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I just makes it so much harder when he doesn’t have the storyline to match…

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will figure it all later :joy:


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What’s up

Should the 10 year reunion question thread for BR1 characters be closed at this point? Since all the questions we want to ask can be on the other thread?

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I personally needed to read and create a “what’s going on” so imma take a break and do this:


Paige/Phoebe/Elio/AJ Fiasco:

  • The lovely Paige Pierce first makes an appearance and apparently isn’t supposed to be there. She clearly hates one “Phoebe with the long name” and is heading to the party with Elio. Parking her car, she starts giving him head but then Phoebe see’s and Elio pushes her head off and she throws him out of her car because who tf says no to head. Anyways - she drives away annoyed. Click Here to read.
  • Phoebe, who had a cutesy intro to her fam-a-lam, is disgusted by what she sees goes inside and starts telling her bestie AJ who is inside. The two have a cute lil interaction where he’s like “DAMN GORL” Click Here to read.
  • AJ has a cutsey lil thing with his brother. He then arrives at the party and high key flirts with Phoebe but doesn’t get to finish when Elio interrupts them. Click here to read.
  • Elio, on the other hand, arrives at the party frustrated (probably because he didn’t finish) but with a goal to find Phoebe to tell her to SHUT TF up. Yes. Well, he finds here - asks to talk to her. Click here to read.
  • Then phoebe flirts some more with AJ. She starts to tell him the whole incident palooza and then get’s distracted when the devil arrives. She kinda teases him a little. Click here to read.
  • Aj is just chilling, flirting some more trying to hear about what happened and then talks about how elio is there and kinda puts the pieces together cause he also saw what happened. Click here to read
  • Elio is a lil upset. You know - can’t let the ex find out he’s been sleeping around and stuff. Anyways, basically tells Phoebe to shut her trap because it was nothing. Click here to read.
  • Phoebe is basically like lmao you asking me to be quiet? That’s cute. Teases him some more. Click here to read.
  • AJ don’t be paying attention cause of his ADHD so he leaves to talk to hartley. Click here to read
  • Phoebe seems annoyed at AJ leaving her for hartley and then goes and teases Diego with a kiss and telling him he looks hot. How dare she. Click here to read

The Lovely Reuben:

  • Reuben’s intro post. Talks about him getting there, being an artsy fruity person, and talking to himself a lil. He walked there, saw Paige and Elio (cause babies do be in the middle of the road) and walked in and saw Athena Click here to read
  • Kim hyun-ae walked to the house, was kinda annoyed to be there and got a drink and then tripped onto Ruben. Click here to read
  • Reuben was like “it’s k gorl” but he was low key annoyed lmao. Still helped her tho and asked if she was good. Click here to read.
  • Athena comes in, upset by almost being killed by Xavier (probably cause mans be a bad driver or something) and talks to Reuben about how they look. She sees Kim hyun-ae trip and is like “u good bro”? Click here to read
  • Kim hyun-ae is like “I’m good bro” and introduced herself Click here to read
  • Reuben is like “chill athena, I’m being fruity on purpose” and introduced himself. They start talking about where she’s from. Click here to read.
  • Kim hyan-ae is like “cool bro you got an accent - where are you from tho?” click here to read
  • Athena is annoyed with Ruben for a bit cause bish you elbowed and that hurts. Dman. Anyways, he continues the convo about “hi, hello, wya, etc.” Click here to read
  • Reuben explains how he’s from Brazil and started laughing as Hyun-Ae was like “everyone be sooo stuck up” and shii. Click here to read
  • Hyun-Ae is like - damn it be hot there. click here to read
  • Reuben is like “Yeah it do be hot bruh” and was getting bored from the convo so he left her and said BYE BISH and went to Dai, stealing her from Xavier. They went to an empty room and kinda just fell to the floor and was like “Thank god you were there that convo wasss sooooo boring” click here to read
  • Dai comes in and is like “heyyyyyyy” and then goes to a quieter room with him to talk and they lay on each other and talk. And then she’s like “real question wtf are you wearing” Click here to read

Athena and Hyan- Ae continued

  • SO Ruben left being like “bai bish” and left Athena with Hyan-Ae and they started talking about their interests. Click here to read.
  • Hyuan-Ae nodded and then was like telling Athena her interests like K-pop and stuff. Also - clear accent here cause she keeps saying “rike” instead of “like” Click here to read.
  • Athena was like “I play guitar and dance” Click here to read

