Blue Royalty: New Blood

xavier pestana

Xavier had just finished his drink and ordered another when someone suddenly appeared next to him, making him jump. “Jesus.” He exclaimed, taking a deep breath before turning his head to see who it was. Upon doing so, he discovered that it was Elio, someone he considered a friend. There was something off about him, but Xavier couldn’t place exactly what it was. “Nah, you didn’t bump into me, just startled me a bit.” He reassured him with a casual shrug. The bartender set his drink down and he thanked them as he picked up the glass. As he took a sip of his drink, he saw Elio down the glass he was given in one gulp.

“Please tell me your night is going better than mine”

He chuckled, remembering what had happened before he arrived at the party, even though not much had happened since. Not to him, anyway. “Well, aside from the fact that my cousin is never getting in a car with me ever again, my night has been pretty uneventful.” He answered with another small shrug, taking another sip of his drink. “Hey, are you okay?” He asked out of growing concern for his friend. “No offence, but you look like you’ve been to hell and back.”

@Madilnel - Elio


Mia finally managed to get away from Ari, sinking down onto a couch. “Sh!t, sh!t, sh!t.” Mia muttered, shaking her head. She had no clue what was in that vial. She just hoped it was only alcohol…she sighed, getting up and get ta drink that wasn’t from the punch bowl.



Blood dripped from his knuckles, leaving soft stains on the concrete floor that would likely never dissipate as he sat on her doorstep. Enrique was dazed - his gaze drifting to his hand, though he had become numb to the pain over the last few hours. A buzzing sensation spread through his body and a ringing fell in his ears, but he felt… nothing. Was it shock… or was it just that the broken don’t feel pain. Broken… yes that was the only word that could describe how Enrique felt at the moment. After all… How else would someone expect him to feel after what Lenora told him… after learning that the person he thought he loved was cheating on him. And yes - screw anyone who told him it wasn’t love. He did… love Lenora Foley. Enrique had easily handed the girl his heart, and she broke it into too many pieces to count. So, how was he expected to feel? Good? What a joke.

He found himself navigating towards Sophie’s house. Enrique didn’t know why his instinct was to go to his best friend’s house after punching his mirror and cutting his hand. He just… needed her. Needed to hear that this feeling… this deep-rooted pain would disappear. Needed her optimism… anything to lift him from the depression he had found himself in. Well… suffice to say… Enrique Montoya was wrong. Because that night, not only did he lose his girlfriend. He lost his best friend. Though that’s a story… well… it’s one that should and will never be repeated - not by Enrique Montoya.

End of Flashback

Ricky looked at his hand, the soft scars from years earlier leaving white marks in his knuckles. Over the years, they had faded so it was barely noticeable. But, despite that, four years couldn’t remove the marks. Nothing really could. Because the marks weren’t the issue. It was the pain that marks reminded him of. The pain he had spent years suppressing. His words were harsh to the girl who sat on the opposite side of him - both almost attempting to get as far away from each other as they physically could. But he couldn’t help it - Enrique Montoya had spent the last four years shaping himself to be the person who sat in front of her. And honestly, he had no regrets. This man… this Enrique couldn’t be broken. Couldn’t be hurt by the whims of another. No, he was the one who did the hurting.

He allowed his eyes to drift towards hers, a nonchalance within them as he looked at her muttering how it didn’t make a difference for him because he ‘didn’t believe in love’. She was right of course, but the intrigue was in the fact that she actually said it to his face. “I have a reason for that sweetheart. Love doesn’t exist. Fcking exists. One-night stands exist. A delicious night with a girl named Abbie exists. But Love? You’re honestly lying to yourself if you still believe that fairytale sh!t exists, Barbie.” Ricky added, rolling his eyes as he looked at her.

“‘Things didn’t work out’ is a bad excuse if you’re trying to convince yourself that Cinderella will find her prince and not get divorced two months later. I mean, come on Lewis - do you really think love isn’t just a made up term by the capitalistic market to sell more flowers on valentine’s day and sell diamond rings for thousands of dollars just to get married and, after a few affairs, a divorce? Because if you do think love exists - you’re still that naive girl I knew 4 years ago” He stated, a slight chuckle in his voice as he finished.



