Blue Royalty: New Blood

The wedding was adorable, but as it was over blue royalty had to do some exposing, was she even surprised? Not at all, but it sure was bloody annoying. Now everyone knew she was pregnant and she knew it was definitely not going to be fun, but for starters she tried not to give ricky’s salty comments about her pregnancy too much attention and let him walk away with a btch face. Good start though.

But then mateo came and asked about it, and that along with the way he was so cute earlier when trying to comfort her, he just didn’t deserve this mess in his life. He deserved so much better honestly. ”I- yeah… apparently.” she said with a sigh and a shrug, there was no reason in denying it anymore, everyone knew at this point, then she’d might as well just admit it. ”I don’t think there’s anything weirder in my life right now than the fact that me and my mom are pregnant at the same time” she said, trying to lowkey lighten the mood but not necessarily succeeding

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”i hope so” she whispered as he told her he will indeed try to stay safe, which was comforting in a way, but also not really because she knew the worst things came out of nowhere even when we try to stay safe, there are things we just have no control over.

Getting up and putting their clothes back on, the girl tried fixing her hair right as it got a little messy, but luckily we have very fixable hair so :+1:t4:. Then he came over to help her zip, and asked a question, to which she raised her brow as turning her gaze to glance at him ”why do you think I froze in the middle of the hall the first time I saw you at school? I’ll let you know it wasn’t only bee cause you were hot ” she replied with a light laugh, and then added a little more seriously ”you really think I wouldn’t recognize you?”

”you have a lot of acting potential, but you can’t fool me, love” she said with a playful smirk, moving her hair behind her ear before turning to the door with a nod as response to his question ”I’ll go.” she said, looking at the door in silence and then turned to look at him as her hand was on the handle ”i hope you make it. Don’t disappoint me captain” she added with a wink and a soft smile before walking away and out the door, back into the shtty real world


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niko tanaka

Niko chuckled as Chad told them that he couldn’t get over how cute Yua is. “Neither can I. Or my family, for that matter.” They told him with a smile as the little girl yawned. “My brother just sends me pictures whenever he babysits her but anytime my sister sees her, she’s always like ‘ah, kanojo wa totemo kawaii desu!’ Which is basically her gushing about how cute she is.” They said, laughing as they imitated their sister. “Do you have any siblings Chad?” They asked him out of pure curiosity, realizing that they knew absolutely nothing about him.

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"Okay… " Annie started with furrowed brows when he told her that he wasn’t actually related to the Montoya family. “And, what, they aren’t going to love you as family now just because they know? The whole family’s going to f^cking hate you because you’re not blood-related?” She asked him, her eyebrows now raising expectantly. “If you ask me they would be f^cking stupid to let that change the way they feel, Ricky,” Though as one point closed another opened in the news of the expecting Veronica Charlotte. “I didn’t take you for a teen-father, anyway, better him than you,” She responded through taking the whatever-number shot of the night. After taking another shot, Ricky looked to her with intentions of leaving. “As promising as both of those sound, I think it probably rather do anything else,” Annie told him, taking it as her cue to leave, “Great catch up.”

Leaving without a second look, Annie took a turn through an alleyway down the side of the building they had been in. Where she was headed, she had not yet figured out, though she was soon given a reason for leaving when the random guy from earlier approached from the direction she had come in. Soon enough his hands were on her as Annie was against the wall. F^ck it. She might as well let it hap- what? Suddenly he was out of sight and replaced by someone who had pushed his way into her eye-frame. Ricky f^cking Montoya. Or, sh!t, not Montoya, sorry for the outdated terminology.

“Oh my god, what is your problem?” She started the instant they were alone again, “I don’t ge- what- Ricky we’re not even f^cking friends, just back off for f^cks sak-” Her words were overlapped and interrupted by his and Annie completely turned away as something else had overtaken her attention. Suddenly the gradually resurfacing Quinn-related memory had become prevalent in her mind, his words from earlier repeating in her mind. You’re why my sister is dead. “No just you don’t get- you don’t f^cking know, it was my fault, it was because of me, I-” Her breathing quickened, and the confessions came out in an intoxicated rage, “I told her- I told her not to get involved, to stay away, it was my problem, it was my fault, if I had gotten there sooner- it would hav- it should have been me, for f^cks sake, it should have been me, okay? No it’s not, it’s not okay you assh0le, it should have been me, how can you say sh!t about what my parents want when they- or f^cking you- don’t know anything?” She continued, forcefully pushing Ricky back against the wall, just as she had been before he had approached, on the word ‘assh0le’, though mainly powered by her frustration on how much she had said when being out of control.