Annie the girl who can’t drive

  • So Annie got stuck in the “scenic” route to the party with Zek and they’re just chillin’ stuck and stuff. Then Annie is like “Well since we’re here, wanna just fck”? click here to read
  • Zek’s been avoiding his house hanging out all day and stuff and now he’s stuck in a car with Annie. They be chillin, talking about how she doesn’t know how to drive, and then pulls out some joints to smoke. click here to read
  • Annie still be stuck but she’s like “at least you got off your phone, aren’t you supposed to entertain me” and then takes the joint, being a bad daughter, and starts smoking so she’s high. They go back to “wanna fck” click here to read
  • Zek says sorry for being on his phone and he seems high key depressed with his life. Anyways,they be having fun together and he starts playing music. Then they keep talking about possibly sleeping together. Click here to read
  • Annie is like trying to defend her driving skills but let’s be honest, she has none. Then they talk about how it’s fine even tho they’re stuck and play some more music. click here to read
  • Zek is like teasing her a little bit and calls the blue royalty game stupid. They flirt some more and talk more about sex and then almost kiss. There’s also something about confetti cannons but I’m skimming so I’m not sure exactly what is happening with that but click here to read
  • Annie is like flirting back a little bit and then she starts touching his chest before removing alllll the space between the two of them. Click here to read

Just a random Amelia:

  • Phoebe’s sister is alive and low key lies to her sister about not going to the party. Well she doesn’t go, but she goes to do something else. Click here to read.

The tale of Nari Moon

  • She kinda wants to leave cause competition isn’t her thing, but anyways, she’s still there at the party. She then got to the party in a broken down car and was low key embarrassed because you know the type of rich people who go to that school. Either way - she got there and started drinking. Click here to read
  • Benny button is a cookie. No. he’s as baked as a cookie. Okay guys -he’s just high as a kite. anyways, he went to the party cause of his dad and then ran into Nari. Click here to read

Hera and Charlie: Sex on the dancefloor

  • Hera talks about adolescence being a btch. They wanna get wasted and high but Aj “inspired” them not to so instead, Hera goes to the party, looks hot, and fights with their sibling for a bit. Click here to read
  • Charlotte talks about luck and how she was *unlucky" that day. Apparently had a shtty dad, but now she’s free so FUnnnnn. Anyways, she goes to the party and introduces herself to Hera who apparently radiates “bad boy mafia leader on wattpad” click here to read
  • Hera was just kinda standing still until charlotte approached and talked about how she a cutie. Then they started talking about how her dress looks good and offered the girl a drink. click here to read
  • Charlotte is supeeer poetic about how Hera looks and then found herself back in reality and started blushing and stuff. Super cute. Click here to read
  • Hera introduced themself, finally, and started being like “be careful boo” about the drink. Apparently they are not a fan of Phoebe too. Click here to read.
  • Charlie and Hera both seem to be high key flirting with one another and the drink was “interesting” apparently. She apparently also wants to dance but hasn’t asked yet. Click here to read.
  • Hera is annoyed that charile didn’t tell them her name but still was HIGH KEY flriting and stuff. They’re having sparks fly and stuff and then Hera like read Charlie’s mind and was like “grind on me baby doll”. Click here to read
  • Char and Hera continue to flirt - and then they go dance. click here to read
  • Hera was happy about that and like i said before, the two stared grinding. Okay fine, not grinding but dancing really cutely and stuff. Anyways, things were gonna get a little frisky but then they were distracted. Basically almost had sex. Click here to read
  • Again, almost had sex but they were distracted (From charlie’s point of view) then charlie was like “let’s go drink some more” like they aren’t already drunk lmao. click here to read
  • Hera was like… k I guess. Drinking now? Like… what about sex? either way, the two drowned a few and then Hera had to go to the bathroom and left. Click here to read
  • Charlotte apparently is scared of the dark - but felt a connection with Hera. Either way, after Hera left, Char dropped her drink on top of someone. Click here to read

