Blue Royalty: New Blood

What had only been just over two weeks had felt like a lifetime of Jordan being in hospital. Two weeks of not being able to see him. Two weeks of a lot of thinking. Two weeks of blurring the line between thinking and overthinking, between rational and irrational. The feeling of self-awareness had built up and become undeniable over that time. So did, though she dare not say it out loud, the worry she had been feeling. Even if he did wake up with hatred for her and a want to disown, that didn’t make Annie care- love- any less.

Another day with no update from the hospital telling her she was allowed to go in, Annie arrived at school. Like every other year, Annie was not in a particularly Valentine’s Day mood. Even less so when the sound of a simultaneous notification echoing in the hallway of a blog post from Blue Royalty. Skim-reading as she usually did, Annie made quickly made it to the end where she found her own name being dropped alongside Paige’s. Wonder what that could be about. While the first part did not come as a shock to her, Annie’s eyebrows marginally raised, almost unnoticeable to the bystanders who had read what she had and waiting on her reaction, at the mention of Anna Pierce. Annie was a Pierce. Part of the ever-growing Parker family tree that she hadn’t kept up to date on. But no, before Annie could let herself be emotionally phased by this, she looked up at the person ahead of her who had just brushed shoulders with. At something that was far more important to her than these new revelations and whatever they meant.

“Zek, wa- Ezekiel,” She called over, finally catching up and walking beside him on the drop of the full name. Annie and Ezekiel, as expected, hadn’t spoken since their… minor dispute. Several mistakes later, Annie realised this was the one she wanted- needed- to fix while she still maybe had the chance to. So how does one go about doing that? “Long time no s- no? No, I know,” Great start. “I know you don’t want to see or, like, hear from me or anything but I-” She stopped walking and hoped he would too because wow trying to seriously talk was difficult for her. Especially when she had to walk at the same time. “It’s not your fault me and my dad have- we’re not great, and getting arrested for that fire was on me, I don’t regret doing it and-” Now she was finally looking at him and not… literally anywhere else. Swallow the pride, swallow the pride, swallow the fvcking pride. “I shouldn’t have brought it up I didn’t mean it and… you were right. And maybe I definitely was not.” Ezekiel could very easily just walk away and forget this, she would probably do the same. But Annie couldn’t deny the fact that she didn’t want him to. Fvck. She really didn’t want him to.

astxrism Ezekiel Griffin


Everyone knows they are 2 type of people on valentine day. There was the lovesick and there was the hater, Tsumuji was definitely the lovesick and would be even more if she had a boyfriend, girlfriend or someone to spend it with in general. But hey as long as she could spend it with friends she didn’t really care. She had woken up after hours and hours of modeling shot excited for the day, gifts with names on them for her friends. A notif popped on her phone and she opened it, one was for the Valentine stuff she had done and the other was a blog post. Seeing the blog post, all Tsumuji could say was ‘oof’.

When she arrived at school, she saw Artemis at the entrance of the door on her phone. She looked angry, Tsumuji wondered what was wrong, with a sigh Artemis had dropped her fun and Tsumuji heard a sound that sounded like ‘fcking piece of sh!t’ And so the ever curious Tsumuji approached her- she needed to give Artemis her valentine’s gift anyways. "Hey Arty Tsumuji greeted with a small smile. She bent down going through her things when she arrived at a gift, ‘yess’ that was the one for Artemis and Tsumuji knew that well because it had Artemis name on it lol. “For you.” She handed her the gift that was decorated in flowers,particularly roses, because it was Valentine and Tsumuji connected roses with love and teddy bears with chocolate emojis.

“Arty… so on the phone who were you talking to exactly?”