Leaving it on the final question, Annie stood and watched as he tried to answer. No. No, why did she say any of that? Why did she leave it open for him to answer? Don’t answer, no answer or input was wanted by her, please give no opinions on the subject. And so, Annie did what any person would in this situation, taking his face in her hands and meeting his lips with hers. Giving him the sole thing he was here for, so it can be over and they can both move onto the next person and- please- forget, at the very least, the last three minutes.

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Elijah laughed at the nickname his enemies called him. “Haha, I’ll make sure not to call you that.” He really wasn’t expecting his wittiness, he was starting to like him already. Anyways he was probably going to call him Rick. “Well, my name is Elijah, and some people call me Eli, Ej, blah blah blah, I don’t really care what people call me. I pretty much like any nickname.” Richard then answered his question about whether he went to Cerulean high or not, which is probably a strange question to ask someone you first met, but surprisingly he did actually go to the school.

“Wow, first day at a carnival huh? That must be nice.” Well on the outside he was lucky but he probably felt like a fish out of water. He listened to everything he was saying and he definitely seemed like he didn’t know anything about this school. Unfortunately he was sort of in for a rude awakening. Elijah felt a little bad for him so he decided to give him some advice.

“Okay, first of all stay away from these two people named Ari Lee and Paige Piece. Well Paige is kind of funny sometimes but Ari is the spawn of Satan. Just stay away. Second of all, do you know of the competition blue royalty? Yeah its a train wreck. Just look at the website man. That’s pretty much what you need to think about.”

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How dare this mean boy not play along? He was soooo fun at one point, what happened now? How did her little trick not work on him? Was he really… YES, he really was a witch. Woah… Woah. So there was one new thing she learned today - maybe her trick won’t work on everyone because there might be witches out there so she needs to come up with something new. She’ll worry about that when her magic stops working on her parents, that’s the only thing that matters to her now. But she was… still sad. Or maybe a little mad? Disappointed? SHE WANTED APPLE JUICE. He was just holding it. APPLE JUICE WAS EEEEEVERYWHERE AROUND HER. Don’t wipe her tears when you don’t want to help her… Unfortunately she didn’t get a chance to maybe try again or find another way to get one of those fancy glasses because someone was picking her up.

Rude- OH, mommy. A smile met her lips when her mom started tickling her, kissing her cheek. Zoe’s arms immediately after wrapping around her neck, her head resting against her mom’s shoulder. Only giggling when she was asked about getting in trouble and running away. Nooo, she was not getting in trouble, she was only about to have a fight with a witch wabbit… or she was fighting. Kicking him and then crying for apple juice was a fight, okay? And it was fuuuuun. Waaaay better than being around her nannies! Who needs them? ”I missed you too mommy,” But maybe being with her parents was better than being with… Enwique? At least they’ll give her what she wants like they did that last time she saw fancy glasses. Finding a strand of Jess’s hair and playing with it, Zoe was softly smiling, completely ignoring the fact her mom was talking to that boy, saying bye or whatever… Zoe didn’t listen, she just caught his name and started talking over them. ”You’re sooo pwetty mommy.”

She was. She was the pretties mom and Zoe loved her soooo much, just like she loved her dad who was always around mommy but… where was he now? Looking around, Zoe couldn’t find him… sad… but that’s fine. She wanted to be with her mom now anyway when it was time to throw flowers. OOOOH how excited Zoe was for that. ”Yes! Apple juice, please,” a bright smile appeared on Zoe’s lips, now pointing at a waiter who was always ignoring Zoe but her mom continued walking… Maybe she had some better apple juice and she was taking her there? It must be that. It better be. ”I was…” her voice got quiet. ”He is a witch… No, he is a wabbit! I’ll make him a wabbit before he makes cousin Ronnie a wabbit… no, before he locks her in a biiiig castle. He is mean… mommy, he wanted to make me a wabbit. I don’t want to be a wabbit. If I… if I was a wabbit would you… be a wabbit with me?” With sad eyes Zoe looked up at her mom, her arms once again wrapping around her neck. The same thought crossed her mind - she didn’t want that to happen because how could she play with her siblings and parents then? Buuut what if they were all rabbits? Oh, that she wasn’t thinking about! Maybe that could be sooo much fun.

