “Fine then, I challenge you.”


Miyuki yelled and the crowd suddenly hushed, if she was going to leave she was going to go out with a bang and at-least a small piece of her dignity. She earned at-least that for the years she spent being the general of the Fire Nation. Hopefully she did her grandfather proud for her feats. Not long after that, Miyuki spun into the air with poised precision and flipped herself into a roll that quickly unfolded revealing only her feet that casted out a large stream of bright blue fire, only she and a few other powerful firebenders had such hot fire and truthfully it was only controlled by the strongest fire benders in the nation. Her kick-flip was smooth and the fire burned so strongly it left the pavement scorched with black dust and smears the flight flew like a feather towards the light nation princess as Miyuki landed on feet fixing her stance and readying herself for the princess’s attack.

Albeit Miyuki wasn’t an idiot, she didn’t know what to expect since she’d never fought a light native before- let alone the princess so surely she was stronger than the other natives. She kept her form aggressive like most fire-benders do but kept her footing fluid quite the contradictory for a fire bender hm? Regardless she knew she had to finish this battle with even a scrapping of victory before leaving her home-land as whole. This journey was bound to be painful, she just knew it.




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