She watched as he turned the conversation into a light-hearted one, joking about the game itself. “Having everything handed to you? Not exactly f*cking amazing, maybe boring?” Annie’s scepticism spoke through a laugh, despite it being a genuine thought. Blue Royalty made everything too easy, and where was the challenge in that? Other than the challenge before it, that was living by their rules to betray people, lie, cheat, play with people’s feelings, and whatever else. Just for the high possibility of not even winning, and even if they did an outcome that may not even be worth it. “And what happens when everything they hoped for turns out to be sh*t?” Annie asked, perhaps with an air of bluntness. But maybe in the scenario of Blue Royalty, it was necessary.

The eyeroll Ezekiel gave her told Annie that maybe she hadn’t sounded too genuine with her statement. Though it wasn’t necessarily a lie, as his presence had made the situation: a lot better than she would like to admit, and it was proven to be so by the next few minutes. After Zek’s last statement about the cannons, the music filled the silence in the car when actions took over words between them.

The car door opened, Ezekiel leaving through it to stand outside and look in. Annie rebuttoned her shirt as he picked up his bag again, which filled in the blank he had left in the half-question he had asked. Without needing to give an answer, Annie opened the other car door, joining him outside to the forest they were in. She sat down next to him, as Zek lit the jo!nt, and she started looking around. How did she even drive them here? She had never seen the place before, and so there was high probability that this route was not going to get them to the party either way.

The fire came out of seemingly nowhere. It had turned out that the jo!nt Ezekiel had thrown out of the car earlier was still lit, and burning throughout the whole time and while they had been talking outside, the few surrounding leaves that had lit on fire turned to more, finally catching their attention. “Did you start a fire without me?” Annie asked in a non-serious manner and a slightly exaggerated annoyed tone for being left out. “As cool as it looks we should probably try to-” Annie started stamping on the small fire to try and put it out. Though as she tried to do so, it had the opposite effect, only spreading further, “-SH*T,” She shouted the same way she did when the car had initially broken down. Very soon the unfamiliar forest had become even more so when encased in flames.

What once was an empty road turned otherwise when the sound of an ambulence triggered by the smoke, advancing closer to them, filled over the sound of flames. “Zek, you need to get out of here,” Annie told him, knowing there was a high chance of them being arrested for arson or something, her head gesturing to the small opening between the fire he could get out through. She would join him too, but her car being in the centre of the scene immediately pointed the blame to her. “Get the f*ck out, Ezekiel, now!” Annie shouted over as he showed slight hesitation and the ambulence drew closer.

The firefighters broke through the fire, finding Annie alone and pulling her into the back of the ambulence that drove away instantly. An oxygen mask shoved in her face, Annie looked out of the small window to see the continuosly evolving fire they had started, engulfing her car. “The car will be fine, right?” She asked the paramedics rushing around her, Annie’s eyes travelling to try and meet one of theirs. After a moment she gave up, “I’m going to take this silence as a good sign - no news is good news.” She stated, despite knowing otherwise.

“Mr Williams? We need both parents of Mariana Williams to come down to the police station. Now,” The custody officer said through the phone to the frequently used contact number under Annie’s file after she was taken to the station.

astxrism Ezekiel Griffin
benitz786 Jordan Williams get in here pls


There was something peaceful about just sitting in the middle of nowhere, staring at a fire not so far away while smoking. A fire he was just staring at, not completely acknowledging before Annie actually pointed it out. “Mhm, I thought we could roast some marshmallows,” Zek joked, looking at her walking towards it with a goal to stop it, from what he could guess. A quiet “Careful” as he was looking at the scene in front of him with a hint of entertainment that soon turned into a slight shock. “WHY did you do that?” His voice raising in panic, words that weren’t meant to sound so harsh, Zek got up and pulled her back away from the fire that was rapidly spreading. Tightly holding her arm in an almost protective way, stopping her from getting close again.

But that’s when he became completely silent. He was just staring at what was happening in front of them, not even noticing the sirens that were getting close before he heard Annie’s voice. And what did he do? Well, exactly what she told him after her second try to get him to leave, completely confused and feeling awful.

That was one… long walk. It was surprising Zek even made it to the party considering he was having a really bad trip. A forest fire. How and why did this important night turn into something so terrible. He was thinking about Annie the whole time, wondering what happened, where she was now…I should’ve stayed. And he should’ve. Wasn’t he the one responsible for it? Sure, Annie made it worse but… he technically started that. It wouldn’t even be that big if a deal considering his mother… He didn’t want to think about her. But what he knew is that he somehow had to make it up to Annie.