Before she knew it, Zoe was in a pretty room and her mom was finally giving her APPLE JUICE. TAKE THAT mean boy. Jumping up and down with a huge grin before taking that juice and drinking it, she was now trying to stay calm as she let her mom fix her hair. ”Mhm,” she mumbled, still drinking. ”I’m weady. I’m gonna throw sooo many flowers… where are my flowers? Why won’t you throw flowers… with me? And Shay?”

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Although most of Richard’s problems were present because of the influence of men in his life, the first few minutes of knowing this Elijah person, he was treated nicely, respectfully and he felt safe, which in turn made him feel confused and weird, because he also felt like Elijah was handsome but he didn’t know if he only noticed he was good-looking or if somewhere deep down he felt attracted to him.

"Uhm … Thank you."Richard said after half listening to Elijah. He didn’t even remeber the names so he will have to ask him about it later saying he didn’t quite catch them.
“You made it so much easier for me to transfer. This is my second time transfering to another school. You see my step-father transfered me to this school because he got money and thinks I should go to a school with more opportunities. By more opportunities he thinks that finishing my senior class in this school will impress people if I write it on my CV, but I don’t think it’s that big of an opportunity. But don’t worry about the game. As soon as I heard about it I realized it wasn’t something I wanted or needed so I didn’t join. I assume you have the same oppinion about it.”


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Wow. Was this judgement from one Annie Williams. One ANNIE WILLIAMS who had her own problems and really had no reason to judge anyone else? Yes. That was exactly what her words were - and exactly the reason why he took another shot. Maybe he was just lying to himself when he thought maybe, just maybe she may have understood how he felt in this moment. Maybe Annie knew the crushing pain on his shoulders when he realized that he was a mistake - and his family wasn’t actually his. No… no Annie Williams just judged him like the rest of the world. Why would he be surprised. “You don’t fcking get it,” he mumbled - not wanting to say anything else as she called him “fcking stupid” for thinking the way he did. Well thanks, Williams, thanks for your judgement. You can leave now. Dude who wants to fck you number 5 is sitting right over there in the corner. Bye now.

It was almost as if she was reading his mind because despite trying to be the responsible guy and offer her a way out of this situation, she denied and told him it was a great catchup before waking out the door. As she walked out, Enrique picked up his shot class, taking another shot - not caring about the girl… or really anything for the moment. He just wanted to drown his sorrows in alcohol until he was too numb to care about anything. Here’s the issue with Ricky’s plan though. He could ignore a lot of things - especially while getting drunk - but he couldn’t ignore the fact that the man that was previously all over Annie quickly followed the girl when she left. Fck. Enrique didn’t hesitate… maybe he was a bad guy, but as that due from Wrecking Ralph once said, that didn’t mean he was a bad guy…or something like that. Enrique left the bottle he was drinking from as he stuffed his hands in his pockets - following the man and… surprise, surprise… he found the man quickly gaining on Annie and pushing her against the wall. Enrique’s mind might have been a little slow with the alcohol in his system, but he did react instantly as the man tried to wrap Annie’s legs around his… let’s not even talk about it. The worst part about it was Annie didn’t even scream. She didn’t say anything, or move, or push him off.

Walking towards the man, Ricky pulled him off and instantly punched him in the face - causing the man’s nose to break and him to fall to the floor. The minute the man fell the the floor, Ricky continued, kicking the man in the ribcage. “YOU DON’T…FCKING… R@PE… A GIRL,” he yelled as the man coughed blood. Leaning down, the man looked at the assh0le in his eyes. “I suggest you walk the fck away while I give you the chance and never touch a girl like that again or I’ll…” Ricky didn’t get to continue as Annie yelled back, distracting him long enough so the idiot could run away. “What’s wrong with me? What the fck is wrong with you Annie? You were going to let him r@p…” though her words were clearly overlapping with his as she screamed back. He didn’t need to be her friend. Hell, Enrique didn’t even need to like her to know that… well that never needed to happen to anyone. Despite that… despite anything he was going to say, he didn’t get a chance as her words filled the space talking… nonsense about something that should have been her. Honestly, Ricky was a little too tipsy getting to drunk to understand any of what was coming out of her mouth. Until, of course, she roughly pushed him against the wall. For fcks sake, why did he even help her if he was just going to get this bull sht… nope Ricky… can’t say that. It doesn’t matter who she is, he would have done that for anyone… even someone he didn’t know. Before the man could understand what was going on, or even say anything in response to her rant, he felt her lips on his. For a second… he let it happen. He let her lips move against his… but the instant his drugged up mind caught up with what was happening, he pushed her away - wiping his lips the instant she was away from him. “What the fck Williams? Go home. God… just fcking go home,” . With that, Enrique grabbed her hand and pulled her back towards the way they came despite any words coming out of her mouth. Whistling, he pulled a taxi over and opened the door, pushing her in. “Stay” . Going towards the taxi driver, he told her an address he recalled from their first… interaction and paid him… extra to make sure she didn’t change the address. And… well… with that… Annie Williams was gone.