@Ouijaloveletters - Artemis


Artimis Astor was absolutely p!ssed. Why? Well, her @sshole of a cousin, that’s why. He’d called her just to taunt her on Valentines Day. Yep. He’d really gone that low. She stalked to the school’s entrance, dropping her phone. A voice piped up behind her, and Artemis spun around, nearly punching the person in the face. She realized it was Tsumuji, and she quickly lowered her fist. Arti sighed, smiling at Tsumuji. “Hey, Tsu. Oh, thanks. I really appreciate it.” Arti opened the gift, smiling. “Oh, thanks. Always loved anything from Hot Topic. I got something for you too.” Artemis handed her a small package, wrapped in iridescent paper. It was an aquamarine bracelet, the March birthstone. “I was talking to Hades. He called me. Stupid idiot.”
@Kristi - Tsumuji


It was early, far too early for anyone to be awake. Somewhere between two and three o’clock in the morning, Eddie wasn’t sure. It wasn’t even the first time Eddie had woken up that night, and he had already been laying there awake for what felt like hours. There was a part of him that more than anything wanted to fall back asleep, but there was another part that knew even if he could he’d rather not. Though, he soon pulled himself out of bed as he heard someone else awake, and as he reached the kitchen he found his oldest sister, Cassidy. “What are you doing up?” he asked her. “That’s what I should be asking you.” she responded with as she turned to him with a knowing look. “Couldn’t sleep.”

“Nightmares again?” Eddie couldn’t stop his gaze from traveling to the floor, knowing how well his big sister knew him. “No, its fine. I just couldn’t sleep. And you didn’t answer me” Eddie didn’t want to be a burden on any of his sisters, or his mother. He knew he already had been for so long, but they didn’t need that pressure. Especially not Cassidy. She was about to move into a new house and had her own family to take care of. She didn’t need to be worrying about her little brother. “I was up with the baby and came to get some water before I go back to bed.” Ah that’s right, as of about a week earlier, Eddie was now an uncle to an adorable baby nephew. Which was just another reason why he wanted his sister to not worry about him, but she still walked over to Eddie and pulled him into a hug. “Is there anything I can do?” Though Eddie hugged her, he simply shook his head. “I’m fine sis. Don’t worry about me. Go be with your family” Eddie said, the look in his eyes begging her to believe that he was just fine and didn’t need her. In response, she nodded, stepping away to go back to bed herself, but pausing in the doorway. “Just try to get some sleep, please. And know I’m always here.”

“Night, Cassidy” was all Eddie said, knowing that with the way he had been before seeing her in the kitchen, trying to sleep was of no use. Instead of going back to his room and laying in bed for who knows how long, he started off by editing and polishing some of his video clips, but then turned to just watching some of his videos, and eventually more videos he had found from when he was younger, before he left London. That continued for the rest of the night, all the way until the morning when it was time for school. Once again, Eddie was going to school on almost no sleep, but all he could do was walk into school just like any other day.

Of course, at Cerulean high, it wasn’t simply just another day. It was Valentine’s Day, the halls were filled with reds and pinks, everyone was talking either about their Valentine’s lists, or who was asking who to prom. Before that point, Eddie honestly hadn’t even thought about the fact that prom was coming up fairly soon. He took a glance at the list he had been sent that morning, there were the names of a few girls he didn’t exactly know, and Amelia, which was just not something Eddie really wanted to think about. She was more like family to him, not a potential love interest like the Valentine lists would want to believe. With that, Eddie put his phone back into his pocket. If there was a chance of him going to senior prom with a date, like he knew his mom and older sisters would hope for, that list was not the place to start. Maybe there would be someone else, but people weren’t exactly lining up to go out with the shy camera geek who most people in the school didn’t even know existed. For a moment, Eddie was stuck in thought, that combined with exhaustion meant that he wasn’t entirely aware of his surroundings. He rubbed his eyes as he walked, and when he looked in front of him again, he barely had a chance to stop and not run into a girl. He didn’t actually run into her, but the slight squeak of his shoes against the floor would’ve been enough for her to know that he had stopped suddenly. Though, this wasn’t just any girl, it was someone Eddie actually knew and was more comfortable around than he was with most people, Florence. He gave an apologetic smile. ”Hey Florence… I guess I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking, sorry…”