Agony of Victoria

  • Vic had a headache waking up which scked. Anyways, she got up and was glad she didn’t hook up with anyone cause she found someone’s shirt and was worried. But she found her bestie, Cami, so all was good. BUT there was a naked mans on her couch, Jack, and I think they had a threesome but oh well. Either way - she threw the dude out. Click here to read.
  • Camie gag Auclair recorded the mans leaving and was kinda confused cause she just woke up but either way, she’s like “gorrlll we gots a party to go to” and then they went to go get dressed. Click here to read.
  • Vic was sad cause now she had to deep clean her couch which was sigh annoying. Either way - girl got ready and then they got to the party adn drank champagne before talking about the game. Click here to read.
  • THO, Charlie dropped her drink on her as her friend Cami left, and girl was a lil mad cause the drink was red. She told the girl to forget about it and went to go get a towel. Click here to read.
  • Charlie was like “gorl I’m not sorry” for dropping it on her and started laughing at the girl because she be high key drunk. Click here to read.
  • Lets just say babe was not happy when she saw the blue royalty post and pushed it back on the girl and straight dropped a tray on her but felt bad. Click here to read.

What happened to the gag Auclair?

  • So Cami went to the bathroom leaving her friend Vic but here’s the thing - she be a liar. Cause BABE was not going to the bathroom. sigh such Auclair vibes gag. Anyways, the girl disappeared and found Natalia because she thought she was “better company” which like DAMN bish go off. I thought Vic was your friend and sex buddy but okay. Anyways she talked Natalia up and was like “girl you’re new music is HOT” so like low key flirting you know. Click here to read.

The girl football Player:

  • Logan seems to be high key excited about graduating but wasn’t a fan of the stupid game. Anyways, she left enrique’s place and went to the party. Click here to read.


The Parker Fam A Lam - once again (with Embry)

  • Laurel had a cute moment with her mom about not having to win the game. And she’s just chilling at the party. Click here to read.
  • Embry got a ride from her DAD. Omg sweetie I’m sorry. Hope it was a nice car. Anyways, she had to deal with a talk about being responsible before going to the party. Coming in she bumped into Laurel and was like “sorry boo”. Click here to read.
  • Laurel was like “it’s cool chica” to her bumping into her ass. And then was like “girl why you soo damn distracted?” click here to read.
  • Embry was like “Sorry boo - had to do something” (PROBABLY A TASK) and then was like “how long you been at this party - give me the gossip”. Click here to read.
  • Laurel was like “okay fine avoid the question betch” and then was like “Just here for a few minute, wbu?” Click here to read
  • Embry was like “nah things are good but I also just got here” Click here to read
    -Laurel was like “Let’s fix that babes” cause Embry didn’t have a drink and asked her what she liked to drink. Click here to read
  • Embry was like “YES DRINKS” and asked for a mint julep before asking her what her to-go drink was. Click here to read
  • Laurel is like “beer is my thang” and then asked the girl more questions about who she is. Click here to read
  • Embry is like telling her why she likes mint juleps and then tells her she’s an outgoing person and then reiterates the question. Click here to read.

Xavier da bad driver

  • He drove his cousin, Athena, to the party and high key is the most dangerous driver in the world because he wanted to take his jacket off. And then he went to go get a drink. Click here to read.
  • Diana arrives - talks about her sad past and then goes to the party. She runs into Xavier and they talk a lil bit and she’s like “I’m so happy you’re here wazzupp” click here to read
  • Xavier talks to Dai and then she’s whisked away and then goes to answer a text click here to read.

Sophie the girl who’s at the party simply because it’s a party

  • Girl went to the party but wasn’t really a partier. Oh well - either way, she went and was happy. Now she’s just chilling. Click here to read
  • Ricky didn’t want to go to the party because he’d rather be having sex but then Phoebe annoyed him so he was like “whatever” and came. Seems like he’s avoiding his bro and to do so went into an elevator and got stuck in it with Sophie - and immediately started being an ass. Click here to read.
  • Sophie was like “BISH I DON"T WANT TO BE HERE EITHER” and then was like “let’s just not talk all together - k…assh0le”. Click here to read

Eddie the peeping tom with a camera

  • Eddie’s the youngest of four sisters. Damn. Must be very in touch with his emotions huh. Anyways - he likes filming stuff, but is kinda a wallflower. Either way - he came to the party and was videotaping people like a real peeping top. Click here to read



  • Girl wants to win blue royalty and was getting ready. Her cousin Olivia is with her and then went to the party. She be drinking. Click here to read


The love story in 4 posts

  • Ives has a whole list of things about him in this intro post like how he’s gonna be a school leader, he wanted to win the game but was worried, and he wants to be heard. Either way - he went to the party and found Clara and ordered a drink for both of them. click here to read
  • Clara, on the other hand, got ready and was talking to her step father about the party. Anyways she got there, got a cosmo and was like “How is you Ives” Click here to read
  • Ives didn’t know how to respond to his own question which is like … bro. Anyways, he has a big crush on Clara and then is like “I CAN’T HOLD IT IN I LIKE YOU” click here to read
  • Clara is like “OH… I like you too…” and ALL i have to say is that was fast AF click here to read.