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Anyone who knew Jessica knew that she had loved children for her entire life. She was always like a second mother to her little siblings when her parents were too preoccupied to be in their lives. Even in her twenties, despite not even knowing if she’d ever get the chance to have any children herself after the… incident with Dorian and… just… losing their first child… she always tried to be the best cousin/godmother to the kids that were in her life. Kaya, Laurel, VC, Peter… for a while… those were like her children. That being said, although Jessica still loves the hell out of those girls (and Peter) and always will, there’s a special connection when it was actually your child - like the girl in front of her. Jessica’s children had her entire heart, and they always would.

Holding her daughter, Jess always had a soft smile on her lips as she looked into the brown hues of her daughter’s eyes. Jessica could see a lot of Dorian in the girl - the way she acted without thinking sometimes but always had good intentions… the way she smiled… or looked a certain way. Zoe also had Jess in her… the little girl’s mischievous intentions always telling of that fact.

Jessica’s smile grew with Zoe’s laughs and she kissed her forehead for the second time as she tightly held her second oldest daughter before paying attention to Enrique. Well… until, of course, her daughter interrupted them - another thing that reminded her of a young Dorian. Being the center of attention, after all, was his forte. “Thank you love, but I think you’re far prettier,” . As she walked Zoe back to the dressing area, Jessica couldn’t help the cheeky smile meeting her lips at the story Zoe was telling. She had no idea what Enrique had told her, but it was quite hilarious. Who knew - maybe Jess would take the idea and, with her daughter’s help, write a children’s book for the hell of it. The Girl and the Witch Wabbit had a ring to it, after all. “How dare he try and make you and cousin Ronnie into a rabbit and lock her in a castle? How about you and I find a way to make him into a rabbit?” Jess asked with a soft smile. “Orrr we can let the good witches take care of him. Wherever there are bad witches, there are always good witches too,” Jess continued - though she couldn’t help the soft laugh that left her lips at her daughter’s last question. “I will always be a rabbit with you darling. Once we’re rabbits, we can go bother your siblings and your dad - imagine how much fun we can have. We can nibble on all of your dad’s favorite shoes.” Yes… Jess never tore down her children’s avenues to creativity. If they wanted to believe in witches and people turning into rabbits, then that was 100% their prerogative. Plus, life was more fun with a little spice.

As they reached the room - her daughter now drinking her juice and Jess fixing Zoe’s hair into a little half braid - the two once again started talking. Jess did that often…simply talked to her kids and enjoyed time with them. She had realized one key fact about Americans and it was that many of them lived to work - forgetting all the other things that were so bloody important. Jessica DeLoughrey wasn’t going to be that person… no, even though she worked and loved her job, she wanted to be in her children’s lives. She wanted to know what they were thinking, and spend time with them as they grew up. She wanted to be the mother her own mum never was. “Ohhh throw some towards me too okay? I love flowers,” Jess responded as she finished the girl’s brain and walked towards the side of the room to pull out a basket of flowers at her question. Sitting back down, Jess took a handful of flowers and begin placing them in between her daughter’s braids so that her hair was filled with the flowers she would soon be throwing. “Well darling, Jezebel asked me to do something else. Only the best girls get to throw flowers, and she told me that you and Shay were the best.” Jess started, bringing her lips to her cheek and pecking the girl before continuing. “…But it’s okay, your daddy and I will be standing near the front and I’ll be holding Jezebel’s flowers and then you and Shay will go sit down in the front and watch,”

As Jess finished, she stood up putting her hand out to walk with her daughter. “You ready to go? We need to go find your sister and I have a litttleeee bet with your dad that I can find her first? Want to help me with sweetie?”

Well… suffice to say, Jessica did not win that bet which was apparent as when she returned to the little hall with Zoe, Dorian was sitting there with Shay in his hands. “Oh bloody hell. Nope, no. You did not win the bet, Aidan’s still free game darling.” Jess smiled, interrupting his conversation as Zoe ran to her father.