@CerealKiller - Florence


You know what the best day is? Valentines day! And you can’t fight Zek on that. If you ask him everyday should be Valentines day and spreading love day but let’s skip the details… Even if he had no one in particular he could make happy happy today he was still excited and that didn’t mean he couldn’t do little something something for his friends… He will! Just let him think about it! Flowers are a little too overrated but maybe his friends love flowers… This is hard…. So complicated. He should also do something about his perfect match according to Oh My Dollar Valentine, but abouttttt thaaaaaat… Was he a little surprised to find out who it was? Yes and no, I mean, it made sense but it wasn’t something he ever thought about. That didn’t matter now because he wasn’t speaking to Annie. Life was just a little hectic… don’t blame him. And after what happened the last time he tried to help, he didn’t really know what to do. Fighting more was not something he wanted and getting an apology wasn’t something he thought he would get from Annie so he just… Let her cool off… And did absolutely nothing else about it so sure, maybe it was also his fault for the lack of basic human interactions over the last two months. Plus what happened to her and her dad was another thing he didn’t know how to approach… Of course he knows what happened, doesn’t everyone?

Back to this very important and cute day - if it wasn’t for another text from you know who, Zek would be walking into school with the biggest grin on his face. How do you not feel happy when you see the whole school filled with heart shaped balloons and confetti? No, it was not too pink, JUST ENJOY THE DAY. Well… that’s how he would’ve felt if he wasn’t staring at yet another blog post. The most surprising one so far and the only one he had a hard time believing in. Mason and Elio? Yeah sure… Annie and Paige being sister? Yeah sure… Okay, maybe it wasn’t that hard to believe in that. Plus he had no idea who this Anna person is… Anna and Annie, how adorable. Aw. But not everything was aw. A small frown appeared on his lips when he read about Clara and Embry… Man, that’s bad… Remind him to find them later and give them a big hug and whatever he comes up with as a little gift. If only it was that simple with - with the person calling his name.

Zek was too focused on what he was reading to notice Annie walking next to him. A lot was happening in his head so excuse him for being a little confused to find her there. He was about to say something, a simple hi when she stopped walking and… Was she… Apologizing? Okay, this is… Great. Look, Zek didn’t really need an apology or her to say how sorry she was… He really didn’t need that. It was his fault he always liked to point out what people did wrong and that got them into this, if anything he should be the one saying all these things but can he just appreciate this moment? It’s now or never… This probably won’t happen ever again… Sorry, Annie but you do agree, right? So stopping when she did, he finally turned to face her just letting her talk without an expression on his face or anything that could show how he was feeling. And how was he feeling? Super happy. Look, they were talking again! So when she was done, Zek finally smiled and pulled her in for a tight hug. He likes hugs, okay?

”Hey, no… We were both wrong,“ whispering as he pulled back, he let his hands slide down her arms as a little reassuring move. ”I shouldn’t have questioned what you were doing when I don’t know what’s happening. And… don’t say that,“ referring to the whole I know you don’t want to see me or talk to me moment, he shook his head before a playful smile appeared on his lips. ”Or maybe you’re right and the only thing I wanted was to hear you say you’re wrong… That was greattt… No! Sorry… I really wanted to reach out and see how you’re doing since…“ time to be serious again. How does one approach this topic? Or maybe he shouldn’t mention Jordan right now… No, he should, she needs to know there is someone she could always talk to even if things weren’t that great for a while. ”And… I’m glad you’re not dead.“ Maybe dying was something he shouldn’t mention.

@novella - Annie

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Who are these people on Phoebe’s Valentines list? They must’ve got it wrong because a. she didn’t know most of them and b. Quinn was on there. Quinn her second match… Yeah, see? Something terribly wrong with the list. Unfortunately, Valentines and love was not something Phoebe had time to think about now because a lot was happening in her private life… or not so private. Amelia was still being stupid. Lexie was still in the fcking hospital and her parents…Well, one good thing came out of that whole mess - they were talking. Or it seemed like they were. Lexie’s life was in danger of course they had to talk… Can things go back to the way they were before last summer? No? Ah… Well, Phoebe will try asking that every day and maybe her wish would come true. One could only hope.

