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So, for Korean names it’s surname first? I’m pretty sure.

If you want to follow the traditional structure, yes

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That’s what I thought, thanks.

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No problem!

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Now the problem is finding ones I like.

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I’m not crying
it’s fine

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It started out as a simple idea of the kids coming to Jess’ and Dori’s room cause they were scared of the rain

it ended up like that

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same girl, same


it’s late, that not good

I love this story so much
would happen 100%
especially this


But Davina :blue_heart:

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That kid is definitely gonna play soccer in the future :joy::joy:


Let them have their sugar

I thought so too :pleading_face:

Davina probably told her to come with them so she could drive her home - Davina no leave kids by themselves

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cute start of friendship ah

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Someone help me find this girl she gorg


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Yes, let them!

How you are so good!! Wtf

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time to reach 9.9

Only one week left of this semester :frowning:

Ahhh cuteness