Elijah was glad he could make a new student comfortable. He had a knack for doing that. It’s just my natural charisma He thought to himself. Elijah didn’t have the same opinion about blue royalty Richard had. "I actually think competing in the game makes you have more opportunities. You get accepted into colleges and get more recognition. He shrugged his shoulders. “Your dad is right.” Richard talking about his dad reminded him of his dad, and how he always wants the best for Elijah. He didn’t want to come right out and tell Richard to join the game but did he think it was the best choice?Yes. Instead he bit through the gigantic barbecued drumstick he was holding in his hand, which made his mouth dirty. Elijah could feel himself getting self conscious and that was very rare. This is probably not a good look for me. He thought, Especially in front of someone he deemed attractive subconsciously.


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Richard sighed. “I know my step-father wants the best for me, and I actually love him for it, but he seems to think that want to be as rich as he is. Of course, maybe he got that idea because we’re interested in simmilar things and bonded over it, and his job which allowed me to go to this school is rooted in those things we both like, he thinks that maybe I want to be just like him in the future … But I don’t … I’m not as ambitious as he, and as much I like being rich, I don’t need to keep being rich, nor do I want to do something as outrageous or as undeserving of praise and money as this game to gain something that I don’t particullarly care for.” Richard smiled. "Please make no notion of me, I’m talking rubbi … "Richard stopped in the middle of his sentence as he noticed Elijah’s face had been messied by his food he no doubts bought somewhere at the stand. “You dirtied your face.” He said as he reached for a napkin in his pocket, one he was sure he had because his mother asked him to bring it just in case. She worries too much, really, but can you blame her? After finding the napking he turned to Elijah and asked “Shall I?” Withouth giving the context of what he meant to Elijah so if he agrees, he doesn’t know exactly what he’s agreeing to.
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ORP: @novella I think I know which occupation I want for Richard’s parents, could his step-father be a Robotic Tehnician, his mother* a Hotel Desk Clerk and his step-father is a Music Instruments Tuner

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Richard seemed like he was reading a page out of Elijah’s diary…that’s hypothetical of course he doesn’t own a diary, diaries are for kids…yeah. Anyways, everything Richard said about his step dad was how his own dad was.

"Please make no notion of me, I’m talking rubbi … " It was a little bit of a ramble but Elijah shook his head. “No, its fine. My dad is just like that -”

Before he could respond any further, Richard offered him a napkin after pointing out that he dirtied his face. “Thanks.” Unfortunately, he could feel his face turning red as he reached for the napkin.

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Richard felt stupid as he was handing the napkin to Elijah. Firstly, he stared at him the whole time and probably making him feel uncomfortable, secondly he gave the napking so slowly poor Elijah thought he was dealing with a [censored] and thirdly he probably felt embarrased getting messy like that and having somebody point it out. As Elijah’s face turned red Richard took it as a sign of his thoughts being true, so he apologized. “Oh … um, sorry.”
Richard turned his face away and bit his lip in frustration. Richard knew he was a hot mess and awkward, but he was never like this with anybody. Why was this boy making him seem so stupid? Why did he mess up every sentence he spoke to him? While those thoughts ran through his mind, it was as if his subconscious brain was giving him a hint as he realized how hot his cheeks turned. To justify himself looking away so suddenly and for so long he said “This view is so beautiful and grand … It’s almost panoramic. But what really makes it shine is all the laughter from people … Something like that you don’t experience everyday.” Richard realized he managed to speak something so logical withouth messing it up while looking away, so he looked back at Elijah and figured out he was flustered. Damn I find him attractive He realized.

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Cerulean High 26th January 2040
omg it’s the timeskip finally
Hi I will try and write a proper post for this tomorrow or longer or never but until then here she is. It is a weekend day so free to do whatever, at this point the Blue Bloods will have just been released. Okay. Oh and also the Oh My Dollar Valentines forms would have been filled out in RP time today so do that too, so the results will be out with tasks next timeskip yay. Okay bye.



One month. That’s approximately how long it’s been since the wedding… since things went… well… to sht. Since the wedding, Amelia Grace had avoided her sister and mother at all cost - to an extent which included moving out of her home and moving in with the first person that came to mind: JP. Was it a bad idea? Maybe - but he had an extra room and she needed to get away from the toxicity that was her family. Though, she did miss Lexie.

So what happened when Amelia Grace left the wedding on Quinn’s bike? Would anyone be surprised that he didn’t let her just take his bike? Nope - instead, Quinn Castillo followed along which… well… was interesting to say the least. After all, Quinn Castillo and Amelia Grace were never… and would never be friends. It would just never work - they were far too different. However, Amelia was a little too p!ssed to think about that as she ranted to him about everything that had occurred and for some odd reason, he listened. Listened… made fun of her about her sex book which WAS PRIVATE by the way, and almost… kinda… had fun at a nearby arcade to get things out of their mind.