So leaving the unusually quiet house, there was a pro to Amelia being gone - Phoebe didn’t have to wait for her in the morning and depend on her. She could just leave whenever she wanted… She could even skip school which was something she was thinking about this morning when she read the text she received from BR. There were some things she told herself she would never do and she was planning to stick to that, since she’s not a fcking monster but not everything can be so simple, can it? And this was a lose-lose situation. Be a btch or hurt the people you love? Doesn’t everyone already think she’s a btch? What difference would anything she does make? With that thought, she left to go to school, a bad gut feeling in the pit of her stomach.

At least something interesting happened next and this time she wasn’t the one getting all the attention, which usually she wanted. So… Annie is a Pierce? Uhm… That’s… Okay? Not really great but good for her to find out the truth. What really surprised her was the whole truth. Anna? As in… Anna? Jessica’s sister? That’s… Who is the dad then? Wait… Okay, this was confusing, moving on… Or it’s better not to move on because Phoebe wasn’t expecting Mason to be in looooove with her crush. Wtf? Another reason to dislike the guy - check. Or… admire him. Wasn’t Phoebe doing the same thing not so long ago? Dating someone else and trying to befriend Sienna so she could be closer to Elio? For her that didn’t work out so don’t get your hopes up, Mason. Getting out of the car and putting her phone away, she spotted her good old friend and quickly ran up to him to stop him from walking in. ”Montoya,” with a cheeky smile she stopped right in front of him, holding her hands up to stop him from bumping into her. Ah… Raph. What a great guy he is, right? Right. The only normal person in this school these days. ”Did you know about Annie and Paige? ORRR… Or Mason? Elio, really? Who tf likes Elio? Like… Really? I always knew there was something wrong with Mason. And Finley… Maybe he is your real brother-” Opps. That whole time she had a playful look on her face since gossiping was her favorite activity but that last part… Yeah, she shouldn’t have said that. Immediately she shut her mouth, a slight frown forming on her lips. ”Sorry. But… I mean… It’s still an option. Doesn’t mean Ricky isn’t…” Shut up. ”I… How are you? With that whole situation? I can see he is being a little… Irrational.”

@CerealKiller - Raph


It’s quite funny, actually, that in all the time Daiane had spent fantasizing about Valentine’s, she’d never once thought of the possibility of the day being ruined by a Blue Royalty post. And yet, that’s exactly what transpired. Although this wasn’t something Daiane even knew until after she was dressed and ready—her outfit boasting the reds of Valentine’s—when she’d glanced at her phone in proper. Her previously sunny mood plummeted as she read the post, her eyes closing as she remembered the tasks in question that were maybe definitely completed that night. F*ck.

There was no question in her mind that Embry had seen the post, the question instead was how much damage had it done. And, almost as important, was it really necessary for her to go into school that day? Maybe this whole day (and, specifically, her inevitable tense talk with Embry) could be postponed to a later date, as in, maybe, never? But that was impossible, and so Daiane found herself driving herself to school as normal (though it was everything but), all the while as she felt how every fibre of her body was urging her to run.

As Daiane stepped into the school, she could feel herself aching with trepidation. She could feel her body counting down the seconds, but she wasn’t aware of the seconds still left to go, only the increasing anxiety. At her locker, it was as if time had slowed down—she saw herself putting her belongings away, but she felt as if she was moving in slow-motion, only dimly aware of her actions. The fog in her mind was interrupted by the accusatory siren of Embry’s voice, a sound she never thought that she’d feel so much dread upon hearing.

