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She makes sense. He just can’t predict a thing with her.

With Jess, likes it because of her, just doesn’t want it as a big deal still.
Otherwise and in general, still not a big fan.

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Exactly. It would be a choice that he’d consider to be one of the best he ever made. Even if it had killed him. He wouldn’t ever regret for a second protecting Jess and the baby.

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Can’t predict something from a girl who doesn’t know what she, herself, is gonna do

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Sweet :pleading_face::sneezing_face:


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Anna is offended


Hates a lot of memories associated with it, but Jess makes it better. (Though, even in alternate realities where they end up together, he still doesn’t want birthday parties.)

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:pleading_face: :sob: :sob:

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Done no parties

Dw last time Jess had a party with him he destroyed her so… we’ll stick with sex and cookies

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@astxrism get to 99k

Oh well, Kai wouldn’t care. She doesn’t matter like Jess does.

Technically Candice was mentioned too, but I didn’t realize till after and just didn’t edit.

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Woowwwww ignoring ya baby mama like that

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So Kai didn’t jump in front of the knife for Anna :sob::sob::sob:

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He’ll happily accept.


Definitely not. Just for Jess.

got nothing to say :broken_heart:

:sneezing_face: :sneezing_face: :sneezing_face:

OKAY I’M excited for phoebe

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Will read rest of misc thread posts later but sad