That being said… what happened after that… really shouldn’t have happened. Waking up with a hangover was one thing, but waking up with a hangover next to Quinn Castillo in a hotel with both of them practically naked and hickies all over one another… that was DEFINITELY not supposed to happen. One awkward ride to JP’s later, Amelia was set on never seeing Quinn again and avoiding him at all costs.

All of that leads us to today. A month of avoiding her sister, her mother, Alex, and Quinn - and she was finally getting a chance at a sense of normalcy with her best friend, Eddie. “I really needed this movie night Eddie,” Amie said with a bright smile as she walked over to his television. Eddie was currently in the kitchen microwaving the popcorn and Amelia was looking for a movie to watch. Reaching for one, Amie saw something shining on the back of the movie cabinet Eddie had - almost like it was stuck. Putting her hand in, she had to work a little to pull it out and found that it was a nameless holder. Interesting… hey, maybe it’ll be a surprise. Aww it would be cute if it was an old video that Eddie shot - him often converting his recordings to CD.

Unknowingly, Amie placed the nameless CD in the vintage CD reader before jumping back on the couch and waiting for him. After he came out of the kitchen, she pressed play and responded “I guess we’ll just have to find out” at his question of what she decided to put on.


Maybe hidden CDs that had nothing written on them to indicate what they were should have stayed hidden… because NEITHER Amie nor Eddie expected what they saw on the screen. There, in full flat screen glory, Amelia Grace witnessed on Paige Pierce on top of Eddie Flynn moaning. OH. MY. GOD.



After a long, stressful week, it was finally Saturday, time for rest. Cleo should have been happy, right? Well she wasn’t. This weekend her elder sister; Angelina Seymour would be coming to visit and stay for 3 days and Cleo wasn’t excited. Don’t get her wrong, she didn’t hate Angelina; she didn’t hate any of her siblings, but her and Angelina had an awkward relationship. It had to do with how Angelina was, perfect and elegant like their mother. Jennifer was too, but it was different. Jennifer was her twin, and she had chosen her as the sister she’d be close to long ago, when they were 17. She shuddered, remembering what had happened then. That was something.

The point was, Cleo wasn’t very excited about her elder sister’s visit. 3 days was also a really long time for her to stay, wasn’t she married? Shouldn’t she be spending her time with her husband??? Why bother coming here for a visit, it wasn’t like they didn’t see each other a lot. After all, Ang was the favorite of their parents, followed by Jennifer, the unborn baby, then Cleo was at the bottom. So they always chatted on calls, and her parents would put their work on pause in order to travel to visit Angelina and her husband. Aaah, to be the favorite of your parents, Cleo doesn’t remember the last time her parents had ever deemed her more important than their work. But Jen and Ang will always be more important. She knew it, even though her parents would deny it. They loved her-sure, it was obvious, but they didn’t love her in the way they loved: her sisters and a baby that hasn’t been born yet. It wasn’t like she could try competing with them anyways, Angelina bought them a castle after marrying James- He was ok, a little boring though, probably a beast in the sheets, who knows. Jennifer was on the honors list and stayed out of trouble- something Cleo didn’t know how to do well. And the unborn baby was just a fetus, she wasn’t going to compete with a fetus.

Anywwaaaaaaaas, Cleopatra didn’t care. She would go out have some fun before her elder sister came and made her roll her eyes.

“Where are you going?” Her sister asked, something flickering in her eyes as Cleo was about to open the door.

“The strip club” Cleo smiled, Jen wasn’t impressed. “Seriously, where are you going?”

“The strip club, I’m actually a popular stripper in this one club, you should come vi-” Her twin glared. “Fine I’m going to an arcade”

“Come back quickly, I don’t want you to miss Angelina coming” Really? because Cleo hoped to miss it.

As Cleo arrived at the arcade, she saw the familiar figure of someone. “Niko?” Cleo said approaching her family friend.

@Caticorn - Niko

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If there was one person who confused him more than anyone else in the world, it was Paige Pierce. The way she talked to him, it was like she at least thought she knew everything about him, but then there were things she said, and it was as if there was something missing. Some big thing that he was supposed to know, but he was left out of the loop. Eddie just didn’t get it. He couldn’t deny that his thoughts sometimes wondered what the deal was with Paige, what was he missing, but he just couldn’t remember any kind of reason for the way things were. He just had no idea what more there was to the story. For now though, none of that was a concern. Everything was normal, getting ready to watch a movie with his best friend. There was no experience quite like just hanging out with your best friend, the person you can always trust and always enjoy being around.