Daiane turned to face her, shaking her head before she was even looking at her full on. “Of course it wasn’t!” She responded immediately, a defensive edge heard in her voice. A part of her was a bit hurt that Embry really thought that their relationship had restarted only because Dai wanted the points, but the larger part was upset with herself for making Embry feel that way. Her face was tight with emotion but she maintained eye contact with Embry, wanting her to see the sincerity of her words. “No–I–god no, it wasn’t—I know it looks bad, but Bee, everything I said then was because I meant it, not because I wanted points.” She paused, exhaling slowly. “I… did… get tasks related to… that… but I didn’t lie or fake anything for the points, I promise. It was real, all of this is real, and this—us—it’s about the realest and best thing I’ve got going on right now.” Daiane took a step closer to Embry, her voice dropping in volume. “Embry, please, can we talk about this?”

@Caticorn :broken_heart: x2


xavier pestana

“You two seriously couldn’t wait until I left?” Xavier quipped as he came into the kitchen to find his parents in each other’s arms, being overly affectionate for the time of morning. “Want to say that again?” His dama challenged in a playful tone that still let him know he should watch what he says next. “Nah, I think I’m good. I have to pick up Athena anyways.” He said as he turned around, heading towards the front door. “Oh! Good luck with that boy!” This made him quickly do a 180, giving his mom a theatrical look of betrayal. “Mom! You said you wouldn’t tell them!” His mom snickered, covering her mouth with her hand. “Xavier, let’s be honest here. When have I ever hidden anything from your dama?” She responded, smirking. Damn it. He thought to himself, knowing that she was right. “Whatever. I’ll see you later.” He said, jogging to the door and leaving before either of his parents could say anything else.

He got in his car and drove to Athena’s house, texting them once he was waiting outside for them. Now, when it came to Valentine’s Day, Xavier and Athena couldn’t be more different. Xavier thought that the holiday was romantic and fun whereas Athena thought it was better to pretend it didn’t exist. “I hate it when my dad and Chris are all lovey-dovey with each other.” They said as they sat down, adding an exaggerated shudder, just for good measure, making Xavier laugh. “Just because you don’t believe in love doesn’t mean that nobody else can.” He teased them as he drove towards the school. "If it makes you feel any better, my parents were the same when I got downstairs this morning.”

Now, Xavier’s actual plan for the day began as soon as he entered the school and began searching for Reuben. He and Reuben were on the soccer team together but he had recently developed feelings for him and what better day than Valentine’s Day to confess those feelings? When he finally found him, he approached him with a smile, hoping to hide the fact that he was terrified. “Hey, Reuben!” He greeted him, fighting the very persistent urge to start his usual habit of playing with the cuff of his sleeve. “Can I, um, can I talk to you?”

@raviola - Reuben


Leah Adams actually liked Valentines Day, much to the annoyance of her parents. They thought the holiday was stupid, as was the deal with most things Leah liked. She had sent in her Oh My Dollar Valentines Day thing, and due to either bravery or stupidity, she told the truth as to her gender preferences. Now to work up the courage to approach her first match. Hah, like that would happen. Leah knew Diane already had a girlfriend, but that was fine. She never had a shot anyway. Okay…maybe number two? Nope. Leah wasn’t doing this. She was a coward, and she knew it. She didn’t even know Kathrine. She couldn’t just walk up to her and be like “Hey. You’re on my list.” She headed into school, feeling rather nauseous. Part of her hoped someone would approach her, but she knew there was a slim chance of that.

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niko tanaka

Even though they had never been in a proper relationship, Niko loved the idea of Valentine’s Day.
The release of the Valentines list made them feel somewhat hopeful for this year. They also enjoyed the fact that they could tease their brother about his mystery girlfriend, whose name he still refused to tell them, especially after he’d made them stop on their way to school so that he could pick up a bouquet of red roses for her. “Koibito to tanoshiku sugosu.” They teased as they pulled into the car and he got out. “Omae nanka kiraida.” He responded, biting back a smile, before closing the door and leaving them to walk into the school alone.

