Blue Royalty: New Blood



Agony is all Victoria felt as she woke up from her bed with a massive headache. Who knew finally watching a sports game after the many trials of conviction from Cami would get her hot girl wasted? She didn’t, that’s for sure. It was unlike her to get wasted randomly, but responsibly at home with a friend? Yeah, that’s all her. It was considered an adventure; and after all, she loved those. Thankfully, Vic was indeed a morning person — no matter her condition. She smiled lightly as she rubbed her eyes, opening them fully as the sunlight burned her vision. “So, it’s one of those days, eh?” She muttered — Hungarian accent shining through. Victoria noticed her bestie, Cami, Sprawled out on the corner of her bed, totally knocked out. Jesus, sports and cupcakes really turned into something wild, didn’t it? Not as wild as other things… But well enough.

Victoria got up, standing in front of the mirror in front of her bed. “Who’s shirt is this…?” She muttered, lifting up her arm to show an oversized dress shirt — most likely from a male. No she didn’t… She gasped, quickly checking if she was wearing anything underneath. Her fingertips hastily felt the lining of her shorts still intact. She let out a breath of relief. Phew. No messy hookups today, no-no. That wasn’t her style. But how in the h*ll was she wearing some random man’s shirt? She walked over to Camilina and shook her, trying to quickly wake her friend without hurting her head.

“Cami–“ She whispered. “Wake up, lady.”

She watched as her eyes fluttered open and quickly brought her finger to her own lips, making the shushing face. “I think we have an intruder,” She whispered, going towards one of the closest things she could find that resembled a weapon. A vase. Yes, this girl picked up a vase out of all of the things in her room. She leaned against the wall and slowly opened the door. The handle creaked lightly, but she was careful not to be too loud. God, where was her taser? The kitchen? Lord knew. She tip-toed, hoping Cami would follow with a weapon in pursuit and made her way slowly to the scene of the crime. The living room, which was next to the kitchen.

She then stumbled into the living room, noticing a half-naked man laying down on her sofa. She looked to Cami and instantly said. “Why is there a half-naked man on my sofa?” She muttered, trying to recall last nights events.

She heard a grumble and quickly went towards the couch with her weapon — well vase, raised and ready to attack. The man shot up yelling, causing the girls to scream as well. Victoria closing her eyes as she held the vase in front of her. “Woah woah woah! Why are you trying to attack me, girls?!” He said, worried and probably scared sh*tless just as the other girls were.

Vic raised her brow. “Who the h*ell are you?!”

“I’m- I’m jack!! Don’t hit me,”

“Who?” She looked to Cami for any clue whatsoever to whom this was. Jack? Who in the world was Jack? “I’m Jack, your neighbor Jack? I just moved in last week and you invited me over for… cupcakes, alcohol, and sports…” He recalled, listing the three contents of yesterday night on his fingers. The girls were as confused as he was. Victoria looked around, seeing everything was pretty clean, surprisingly.

“Okay, jack… Get the h*ll out, please,” She said, adding the please with a bright smile. Almost as if she were the sweetest thing on the planet, even though she was commanding him to leave. She had that kind of power. Use a command and add a cute little manner and they just listened. No one in the male department has let her down to this day. She just hoped he wasn’t some paparazzi guy trying to get her tricked into some washed up fake news. Not the time for that, thank youu.

She watched as he left and looked to Cami with a fit of laughter. “What the h*ll?” She said, shaking her head lightly as she cleaned up a few things from the coffee table.

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Senior year. After five years of living in Beryl Heights, going to school with the rest of the class of 2040, it was finally the beginning of senior year. In a matter of months, high school would be over and everyone would go on to make their lives their own. Though, life after high school wasn’t the focus on the mind of many of Logan’s classmates. For Cerulean High, senior year was all about this game called Blue Royalty. It was a game that seemed to thrive in secrets and lies to bring a mere few seniors an easy ticket to success and a well known reputation. For Logan, the lies and deceit of the game certainly weren’t her cup of tea to begin with, and the idea of using a stupid game to win a future of success and luxury certainly did not make the idea any more appealing. Logan was competitive, but that type of a competition wasn’t for her. She’d rather keep football as the major competition for her senior year, then forge her own success, and not have it handed to her on a silver platter like her classmates. Now with first day of classes fast approaching, the vast majority of the senior class would be attending a party. Logan, she wasn’t normally one to attend these events, but she had the night free, so she figured she would go for it and start off the year with everyone else. At that, she left Enrique’s place and made her way to the Rockefeller place. When she got out of her car at, she walked inside with her hands in her pockets, looking at the extravagance of the party, not exactly to her taste, but who knew what was waiting in store, not just for the party, but the entirety of senior year to come.