Walking in, at this point complete aware of everything, Ezekiel tried to distract himself from thinking about what he just walked away from by focusing on the party. One thing that was perfect for that. He just didn’t expect this party would be so… fancy. Immediately he was met with waiters in navy uniforms, tall glasses of champagne on trays they were carrying while he had his black t-shirt, some chains and ripped jeans on. Not to mention a simple backpack with things he probably shouldn’t carry around with himself. Will he ever learn? No.
His gaze traveled around the venue, looking for his friends before he saw a very interesting scene. By interesting meaning disturbing. Zek just got there so he didn’t see the whole thing go down but the girl he was most excited to see was fighting with two other girls. Or was getting bullied from his point of view. It was confusing but the moment Victoria turned around and stared walking away, wearing a big jacket she got from a waiter, Zem ran up to her with a frown on his face. “What the fck happened?” Stopping her by tightly wrapping his arms around her, he quietly asked looking behind her at the spot she came from. Now this was a difficult situation… Ezekiel has always been the guy who tried to make everyone happy, tried to turn a bad situation into something positive, tried to avoid drama and fights but it was hard to do that when it involved his special person. “Come here,” Slightly pulling back as he looked down at what she was wearing, that same sad expression still on his face, he gently took her hand dragging her away from the crowd and into an almost empty hallway.

“I’m sorry I… I just got here and… I didn’t see what happened,” stopping, he looked up to meet her eyes, his voice still quiet as he brought his hands to her cheeks. “Are you okay? Do you want my t-shirt?” Don’t get me wrong, she looked great with just that jacket on but offering some kind of help was the least Ezekiel could do and he’d do anything to make his friend feel just a little bit better.

@/novella - Annie
@/aesthetic - Vic


Eddie, as always, had his attention on his camera. Though, that soon changed as someone stepped into the shot. ”Can’t make a film without the lead actress can you” At the sound of her voice, Eddie couldn’t help but smile as he spent a moment with his focus on getting some footage of Florence. “You’re right about that one.” Eddie said in reference to being unable to make a film without a lead actress. Though, it never hurt to have more B-roll on hand. “I can enjoy the moment now, or film and enjoy it later. How better to hold onto a memory than to watch it back later?” He didn’t really live in the moment, but with his camera anything he saw he could remember and look back on later. For the memory, for the research, or as something for filming, either to include in a film or as a reference to film a proper scene.

@CerealKiller - Florence



Reuben sighed when his friend said she was gonna join him on the floor. “But it’s nast-” He couldn’t finish his sentence when she made eye contact, both of them sitting cross-legged on the floor. “Fine.” He stated, looking down with a shy smile as she bumped his shoulder. Reuben chuckled upon hearing her dialect, she sounded like when his dad speaks in english. Daiane always knew how to get to Reuben, it was like she had been inside his brain. The way she could make him smile, and laugh, and frown, but he trusts her not to. Or at least he puts up with it when she calls him out.

Speaking of which, Daiane jokingly told him that she thought he wanted to discuss something “relevant”. “My well being is very important!” He stated, crossing his arms and pouting. “Hmph.” He paused and turned to her smiling to prepare for his wildly condescending sentence. “And I did not kidnap you, It was an emergency.” He waited for her to be annoyed at his effortless charisma. A taste of her own medicine, if you will. Ms Meyer was used to it after years of knowing each other, working together in classes, getting caught passing notes about how the teacher said dodo, and shipping together their very single, widowed parents. No matter how repelled they are by each other now, Reuben continues to talk with playful diction. Just that now he doesn’t expect anything to come out of it. Not with Dai, but definitely with everyone else.

“Hey!” He says, watching her fall comfortably onto his ruffled skirts. “You’re not just an escape from small talk to me, you know that.” He smiled, which became laughter after watching her theatrics. "Oh, I apologize to thee! I had never imagined thou would FRAME ME " he stopped, breaking his character “like that. I guess I can be wrong though.” He looked at her, unamused, and patiently waited to see what she came up with next.

She seemed rather busy in her own mind, however, so he let Dai think. “I like to think that I was born this way” He mentioned, beginning to run his hands through her intricately brushed hair. It was like silk, but better. Reuben liked the intimacy of it, he lost his mother figure and now just floats around bedroom to bedroom, car to car, shower to shower, or church to church if he was really feeling himself. It warmed his heart to know that he could have support from women in his life without having to outdo himself, without fear that he would lose them too.