Nikoo with them sexi photos

  • They got ready for the party, uploaded some sexi picks to insta, and then got to the party. Immediately, they went to Lorenzo probably to finish some tasks :eyes: Click here to read.

The Bradgelina child

  • Kaya had a cute lil moment with her dad, Andy (who’s sad boy cause his lil girl is all grown up) and got to the party to have some fun. Click here to read.


Zhilan Jyleen Hu the girl with all the sadness

  • Girl is like - mah life is LOST. I am dead. Really lots of depression right in the beginning of this post. Anyways, she has a talk with her bro about the party and basically is like “No you can’t go bro you’re like 2”. Anyways, she got there hella early and went to go sit on a couch. Click here to read.


Ari Lee the spoiled and Mia the accident prone

  • Ari straight up showed up in a limo. Baby gorl - it’s not that kind of party but she wanted to OWN that runway so she did. Anyways, girl showed up with a BODY GUARD and went to the party. She really brought her guards inside. Anyways, someone ran into the girl and got a drink all over her outfit. Click here to read.
  • The girl who ran into her, Mia, was apparently running after her brother when she ran into her and offered her another drink like the drinks aren’t already free. Click here to read
  • Ari was not having it. She called the girl an idiot and talked at poor Mia. Basically called mia stupid waiting for another drink. She then continued to talk to her bodyguards making me think her only friends are her bodyguards :stuck_out_tongue: Click here to read.
  • Mia apparently considered murder which babes, lil extreme but you do you. Then gave the girl her drink. Click here to read.
  • Ari drank it and spit it out, asking her “what the fck is this” like she didn’t just ask for a drink. Then she asked her servants for breath spray and looked at the “banana headed btch” and asked the banana to get her another drink. Click here to read
  • Mia went back and got another drink - but was hella confused by the banana statement because her hair is “blonde not yellow”. Sweetie… sigh Click here to read.
  • Ari spit the drink out again and then told her bodyguard to walk with her to get something else because she doesn’t drink “poor people stuff”. Baby, you went to a highschool party… what did you think you’d be getting? Click here to read.
  • Mia went back and wished the bodyguard good luck because his “master” seems shtty. Click here to read.
  • Ari finally got a good drink and then finished it and then told the girl to get her something to eat. This feels like Goldilocks and the three bears I swear. Click here to read.
  • Mia getting a lil annoyed but went to get macaroons. But there were none, so she called a french store to deliver macaroons in 10 minutes which is pretty damn fast delivery so I hope she tipped them well. Click here to read
  • Ari took the macaroons and spit that shii out and then yells at her bodyguard and then asks for a cupcake. Click here to read.

Cynric with the annoying fam

  • Boy wanted to take a taxi but his mom (?) was like “nah boiiii” and made him go with his siblings. Anyways, he got to the party and started flirting with a girl. Click here to read

Olivia the Olive

  • Babe got ready with the help of her cousin and then found herself at the party ordering a p0rnstar martini. Click here to read


Shawn mendes as a character

  • Boy drove his bestie who he has a crush on to the party and saw Elio getting head - making him hate elio more because elio hurt his bestie (Lenora) who was in the car with him. Click here to read.
  • Lenora obvi wants to win the game to prove her mom she’s better than her and so she came with her friend, JP, but when getting out of the car saw her “boyfriend” getting head by Paige and now is sad gorl and is going to the party sad now. Click here to read
  • Shawn aka jp was like hard core flirting with her and then felt bad because he saw her boyfriend getting head and was like wtf. Then he got her a drink. Click here to read
  • Lenora is like ‘thanks for support babe’ and then wants a strong drink. Click here to read
  • Shawn clearly doesn’t like blue royalty and elio. Anyways, he brings a strong drink and asks about her tasks. Click here to read

Nakumara with the bike

  • Babes took a bike to the party which is ironic because girl doesn’t know how to ride a bike so it was just… sad for her lmao. Anyways, she came in, talked to her childhood friend, and went to go get some punch which let’s be honest, is probably spiked and no one knows with what. Click here to read

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