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Mistakes were made

Hmm… you sure?

I feel like dori would just come home with a lot of little boy shoes that look like his own



Kids > Fans


now it is


yes you did

you let your 4 year old walk away


imagine if she wasn’t tho

that would be… sad…



long or short?

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Like did you just get them done

:sob::sob: Yes

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Sad day

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Okay hi - new thingy because that was getting too long

ANYWAYS since I was gone:

Ives and Clara: Two love birds who moved WAYYY too quickly for my taste

so last time…

that happened Now moving on…

  • Ives snorted. SNORTED. Oh poor dude - anyways, he was trying not to go “out of character” which makes me think telling her he had feelings for her was just a task and he didn’t actually have feelings but anyway, he continues to joke around and it’s a lil cute. Click here to read.
  • Clara giggled. GIGGLED. My god these two are like little kids. Anyways she calls him cute and sets up a date for coffee the next day. Like she really thinks she’s not gonna have a hangover in the morning and even be able to wake up. GOoorlll. Click here to read.

Ari - the Bratz Doll - and her lil minion Mia

Sooo last time…

that happened, now moving on

  • Mia was like “damn dis bish don’t even like macaroons wtf” and then asked her what flavor cupcake she wanted. This honestly seems like a minion audition. Like gorl, Mia you doing a good job if you want that job i swear. Click here to read.
  • Ari was like “obvi I want vanilla like if it was even a choice you dimwit” and then flipped her hair like she was the queen of England or something. Either way, she seemed to want to spike the drinks but either way she seemed like she’s an attention needing babe. Click here to read
  • Mia was like “Gotcha ya” and got the cupcake and REALLY asked if she wanted anything else. My god MIA GROW SOME BALLS. Click here to read.
  • Ari told her to spike the drink and then said it was “harmless”. Dude… how is it harmless if you’re asking her to do it. Anyways, she ate her cupcake and told her bodyguards to make sure she got one everyday. Apparently she’s never heard “too much of one thing isn’t good for you” but that’s Ari for ya… Click here to read
  • Mia was like… “okay” and then spiked the drink and then drank some… Girl you stooped. Click here to read
  • Ari was mad at mia for taking a long time… anyways it seemed like she just made mia do her blue royalty task for her. Oh well - she started yelling at her body guards. Click here to read.
  • Mia apparently was working as “fast” as she could Click here to read
  • NEW POV ALERT: Apparently the bodyguard helped carry drinks and felt sorry for Ari. Man me too. BACK TO REG POV: Ari was being a 5 year old and “stomped her leg” and then was hearing voices in her head. Click here to read
  • Mia did the thing for like 20 minutes and just hoped she didn’t kill anyone. Click here to read.
  • Anyways, Ari asked what happened to the students who drank the stuff and then yelled at her body guards some more before finally introducing herself as “one of the world’s most popular actors and underwear models” which is a little self presumptuous in a room full of other people who are rich enough not to give a shii. Click here to read
  • Mia apparently knows the girl’s dad and was like “love his movies” and then she introduced herself and her parents (which you really didn’t need to do Mia). Click here to read
  • Ari is like “no shi you know my dad” and then cringed when the girl introduced herself and was rude about her dad being a surfer. (EXCUSE YOU ARI DON’T JUDGE SURFER’S :triumph: THE DELOUGHREY-TAYLORS DON’T LIKE YOU @astxrism I speak for Phoebe too). Anyways, Ari was like 'of course you won’t win" and just being a bish in general before asking her to “team up”. Click here to read
  • Mia finally realized Ari was a bish and then said “sure” about teaming up… gorl… click here to read
  • Ari called the girl her NEW BEST FRIEND oh my god. And then she told her she didn’t have a lot of friends growing up. Like no shii if you act like a kid, you’re not going to have friends. Anyways she was apparently “lying” but I don’t trust her. Annywayyys - Ari’s apparently jealous of her sister too. Click here to read
  • Mia actually knows that Ari was lying(ish) and apparently was going to try to make her a better person? Click here to read
  • Ari ate some donuts and then clarified that they were, indeed, teaming up. Anyways - she called mia low class. Click here to read.
  • Mia said yea we teaming up. Click here to read
  • Ari was thinking she’d be a good “servent” and she’d “train her”… my god. Click here to read.

Sophie Lewis and the assh0le that is Enrique

So last time…


  • Ricky basically calls her barbie a million times and is an arse asking if she “even has a love life anymore” Click here to read
  • Sophie was obvi upset and told him that it doesn’t matter but she still believes in love. Click here to read

The two car fckers :slight_smile:

So last time…


  • Zek told annie “thanks for the ted talk” and they continued to low key flirt before having sex in the car. After having sex, he had that stupid after sex smile and then he started smoking some more while laying on the grassy ground. Click here to read

Eddison and Florence (Why does that sound like a couple from the 1800’s? Ship)
Last time

  • So Florence arrives and she’s READY to win this game even tho she a lil shorty (5’1’’ is pretty damn short). Anyways - she approaches the peeping tom and is like “Enjoy the damn moment flynn” (Imagine that being said in a British voice). Wow two British people talking. Click here to read

Man who can’t keep it in his pants:

Last time on Jersy shore…

  • Anyways, Elio told phoebe and AJ to stfu. Anyways, elio went to go get a strong drink and then started talking to Xavier and was like “hope your night is going better than mine” Click here to read

Sienna’s embarrassment:

  • Girl was NOT happy that her boo wasn’t at the party. What can he say? Mason was a lil busy at a summer football camp. Sorry. Anyways - she’s not a fan of football. Either way, she was still at the party. She ran into VC and was like “hi sexiii gorl” Click here to read
  • VC hugged the girl and started telling her what she missed (including her bro getting a bj in the parking lot) and how Lenora was upset. Click here to read

Hartley bae and AJ

  • Girl be new new here but apparently she’s used to it. Anyways - she came to the party and hugged AJ and told him she was good. She be blushing a lil. OHH ship possible? Click here to read


I’ll keep editing this hold up


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I was going to paint them tonight for my trip this weekend too and they were shaped so nice ugh

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She’s not making that mistake again. I’m honestly embarrassed I made her do that. I mean, how stupid can you possibly be?

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I hope not :joy:

that was a lonnnnnnnnnnng ass intereaction with her being a “servent”

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My first thought is that I didn’t want her to get her ass kicked, then I decided that I’d rather have her get her ass kicked than be a puppet.

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She’s going to pretend to serve her, then just scram.

I mean if you’re rich you gotta introduce who your parents are and what the work for :sob::sob: Me who have watched way to many shows:

Another group of surfers?

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She will! She will!

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So amazing omg!

I hope they say blood hell and innit-

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Boi! She was! :joy::sob:



I can’t believe Ari called her spoilt and lazy, gurl- you are rich with bodyguards (who you brought to a normal teen party) made them to this and that. Then got angry because some unknown girl poured a drink on your dress and then decided for that you would be a servant because you’ve always wanted one-

And Mia is Lazy-


I have 10 more characters to read through but i need a break sooooo

will come back later

for now - replying to @Littlefeets and working more on character relationships

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