“Hey Ruby?” She asked, Reu’s eyes refocusing on her face. “Yes?” He responded obediently. Daiane asked about the costume and he looked away bashfully. “Perhaps…” He allowed the thought to linger into nothingness, not returning his eyes to where they were until she got up. He did not like this. Come back down and hug me! He thought. The girl asked him to show off his outfit, which he wasn’t too happy about, it was the only costume he could find last minute, “I don’t really like it,” He admitted, taking her hands and looking at them like a kid in a candy store, “I think it’s just the fact that I’m wearing it that makes it cool” He smiled micheviously as he hopped to his feet. His hands released Dai’s and Ruby posed like she was going to take a spooky picture. “I don’t want to know what I look like right now, I’m afraid of clowns.” He said seriously, contradicting the entire ensemble.

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Tsumuji had left the punch area 4 minutes ago, 1 minute later a medium height blonde pale girl appeared to her and offered her a drink. Tsumuji not wanting to be rude, took it from her and drank it.

Now, Well Tsumuji was feeling a little bit drowsy. She opened and closed her eyes, she felt so uncomfortable and wanted to sit down. Her mouth began to feel dry, she needed water. Not looking where she was going, Tsumuji pushed through people, apologizing as she did she did so.


Tsumuji fell down as she crashed into someone, rubbing her head, she stood up and looked at the person. They had uh blue, grey, no dark brown hair. “I-i’m… so sorry,” she apologized. “You have eyes…” She slurred.

@Nil - Jayleen


Chad growled in the mirror, tensing his hot and steamy muscles, asserting his dominance. He put on his very best shirt; it always succeeded in picking up the hot women. Chad Kyle had not been laid in what felt like forever and Lil Cauc was gettign extremely impatient. His goal for the night: find a sexy submissive woman who does dishes, because that was like so attractive to him. He saluted to the Trump flag that he placed over the header of the bed and left with nothing but straight confidence. His goal would be achieved.
As Chaddy entered the party, he saw an array of people. He even recognised other alpha males such as him. Such as this rando hanging out near the edges of the party, who kind of looked like a btec Joey Graceffa. Chad Kyle approached this sus imposter.

“Yo, Yo. What’s up my man? What’s frickin going on my dude? What’s upppp?” He spoke in his coolest voice, super deep to assert more of his damanding dominance.

If Chad Kyle knew anything, it was that being friends with the boys was a priority. And there was only one way to do it…to reach into his SoundCloud rapper roots and rap.

“Yo, my name is chad-kyle, ay
I drive the girls wild, uh
Some times i pee my pants, ooh
My mum doesn’t love me.
What’s up dawg?”



@Ouijaloveletters Tyler


Tyler Campbell flopped down on a couch, laughing his ass off between gasps for air. Why was he running? Well, he’d just covered his twin sister in Silly String. Was she going to kill him later? Probably. Was he scared? Honestly, yes. But Mia looked like she was going through her own issues, so he relaxed. He should help her, but she looked like she could handle it. He’d keep an eye on her. He relaxed into the couch, when he heard someone come up to him. He figured it was someone he knew, so he opened his mouth to greet them, but then he realized he had no clue who this guy was, and he didn’t want to know either. “Uh…hi? How are you?” He said, sounding more like a question. Did this guy just rap about peeing his pants? Tyler could practically smell the misogyny from here. This was bad.
@Andi - Chad Kyle McMisogynist


Laurel nodded slightly as she listened to Embry’s explanation about how she liked mint juleps because they reminded her of her home in England. “That sounds like a nice reason to have that be your favorite.” Then, came Embry’s response about what type of person she was, and she turned the question back around to Laurel. “I’m an artist, and the type of person that doesn’t hold back, with anything.” At that moment, a thought went through Laurel’s mind and a slight smirk developed on her face. “Hold on a second, I’ll be right back.” Laurel stepped away from Embry and made her way through the crowd to the DJ before walking back to meet up with Embry just as a song began, specifically for a girl that loves a classic. “What can I say, I’m the type that doesn’t let a moment go to waste.” Laurel couldn’t be sure what Embry would think of Laurel having gone to the DJ for a song to be publicly done for her, but Laurel couldn’t let the idea just go by unused.

@Caticorn - Embry

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Some people look at me and think that I am different. Others see videos of me in deep meditation outside during a thunderstorm and perceive me as crazy. From afar, my lifestyle looks completely different from any other teenagers. People see my… Religion of sorts as if it were the magic that we see in literature. But the truth is… magic doesn’t work that way. Magic is all around us in recipes, poetry, and even interactions with other people. I do not work to become immune to life. I am here for a reason, and therefore I shall dance, and sing, and cry, and get ready for this party…if the signs say I should.

