Bad social experiences

With every finger gun I do for my greatings I die a bit more inside

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Same :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::no_mouth:

Why do you still do it then? :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

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It’s a reflex

Same as calling everything rad, it just comes out :eyes:

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How about instead of doing a finger gun, you say quack to greet people? :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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I already meow :eyes::joy::sunglasses:

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Same :eyes::sparkles::green_heart::joy:

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Sometimes I joke around and people can’t tell if I’m joking because of the fact that I don’t show emotion. Several people have told me I don’t. That’s why I’m just trying to stop making jokes in general. I always end up sounding mean, and most of the time that’s not my intention.

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There was this one time when I tried to make a joke with some people in a youth group I belonged to, but they didn’t get it. They never got my jokes.

I don’t know why, but I have a yawning problem. I won’t be tired or anything, but I’ll just yawn for no reason, and people always think I’m bored or tired during conversations

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This was a social experience that happened years ago but still plays through in my head alot. It mainly revolves around adults who like to stereotype teenagers and me having enough of people doing that.

After and inbetween GCSE exams we were allowed to leave the school and go wherever we wanted to, me and 2 of my friends at the time decided to go to a park for kids (a playground) to sit in the pirate ship. It was during school time for most kids so nobody really ever came there and we were just trying to chill.

One day two women and a very young child came to play in the playground and we really didn’t care, we just minded our own business. The next thing that happened was the child wanted to play in the pirate ship which was fair enough, it is a kids place. But there are no signs or anything saying that teenagers weren’t allowed in there and we really weren’t doing anything bad we were just tryna chill.

Obviously the child coming over to where we were alerted the adults of our presence. The child was innocent, he didn’t care we were there he was just playing. The only ones who did care were the grown ups.

The oldest one started yelling at us, saying we shouldn’t be there because we were smoking (we weren’t) and saying we were trying to cause trouble when we really weren’t. We’re not chavs we were in school uniform during a time when the smaller children and adults are usually in school/work. We weren’t causing trouble we just wanted to relax after our exams. Have fun and be kids.

My friend very calmly tried to explain to the woman that we meant no harm but she wasn’t having it. She had her mind set on us being a group of s*itty teens just there to mess things up and cause trouble when truth be told we picked up all litter and some other litter there every day. We were just trying to chill and like I said, most of the time it was deserted.

We decided to take our leave but by this point we were all really frustrated by the whole thing and my anger had built up. All it took was the oldest woman to call my friend stupid for me to finally snap back. I swore, I’ll admit that. I said two words I wish I could take back, not because of her but because of the child. He probably didn’t know what I had even said but the mother was not happy, I shoulda done the middle finger because then he wouldn’t have heard.

They had said way worse stuff to us, implying we were smoking weed and doing other illegal stuff. Basically slandering and judging us without even knowing us. I’ll admit I made mistakes during that time between GCSE’s but nothing warranted the way we were spoken to. We meant no harm.

We did leave the park, we’ve never gone back and all the good memories I had there have gone because of that experience with two women who have probably forgotten my existance.

I stayed silent until she crossed a line and I have that as my solace. They threatened to take our photo and report us to the school.

It was at that moment I decided I really didn’t like the general public.

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there’s many but my most awkward would be going to african reunions and someone coming up to me being like “do you remember me?” and me not having a clue who they are. I don’t know the correct answer “yes it’s been so long’’ or “no…”

I always just give the honest “no” :joy:

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most of the time I do and i’m scared of their reaction, honestly

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Haha one that happened recently was that someone in my school went towards me where I sat in the lecture hall which is kind of big and my row was empty so I thought that they were going to sit beside me. I recognized her so I waved and said hi, but she never replied, instead she jumped over to the row in front of where I sat to sit beside some friends. And… I was like okay. :joy: I didn’t mind, but I probably looked stupid saying hi and getting ready for a conversation because I have to prepare my mind for things like that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I always make stuff as awkward as possible :eyes:


Pretty much every social situation with strangers



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Quarantine “parties” with some neighbors in May.
I don’t even know why I went; probably because I was bored and depressed. But it was awkward because no one really talked to me and when I did participate, people just nodded and smiled politely but didn’t seem interested in what I had to say.
So I stopped hanging out with them.

every single one :pensive:

inactivity also