Eventually, Niko found themself in the library. They sat down at a table and opened up their laptop to continue working on an essay for their English class. After several minutes, they stopped, running their hands through their hair in frustration. Even though they’d only ever done school in English, they had never been good at spelling. Their mind was more geared towards Japanese and English had way too many silent letters and weird letter combinations. They were in the process of closing their laptop to give themself a break when out of the corner of their eye, they saw someone sit down in the seat next to them. They turned their head towards Hyun-Ae sat down next to them, smiling. “Hyun-Ae, hi!” They greeted her, taking the package from her hands when they handed it to them. Upon opening it, they discovered it was a book, written by one of their favourite authors. “This is actually one of my favourite authors. Thank you.” They told her with a smile. “You look really pretty today, by the way.”

@Ouijaloveletters - Hyun-Ae


Koibito to tonoshiku sugosu - Have fun with your girlfriend
Omae nanka kiraida - I hate you


Wow, Hyun-Ae lucked out with that gift. “Oh, I’m glad. I wasn’t sure if you’d like it. I like that author too, so I kind of just bought a book that I knew was good, hoping you’d like it.” She said, smiling. Niko complimented her, and Hyun-Ae’s cheeks turned pink. She wasn’t used to compliments. “Thank you. You too. I don’t get many compliments. My parents are distant, but they check up on me every once in a while. Both are busy today, though.”
@Caticorn - Niko

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Let’s just say his day wasn’t going as well as it could, and valentines was usually a pretty chill day, he actually liked it, but not this time, thanks to blue royalty who just had to ruin it didn’t they? One of his tasks was somewhat doable, but the other one… not so much. I mean it was, but he wasn’t really rushed to do it, for personal reasons. But now… we’ll it’s better than the other option. But let me just tell you on this happy day, he was not happy.

”Phoebe gosh where’d you come from” he said in surprise as the girl appeared in from of him out of nowhere, asking a bunch of questions related to the hot news of the day ”Mason and Elio was probably the most shocking one” he said and went lowkey silent as she mentioned Ricky and fin and the possibility of being his actual brother ”no it’s okay” he said reassuring her and lowkey just stopping her from talking about it, and then as she asked how he was and all, he didn’t really know what to say, because he wasn’t okay. ”Just a little irrational?” he raised his brow ”he’s driving me nuts I swear. I don’t know tho, everything is just… kind of a lot happening and it’s not really fun tbh” he said with a shrug looking away for a moment as he spotted his sister walking into the school as well and passing by and away ”what about you? I mean, is amie still… you know” he asked, looking back at the girl



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Embry kept her arms crossed as Daiane protested her accusation. She looked her in the eyes, but as her girlfriend continued, the emotion behind her eyes shifted from one of hurt to one of anger. “Right, so the points were just a little encouragement.” She responded sarcastically, rolling her eyes as she tried to convince her that she hadn’t been lying all those months ago. “You did lie to me, Daiane. You’ve been lying to me since Halloween!” She raised her voice, having lost all rational control over her volume.

“How am I supposed to believe that any of this was real when everything that happened on Halloween wasn’t?” She asked, no longer able to make eye contact with her. “Would you-” She stopped, taking in a shaky breath as she prepared herself for what she was about to ask next. “Would you even have done any of that if there weren’t points on the line?” The question had come from the deepest, darkest part of her mind but once it had surfaced, she had to have an answer, even if she wouldn’t like it.

“Embry, please, can we talk about this?”

“Talk about what?” She demanded, her hands unfolding and falling to the sides of her body. Simply ‘talking about this’ was no longer something that was possible but at this point she wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t, even in this conversation. “About how you expect me to believe that you got a task to kiss me and it’s just a coincidence that we kissed that night? That you weren’t completely manipulating me?” She looked, re-establishing eye contact so that Daiane could see her facial expressions.