As of right now, Sammy’s foundation stick hasn’t fallen out of her hands drawing sigils (symbols), so she’ll take it as a green light to go. However, the famous Herawin was taking their time getting dressed. They cared alot about the way people see them, Sammy has never really understood it, but she tries not to ask too many questions. Figuring she’d have a long wait period before they’d be ready, sammy fell back onto her bed and thought about her own appearance. They don’t have a mirror to look into for that, they cause insecurity and threaten her safety during astral projection. Rather, she styled herself using intuition. Her braids were held in a half updo, she wore comfy sweatpants that made her body look more like a total drama island character and a crop top that showed up her washboard abs.

Like water, Sammy knows the past and the present, but not the future. The Blue Royalty challenge began today, and senior year was right around the corner. Everyone says they feel old, but Gar can’t get over how young she still is. She feels like she has been here centuries, 18 years could not even begin to explain the life that she has lived, the places she’s been, the people she’s met, the thoughts she has pondered.

Water. It is the only substance that every life form needs to survive. It is adaptable, ice in cold temperatures, steam when heated, and liquid in between. It has existed since the beginning of time, and it hasn’t changed since then. It holds the memories of the earth, traumas, it’s processed by different creatures and then returns to the earth. It quite literally reflects who we are, and who we have been.

Sammy’s manifestation alarm rung, and she knew she should probably check up on Hera. The girl went to check up on her sibling to see how they were doing, and the two of them ended up arguing for a decent amount of time about how Sammy may or may not have taught their 14 year old brother how to drive. Sam thought it would be good for him to take a break and explore the mountainside with her, vast forest all around them, they could roll the roof down and take in oxygen that the earth was giddy to share. They did not see it like that though, to Hera, teaching Atticus to drive is necessary, but irresponsible to do now. She has such parental energy over him, she finds their protectiveness kind of admirable in all honesty. Sammy was more of a cool aunt, showing him that she trusts him, and won’t snitch if he messes up once or twice.

Conclusively, they ended up taking an uber. It felt like they had been driving for hours when the two arrived at the modern venue. Mostly because her sibling was there. She loves them but they kill her vibe sometimes. It’s because they’re a capricorn, Garmie supposed. She however, was a pisces. Her favorite element.

The two of them waved goodbye to the driver and then looked to see that Elio from school was getting a bl0w j0b from… some girl, across the street. Sammy didn’t know this one actually. She was probably new, and most definitely bold for trying that at the first event. Either that or stupid, both were going to be fun to watch unveil. Sam simply dismissed the unpleasant sight for now and stayed on the dance floor until she saw a girl who looked like she was having a bad time and immediately walked over. “Hi!” .Sammy said, observing her body up and down. She seemed bothered more than anything. And she looked mostly unfamiliar “I’m Sammy, but you can call me whatever, what’s your name?”

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“Hi!” Mia’s head snapped up, locking eyes with a pretty girl smiling at her. She introduced herself as Sammi, and asked for her name. “I’m Mia. How are you?” She said, smiling back, all thoughts of Ari leaving her mind. She was really glad this girl was nice.
@raviola - Sammy
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Chad had always been an alpha male…and it was tough as a child. Having all the girls around him, every guy jealous of what an ABSOLUTE UNIT he was, it really was a struggle being so gosh-darn sexy and cool.
Chad-Kyle sat down aggressively on the sofa, manspreading as far as possible with his very long legs (he is 6’9). The ugly rando sat next to him was clearing inferior in status and also ugly. Chad knew from the stance of the other that he was not an epic gamer but Chaddy was also willing to help convert the weirdo to the right side of life.

“Yo, Yo. Yah man, i’m like good or whatevers, just straight up chilling, you get me bro? yuh.” He said very nonchalant just radiating coolness. Chad didn’t ask how the other was feeling because he didn’t care like at all. Like whatsoever. Chad doesn’t care about anything. He’s a bad boy.

“Yoooo, dude. Broooo. U like mad fugly as hell and shtuff dude, but like we should totally be bros.
Yuh, I’m so hot
Ayy, You’re just not
OOh, we should chill
Might steal ur girl tho lol.” Chad laughed, biting his lip seductively.