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Laurel stood at her bathroom mirror, following her typical routine after a shower, carefully replacing her contacts and making sure her hearing aid was actually working. With quickly blow drying her hair and getting ready for the party that she would be heading to in just a short while. She glanced at her phone, seeing that she still had extra time, turned up the volume on the music she had playing then glanced at the most recent art project she had been working on earlier before turning to her computer. After a short while, Laurel’s attention was finally pulled from the computer to a notification on her phone. There they were, the first tasks from Blue Royalty for her senior year of high school. As she was reading them, she didn’t even notice someone step just inside her doorway. “What’s that smirk all about?” At the sound of her voice, Laurel turned down the music volume and looked to the doorway. “Oh, mom, I didn’t see you there.” Laurel said as she closed the computer and turned in her chair to fully face her. “Its my first tasks, so senior year has officially started.” Laurel could see a soft smile on her mom’s face as she stepped closer. “Laurel, remember you don’t have to do those if you don’t want to. Winning isn’t everything.” Laurel simply gave a slight shrug in response. “Yeah mom, I know. You thought you had to win your senior year, but you and uncle Dan didn’t need to. If I don’t win its not the end of the world.” It was at that point, that Laurel felt her mother’s arms around her. “You’re a senior now… It feels like just yesterday that you were just a little girl. You’re growing up too fast on me. I love you.” Laurel returned the hug with an “I love you too, mom.” Her relationship with her mom certainly had its ups and downs, and in certain ways her mom was a complete mess, but in others, Jezebel did things right, so Laurel never had to question if her mom loved her. Laurel paused for just a second to check the time again, before bringing her gaze back to meet Jezebel’s somewhat tear filled eyes. “I know you want me to just stay here and be your little girl, but I better get going now so I can make it to the party.”

After a few more minutes, Laurel was off to the Rockefeller house, a place that held more meaning for her than most of her classmates. It had been 20 years, give or take a couple of days, since the class of 2020 had entered that same house for the party to begin their senior year. It was the place where Jezebel Sloane first spoke to Mikel Lucas, the place where they first kissed. Because of that day 20 years earlier, her parents started talking to each other, and months later Jezebel was pregnant with Laurel. That house was where her parents’ story, however short lived and problematic it was, began nearly 20 years to the day earlier, which meant in a way, it was where her story began as well. Now at 19 years old, it was Laurel’s turn.


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Luck is a woman in gold; beautiful and fair, with a smile like stars seeping through the cracks of corruption. Many watch as she gambles away her breaths in the form of currency, breaching the jackpot.
Luck is mankind’s alibi, but she does not play in Charlotte Bekker’s favour on the 10th of September, as the black car with tinted windows pulls up at the Rockefeller Residence.

Charlie had always adapted well to new surroundings, making friends and talking to strangers was an average pass-time and now, Charlotte was surrounded by people who she didn’t even know. No more sh*tty Dad, no more annoying sister, only freedom.

Exiting the car, she slammed the door behind her, not thanking the driver on her way out. He worked for her Dad anyway and was probably going to just relay her every action back to the snobby man. She had only one rule for the night: to not leave without making a friend. This would be the perfect time for social interaction and putting her best skill to use.

Charlotte entered the party, pushing through the many people in order to reach the drinks table but she was not alone. Their arms are covered with tattoos which make her few look inferior. She looked about 5’6, making Charlie maybe an inch taller too. Charlotte had met many strangers, and this one was HOT. Secretly, she thanked the universe for wearing her short, black, sequin dress that barely covered her bum.

“Hi.” A simple introduction. “I really like your tattoos. They’re really radiating ‘bad boy mafia leader’ on wattpad, and I live for it.”