“Same here Amie.” he responded from the kitchen when she said how she had needed the movie night. With everything that had gone on, from stuff with Paige and at home he needed just the ease of hanging out with his best friend. After the sex tape with Paige became public knowledge, there was no escaping being given a full lecture on responsibility and safe sex, definitely not a situation Eddie wanted to deal with, but at least Cassidy’s husband was there so it didn’t have to be a very uncomfortable conversation with his mom or older sisters. That being said, it was a reminder of how Eddie was without his dad to have taken over that situation, especially with Eddie having overheard Cassidy mention that she was thinking about naming Eddie’s nephew after their dad. With all of that, Eddie’s mind kept going back to the past, to his dad, to however Paige Pierce seemed to have something to do with his past. It was a lot, which meant a movie night was exactly what he needed, but what occurred when Eddie came back with the popcorn was definitely not needed.

Apparently when Amie had gone to grab a movie, she grabbed something that was not supposed to have been grabbed whatsoever. The video was on a disc, as Eddie often transferred whatever was filmed on his camera to discs, since its the same as his father would do when he was younger. Even if it wasn’t common anymore, it was just right to Eddie. This disc in particular was supposed to be at the very back of the cabinet and unlabeled. It shouldn’t have just been stumbled across, but there it was… Eddie had just set the popcorn down as the screen showed Eddie with Paige on him. F^^k. F^^king bloody hell. At least thanks to Blue Royalty, it wasn’t something that nobody knew existed? It doesn’t matter, it was bad enough that everyone knew it existed, but someone seeing it for real, especially that someone being Amelia, his best friend, was a whole different deal. For a few seconds, Eddie froze, which may as well have been an eternity in his mind. Only to then rush over to stop the video and remove the disc as quickly as possible, though anything more than instantly felt like far too slow.

With the disc back in the unlabeled case, Eddie looked over at Amelia for a moment, unable to make eye contact. “I… I’m sorry… that shouldn’t… I’m sorry…” he barely managed to say. Under normal circumstances, Amelia was the one person other than his mom and sisters that he wasn’t awkward around. He felt comfortable around her, he could be himself and he wasn’t nervous, but this was not normal circumstances. He felt extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed, wishing that he could go back just a few minutes in time to erase that moment from ever happening. He turned, walking to the movie cabinet, looking to where the disc had previously been. “Any… anything else is fine…” Eddie said, confirming that everything still in the cabinet was safe after he went to hide the unlabeled material in his closet to figure out what to do with later. He didn’t know what everything left in the cabinet was anymore, but he knew it was safe to watch. Videos he had filmed over the years and movies mostly, but even labeled Eddie didn’t know what all the videos on the discs were. Returning to where Amelia was, Eddie brought his gaze to meet hers for just a second before looking back down again. “Can we forget that just happened…?” he said, trailing off by the end.



“yes, YES, YES.”

No, no… no. Oh my god. Amie did not… this was not part of the plan of things to do today… or ever. Amelia Grace did not EVER want to see a sex tape featuring her best friend and technically her cousin through her mom’s side. This was just supposed to be a good… easygoing day… so WHY COULDN’T SHE LOOK AWAY FROM THE SCREEN WHILE PAIGE MOANED? Amie should have covered her eyes… or her ears… or BOTH… but she was frozen with shock as Eddie took… wayyyyy too long to take that CD out. Amie watched as Paige did things… let’s just not talk about it okay? This never… ever needed to be talked about… EVER… again. Oh. My. God. OH MY GOD. Why did part of her think that part about the blue royalty post was a lie? Clearly… CLEARLY she was wrong.

Even after Eddie took out the video, Amie stayed still and silent. Oh… god that image… the moans… they were burned into her mind… oh… ew… that … EW. Seeing her best friend in a position like that was something she NEVER wanted to see. EVER. ew. She could hear Eddie talking… but honestly was too stunned to respond. “How did you two… I don’t… it doesn’t… I thought you… didn’t even know her… but at the beach… I don’t…” she was stumbling over her words, not even sure about what to say or how to say it. I mean… what the fck do you say after seeing your best friend’s sex tape with your cousin?