Luna got her phone, scrolling through her Spotify and looking for the right music that would fit her. She began walking in a corner, so she can be alone from others disturbance.

*thud *

Luna had hit someone, her phone falling into the ground. “No, no this can’t happen” Luna quickly rushed to check her phone, she couldn’t afford it to break. Seeing it was ok she sighed, and looked at the person she fell on. It was Athena Lee. “I’m so sorry” She apologized

@Caticorn - Athena



“Mia” Sammy smiled and thought out loud, “A pretty name, for a pretty girl.” She was truly gorgeous. This girl looked like the beach. Sand colored hair, sun kissed skin, and eyes like the caribbean. She could imagine her by the ocean, in a white dress, strong wind currents making the fabric ripple. Sammy doesn’t know her, but she remembers her, perhaps in another life, maybe she was just beautiful enough to fool her into that illusion. She looked like the girl she wanted to be when she first moved to the united states. Blonde, blue-eyed, nice body, hopefully she was happy. After time this picture perfect blonde image got annoying but Garm had to give it credit. Her beauty looked effortless.

“I’m great!” Sammy smiled, “Do you want to dance?” Sammy nodded and took her by the hand out to the dance floor and felt the music run through her veins, undoing the clip in her hair and running a hand through it before taking the girls other hand, swaying her hips with a smile. “So, how come we’ve never met before? When I walked in, I knew everyone’s name but yours.” She pondered lightheartedly. Well, that was probably a stretch. Sammy knew most people but there had to be a new kid here and there. She memorized their birthdays so she could sing the birthday song to them in the cafeteria. Cerenading the other kids in her year was kind of her thing, so soon she would have to get this girl’s birthday. To Sammy she looked like an air sign, probably a leo placement or two because of those soft feline eyes.



Mia smiled brightly when Sammy called her pretty. Wait, she wasn’t blushing, was she? Oops. “Oh, thank you! You’re pretty too. I really love your hair.” Mia smiled when Sammy asked her to dance, agreeing eagerly. “Sure! Let’s go!” She said, grabbing her hand and pulling her gently to the dance floor. This was going o be fun! Sammy asked why they’d never met before, and Mia shrugged. “I mean, Cerulean is a pretty big school. We also only came here for sophomore year, so that might have something to do with it. We came her from Australia. What about you?” Mia asked, spinning yo the music, her dress flying up around her.
@raviola - Sammy


“Alright – let’s take that one more time from the bridge James. And Tyler, for the love of all things musical, can you bring the guitar in louder this time because I’m this close to just calling Riker to get his ass down here,” Jordan added with a teasing, though slightly pointed look at the young guitarist who had just joined the studio and was still learning the ropes. The atmosphere in the studio was light – despite it being a long day already, going into the late hours of the night. Recently James Arthur had asked Jordan’s help in writing his new album, and with the recent release of Medicine, the next song to be recorded and released was “September,” and consequently, the studio wanted the recording ready in three days to show the studio heads… which meant more than a few late nights. Currently, all of the songs on this album had a touch of Jordan’s writing mixed in with James’ – however, this song was one of his favorites. Perhaps because… for Jordan, it was, in part, correlated to what he found was happening in his own life. For the first time in years – Jordan found himself… smiling again. Though, it was only a recent change due to… well… someone from his past. “Alright; 3, 2, 1. Hit it,” Jordan stated; starting the music and recording from his end in the studio.

Sometimes I get a little bit jaded
Too much pressure just to make it
You smile when I’m angry and I hate it
But I’ll still love you for the rest of my life
My crush on you has never faded
Let’s go back to bed until we break it
I’m gonna love you for the rest of my life

Working alongside the studio tech, Jordan was consumed by the music playing – his fingers automatically, through years of practice, moving towards various nobs that changed various aspects of James’ voice. Though, in all honestly, he always was inspired by his job. Dancing and music… it was intoxicating. It was his release… and at times… his outlet. Perhaps without it – he wouldn’t have gotten through the tougher aspects of his life. Moved past… Sadie… for one. Though perhaps part of him never really would get past that aspect of his life. But moving on was a part of growing up, it seemed.

Jordan Williams was brought out of his thoughts as he heard his phone ringing. Giving a nod to the tech, Jordan slipped out of the booth and into the hallway. Though… when he picked it up, he wasn’t expecting what he heard. Was he surprised? Not necessarily as this wasn’t the first time, he had received a call similar to the one he was receiving now. Was he disappointed? Perhaps – though part of him would always blame himself when his kids faltered. Though more than anything else, Jordan was worried. First and foremost; all he wanted… needed to know was that Annie was okay. That his little girl wasn’t hurt.