@unsungcheerio - Daiane


Clara woke up on Valentine’s Day, not feeling the romance of the holiday. A few months ago, she would’ve told you that she was looking forward to spending it with her boyfriend, but after several months of not hearing from him, she’d reached her limit. She opened her phone to send a message that weighed down on her shoulders but that she knew she had to send.

To: Ives :heart:
I’m sorry, but I can’t do this anymore. I needed you and you were nowhere to be found. We’re done.

She sighed as she hit send, officially ending her relationship with Ives. The worst part was, she didn’t feel any different. They’d been together for almost six months at this point and yet ending the relationship didn’t make her sad or angry or anything. Literally, all she had to do was hit send and that was it. Was it maybe a little harsh to do it over text? Maybe, but after hearing nothing from him for months, she felt it was deserved. She got out of bed and got ready for school, driving herself there on her own.

However, walking into the school immediately lifted her spirits as she felt the essence of the day finally hit her and she smiled. She went to her locker, her smile turning melancholic as she saw the pictures of her and Ives that she’d put up on the door. No point in keeping them up anymore. She was in the middle of taking the pictures down when she felt someone tap her shoulder. Setting the pictures she’d already removed down on the shelf, she turned around to see Sienna Esposito. “Sienna, hi!” She greeted her, her smile becoming cheerful once again.

@Madilnel - Sienna

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Valentine’s day overall was a dumb holiday, well dumber this year at least. In past years, the past three at least, he knew he would have a night planned with his favorite girl but seeing as he hadn’t talked to her in four months, that was clearly not on his list of events for February 14th. That on top of being mentioned on the blog post yet again and Julian running his mouth in the comments like always. Oh, and let’s not forget the girl who was the center of his past valentine’s day was also the number one spot on his Valentines list. Why did he even decide to get the list again? He slightly relieved when it was her name as number one, he didn’t want anyone else in that place. He was so sure she would be that spot too, that he didn’t even pay for any the top five option.

Back to being on the blog post again though. Stupid Mason. What is he after? First cheating on his sister, now this. Elio hadn’t talked to his sister about the situation, and he knew better to bring it up. She pretended she didn’t see the posts or comments and spent her time outside of school traveling back and forth from New York for things like fashion week or meetings with designers. It kept her mind off things and Elio thought she was taking it all well, way more mature than he would. Elio was happy with the ending of Mason and Sienna. Elio never liked him and always knew there was something off about him. I mean what guy kisses his girlfriend’s brother. That’s just a whole other level of messed up. Now though, everyone knew about that.

Do people really think Elio kissed him back? Never once, did Elio ever want to kiss Mason or for that matter a guy. I mean it’s one thing to be into that, but he isn’t and definektly did not consent to a kiss, under the influence of alcohol or not. But now at football practice, surrounded by people who were whispering about the news of the kiss and Elio’s anger which he couldn’t seem to control lately, he wanted to confront Mason. He took off his helmet as everyone started walking off the field and towards the locker rooms. He was staring at the back of Masons head when he shoved him forward. Seriously man? He said with a roll of his eyes.
First you cheat on my sister and now you tell everyone about kissing me?
He laughed a little as he walked next to Mason now. He spoke loudly enough that other guys on the team were turning around to listen in. Can you get clout from any other families or is mine just on your hit list?


Tsumuji’s eyes widened when Artemis said she got something for her too. Really, she didn’t expect a gift from her or any of her friends. It’s not like she told them they were exchanging gifts or during valetine they should give each other gifts, Tsumuji just liked giving. She was fond of giving during events like valentine, Christmas and etc… Particularly because she loved the happy and surprised looks of people. Anyways, back to the real world. Artemis handed her a small package, wrapped in iridescent paper. “Oh?” It was an aquamarine bracelet, from what she remembered it was the March birthstone- right? Tsumuji didn’t know, all the zodiac, mbti personality and birth stone stuff always confused her. A smile spread to her lips as she wore the bracelet, “I love it!” She said as she examined the bracelet, "Where did you get it? " She asked in a childlike adoration.