“Yeah…yeah…no…yeah…let’s just… pretend… I never… that this never…yeah…” Clearing her throat, Amie walked back towards where the CDs were - trying to ignore now Eddie had stuffed that CD right back to where she found it - clearly trying to keep it hidden. Amie opened one of the older CDs in the back that simply had a date on it - 12/23/2025 which was around when Amie was 3. “This… is not another… you know… right? I don’t… we don’t need to…” she only waited for Eddie to shake his head no as she put that one in, going back to the couch where she sat Faaarrrrr away from Eddie before hitting play on the remote… still… fcking traumatized.

Instantly, the first thing she saw was Eddie’s dad smiling at a handheld camera with Eddie’s mom in the background asking if he had gotten it working. “Aww is this an old Christmas video?” Amie asked - trying to ease the tension as his dad turned the camera over to a young Piper trying to sneak a look at the gifts under the Christmas tree - followed by Eddie’s mom telling her it wasn’t Christmas yet and that she’d have to wait. However, the surprising part of it… was when his dad turned the camera over to a young Eddie running around with a familiar little girl.

“Wait… Eddie is that…” well she didn’t have to say star of your p0rno because right before she asked, she heard Eddie’s dad say “Paige, Eddie be careful” which caused her to raise her eyebrow. “Wait… so you’ve known Paige since you two were… kids?”




With the stories people hear about the students who go to Cerulean High - one expects luxury cars, designer brands, wealthy parents that are mostly absent in their precious darling’s life. Well, besides having the absent parents thing - the rest of it was a no-go for Kaspian Ishida. If this was Gossip Girl, Kaspian would be considered the Dan Humprhey of the group. In other words - the outsider. The only difference was the fact that, unlike Dan, Kaspian didn’t want to be an insider. What was the fcking point? Getting trampled by a game that was supposed to reveal all your secrets for the hell of it? No fcking thank you. Hell, he was happy remaining unnoticed. So, if you were here trying to find out more about Kaspian Ishida - well, don’t. He wasn’t worth it. Go back to looking into the lives of the Elite - the Taylor DeLoughrey’s, the Parkers, the McAllisters - those were the one’s to be interested in. Not Kaspian Ishida.

Now that we’ve gotten across that fact, and the other fact that not everyone had a trust fund backing their every move - let’s get back to the fact that Kaspian had to actually work for his money. I know - gasp - working? Money? That wasn’t talked about at Cerulean High - after all, everyone there had money. Well, not Kaspian. Some people actually had to get jobs. Though, Kaspian’s job. was a bit more on the… notorious and… criminal side… technically. But hey, selling fake ID’s to teens paid the bills - another word that rich people would never have to worry about. As he walked into a local coffee shop, Kaspian sat to the side - watching kids come in and approaching them carefully with a hint of charm and a little convincing that alcohol was easier to get with a little 21 and older ID. Maybe the rich were good for something - such as paying for a fake ID.

That was Kaspian’s exact intention with the next two girls. Though he didn’t know their names, he knew that they went to the school he had recently enrolled in - in other words, they had the money to spend. “Hello girls. Quick question… or more a comment. You two look like you like to have fun. Is that right?” he questioned, taking the empty seat across from them. He didn’t want them to speculate that he was hitting on them - let’s be clear, that wasn’t what he was doing. Taking out a wallet, he showed the girls two fake ID’s with girls that looked similar to them. “Though having fun is limited when there’s an age restriction… which is where I come in handy. I can sell you two of these ID’s right here right now for a $100 a pop… or if you’re willing to wait, and pay a little extra, I can get you two seamless ID’s with your own faces on them that have upwards of 98% success rate with my customers.”

Closing his wallet, Kaspian placed it back in his back pocket as he looked at the two girls with his eyebrow raised. “So what do you say?”

@CerealKiller - Veronica Charlotte
@Littlefeets - Laurel Parker


Since the wedding, Clara had to come to terms that the disorder she’d tried so hard to hide was now public knowledge. Her family had started checking in on her more often and making sure she was okay. She didn’t mind it, but she always felt like she was lying to them when she answered that she was feeling fine, even though it was the truth.

Now, it was the weekend and Clara had taken the opportunity to sleep in. When she woke up, she found the updated list from Blue Royalty. She wasn’t one of the people on it, not that she expected to be. After dragging herself out of bed, she got dressed and walked down the hall to her sister’s bedroom. “Mandi?” She called, knocking on her sister’s door. She wasn’t sure if her sister was awake, although she hoped that she was.

She leaned against the door, keeping her hand on the doorknob as she waited for her sister’s response. Even though she hated to admit it, Clara was an impatient person. So after only a few seconds of standing outside her sister’s door, she knocked again. “Are you awake?” She asked, letting her impatience get the best of her.

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