A soft sigh of relief left his lips when he heard she was alright and soon, after a short conversation with the officer explaining he’d be there as soon as possible; Jordan Williams told his guys that he had to slip out and walked to his car. The night air was brisk – awakening his mind more than he thought was possible… mostly because he knew he had to tell his… ex-wife. It wasn’t until he was in the car alone that he found himself looking at a contact name on his phone… Sadie Monroe.

After a few seconds, and a deep breath later, Jordan called the number; finding after a few rings that it reached her voicemail. “Hey…. Sadie,” Jordan let out after a few seconds of reeling from hearing her voice utter ”Hey you’ve reached Sadie. Sorry I wasn’t at my phone, but I’ll call back as soon as I can. Leave a message at the beep!” There was always something about hearing her… and seeing her that made Jordan’s heart skip a beat. Perhaps that would never stop. “… I just got a call from the county police department and Annie seems to have gotten herself into a little trouble… I’m headed over there right now I just… wanted to keep you updated. Call me back if you can get there – if not I can figure things out and we can talk after. I’ll… see you soon okay?"

With those words, Jordan drove to Beryl police station. It took a long conversation with the secretary – discussing what happened and how much bail would cost – and then he was just waiting. No one can truly describe the worry that accompanies being a parent. For such a long time, a person grows up only really thinking about themselves. And then… soon enough…. They have a little kid that means the world to them and all they really want is for their child to be okay in this world… for them to succeed. So no, no one could describe the relief Jordan felt when Annie came out, escorted by an officer. He immediately walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her - pulling her into a tight hug. “Are you okay?” he whispered, kissing her forehead before moving back to look at her. “Two eyes, one nose, a pair of lips, both your arms, both your legs… you’re alive… I think that’s a win? Unless you’re missing a toe or two?” Jordan joked; trying to lighten the tense mood.

“Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, what the actual heck were you thinking Annie? What happened? And don’t try to give me attitude about this, Annie. We’re talking about what happened.





Ives kept a small smile, arching his brows in delight with Clara inviting him to a coffee. He swore he could hear Lirea giggling from the future, repeatedly pushing her elbows to his side with a teasing series of her eyebrows lifting up and down. “Unless, of course, the internet says something else.” Ives laughed, shaking his head. “I think a coffee date would be better,” he said, “Internet sucks, or at least that’s what a certain someone called my niece says.”

He paused, not knowing what to say after. Perhaps he didn’t need to, but he wanted to. Covering this up with a slow sip of his drink, he thought of it. “So tomorrow morning…” he muttered, going over a flash of thoughts—he better not have something to do tomorrow, then, or at least for the morning. “Uh, 10? Or what hour do you prefer?” He wasn’t even sure if he was really supposed to ask like that, but he could making things clear anyway, hopefully.

@Caticorn || Clara Ines Weston-Lucier


“You mean… have fun without someone watching and telling you what to do? What a concept,” Lenora responded dramatically. Maybe she was also digging at herself with her response, being one of the many who let someone, as she had put it, watch and tell her what to do. Because, yes, the game was perhaps overrated and people valued the title too highly, but it didn’t stop her from wanting to compete. The status was a social construct, and that only, but maybe that made Lenora want it even more. “I’ll only believe it when I see it, Jay, so you let me know if you somehow manage to find an ounce of enjoyment at this party without it,” Lenora smiled with raised eyebrows, walking from standing beside him to being right in front of him.

As JP mentioned it, Lenora’s attention also switched to the people around them, her eyes travelling behind him to the unfamiliar faces that stood surrounding. Weirdly the people she recognised least were the ones looking over at them more, to which she had to assume they were watchers of the game. The Blue Royalty ‘audience’. That, or a second thought that crossed Lenora’s mind was that they could be helpers of the game. Blue Royalty must get their information on everyone from somewhere, maybe those around them were the game’s primary sources. Duly noted.

“Oh yeah they definitely snuck in, waiting for the show in the form of… some scandalous fight or makeout or something. Part 2 to the sh*tshow outside,” Lenora responded lightly, not needing to name who she was talking about, as well as knowing the big personalities that this senior class included bringing more of what she had mentioned. “They definitely came to the right place for that, right?”

@CerealKiller JP Medina