Birthday pressies

So I’ve noticed some people feeling left out of birthday things on the forums and I absolutely love making birthday gifts, sooooooooo I’ve decided I’m going to try to make every single user on these forums a birthday present. It’ll most likely be a piece of art that I’ve either edited or some myself.

If you want to ask for something a bit more customized to you (e.g. Your fav colour) then say so on this thread and I’ll do my best to follow the request.

Happy birthday @ShanniWritesforumusersandstaff!


I added the birthday tag :grin:

… I didn’t even know there was a birthday tag

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Yeah :grimacing: I’m adding them to birthday themed threads at the moment

I’ll help!

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Yay :blush:

Happy birthday tea!



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@line123462 I’m sorry I missed your birthday but here is the late present! (Pretend it’s from that aunt who lives on the other side of the world who’s presents arrive late)

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that summer meme so true. we have like two weeks of summer.

@ChaoticDeluge I am gifting you with the link to my top secret skulduggery pleasant board on Pinterest where I store memes, quotes as… memes made out of quotes.

But this is funny. Like, I wanted to post them individually then I realised that there were 500+ pins.


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Oh hang on wrong board lmao. It’s not specific to skulduggery pleasant but this is one of many boards I have created for that purpose.

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Your welcome :smirk:

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Bump :gift:

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Happy birthday @fal.renet1398 @Badass_Saasha and @Jimin_duh !!!

I’ll post your presents in a moment


But wasn’t my birthday like 11 days ago?

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Yeah I kind of forgot about this thread :grimacing:

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Aw thanks

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