Tsumuji didn’t get Artemis and Hades or Eryx as he now likes to be called hatred towards each other, which was more on Eryx part. Eryx has been civil to her ever since they met, and he was also pretty nice like pretty and nice. But from what she has heard from Artemis, Eryx was a monster. And well he did try to kill one of his cousins so yeah, that was something, but she didn’t believe he was like an evil overload like Voldemort or something. She sighed, “Why does he hate you that much?”


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Valentine’s day was a pretty dumb holiday, it was a holiday for celebrating romantic love friendship and adoration and blah blah… but can’t you celebrate it any day? Did people really need a day in order to show their significant other or friend that they love them? Also, seeing people snogging everywhere she went was getting kind of annoying. Sigh ok she was being petty, she didn’t really mean all this. She loved valentine, and especially when couples came together and be all cute, she was just hurt about the events that happened months ago or so, where she had embarrassed herself completely and asked Elijah to be her prom date. She had managed to avoid him for a while, it was surprisingly easily to do so and Luna didn’t know whether to be happy or disappointed by that fact. Happy because she has done what she wanted to do and sad because well, he didn’t try to reach her, but she chose the neutral approach. It was the smarter approach after all.

Carrying loads and Luna meant loads of books in her hand she made her way to the entrance of the school. As expected, the school was decorated with valentine day items. Heart shaped materials and other things that just screamed love, valentine and ‘lmao you better get a date to the prom soon loser, it’s valentine’s day hope some cupid sparkle falls on you’ or something like that. It looked pretty though, Luna thought with a smile. As she was about to opened the door, she clashed into a hard surface, knocking all her books down. She gasped as she gathered them, bending down to pick them up and turned to her victim. “I-i’m so s-sorry- Athena.” Luna’s eyes widened seeing who it was.

Athena wasn’t necessarily her friend, more like someone she talks to when their not feeling the need to be reserved cold and quiet. But, “It’s been… uh l-long seen we’ve s-seen each other… small world huh?” She let out an awkward chuckle.



That day with Luna really got Elijah thinking about prom more and more when it wasn’t on his mind at all before. For now, Valentine’s was here. He was definitely a romantic person but he always found himself being too lazy to buy gifts, or giving people gifts and getting something back that wasn’t like anything he would like or care about. This Valentine’s day, he thought about two people who were the only people who he would consider giving romantic gifts to but they weren’t even on his list. Even though he and Richard weren’t dating or anything he always felt a spark with him every time he came around. Plus he was very good looking. I mean that’s a plus in his book. But he found himself being shy and after constant going back and forth in his head he decided to leave a gift in his desk…that’s how you do it right? Its been a while since he’s done this. Then, he remembered he had to help put “special” Valentine’s brownies on each persons desk before class started, sweep the floors and reorganize books because he was on punishment for something. Not a surprise there.

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Tsumuji asked where Artemis got the bracelet, and she had to think. “I’m pretty sure that I found it on Etsy. There were earnings too, but I just thought you’d like the bracelet. I’m really glad you like it. It’s not only your birthstone, but it’s just plain pretty. My birthstone is emerald. That’s May’s birthstone.” Artemis shook her head when Tsumuji asked why Hades hated her so much. “I really have no idea. He’s just weird. He used to be perfectly nice to me, but one day, he just started hating me.”
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“Well, it’s perfect. Really.” They told her as they set the book down in their lap, looking down at it before looking back up at the girl, a small laugh escaping their lips as they saw her blushing in response to their compliment. “Wait, seriously?” They reacted, kind of shocked at what she said about not getting many compliments. There was no doubt that Hyun-Ae was a very pretty girl and they assumed that people must tell her so all the time. They nodded as she told them about her parents. “What do your parents do?” They asked her, curious. “If you’re comfortable saying.” They quickly added, knowing their own reluctance towards sharing that kind of information, they didn’t want her to feel pressured into telling them anything.

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