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Satan in a bikini. Trust me, Phoebe would much rather prefer seeing that than what she actually did. Just anything other than that. Don’t get me wrong, she was no stranger to such things and it wasn’t that big of a deal it was just the people participating. Pierce. Her aunties sister. How… no, why are Paige and Jessica related? And shouldn’t she like her because of that? Short answer - no. She was giving Phoebe no reasons to like her and this… only made Phoebe more annoyed. ”I can’t believe you’re asking me for details. Can’t you see I’m in pain just thinking about it?” Playfully pushing away his hands as he tried to hide her little charade, what a good friend should probably do in this situation, she giggled and shook her head, not revealing anything else. Just how scarred she was.

Was there a reason for her not to say anything? Well, yes and no. There were many things she shared with Adlai, one maybe being a little confession of how cute she thought Elio was so maybe she didn’t want to say it aloud and remind herself she was being stupid. Stupid because in a way she was chasing something, someone who didn’t want anything to do with her? Or she was just being a decent person for once and wanted to think about it first before she ruined Elio’s relationship with Lenora… but wasn’t that the whole point? She despised Lenora. It was a perfect opportunity… Hard decision to make. But even if she did tell him it wouldn’t make much difference, who knows what Aj might do with that information she just knew he wouldn’t do anything to put her in a bad situation. So at first Phoebe ignored his curiosity and slightly smirked at him mentioning this year was going to be wild. It was going to be wild. She’ll make it wild for herself at least. ”I can see you trying so hard. I’ve never seen you in black, you should wear it more often,” matching his energy, she sweetly smiled at him bringing her hand up to fix his chains before chuckling at him telling her to do a little spin. ”I don’t want to… but if you insist…” She jokingly started, spinning slowly in between her words, really trying to show off.

”Okay, listen,” resting her elbows on the bar, Phoebe leaned in closer to Aj as if she was going to tell him the biggest secret. ”Right outside. Literally right outside there was a car and I casually looked at it. Just, you know… casually. That’s when I noticed a guy… Now who was this guy? Oh boy…” A loud sigh leaving her lips, making the story unnecessarily long which might’ve been mistake because she soon heard a voice coming from the side. She soon saw the guy standing right next to them with drinks in his hands a stupid smile. Sh!t. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to be expecting him not to follow her. ”Oh Eliooo, buddy, it’s been a while. Nice to see you again and how nice of you to bring us this, wow…” A big forced smile on her face, Phoebe for a second placed her hand on his shoulder before taking a glass from him and getting just a tiny bit serious, still joking around and avoiding what she knew was coming. ”You know I’m a minor, right? We can both get in trouble for this but I guess you have other things on your mind…” Which didn’t stop her from subtly mentioning what she’d seen… ok, she wasn’t trying at all to avoid that conversation with him. ”Excuse me while I just…” Smiling shortly at him, she brought a glass to her lips and downed yet another drink, placing down that empty glass. “Wash down the disgust I’m feeling.” With that she glanced at Aj as a little sign that the guy she was talking about was the guy that approached them - Elio. “You were saying? Oh yes, a word with me. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind Aj being here, we were kind of talking about something very important… And you two know each other, don’t you? So I see no problem with that… go on.” Putting on a sweet smile, she looked between the two, before letting her gaze set on Elio and see what he was going to do.

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Cami did not know how to process what just happened. She watched silent and confused as a boy hurried out of a house that’s not hers, hand holding her phone, which recorded the whole thing. Yes; apparently, her first instinct when she got up with the false alarm of having an intruder was to get her phone and click on the camera. Well, what do you expect of her? In her defense, if they ended up dead, at least people could look through her phone and easily find out the suspect. Though, she did grab a second thing to use as “weapon,” which was used to give Jack a not-so-nice souvenir on this forehead. Don’t worry though, it was just a slipper.

Rubbing her eyes, she started laughing along with Victoria. This crazy start was the fruit, though it’s more of a continuation, of yesterday. “What was that?” she said, laughing in between words as she turned off the recording of the phone. She was about to shut it off to help Victoria clean up around the house, but decided she shouldn’t when she saw a number in red popping above the messages icon.

She had completely forgotten about a really important event on this day. Her eyes widened in realization, looking up at Victoria. “Hey, oh my God, I almost forgot!” she said, swiping and clicking on her phone through the messages. “The senior party is later!” She couldn’t contain the excitement; it was more than obvious in her voice, and she didn’t plan on hiding it either. She is finally a senior, and though that itself and alone is exciting, she was more thrilled about the famous Blue Royalty game that her family used to play and win… except for France, who, until today, is still salty that she did not win. Even though she doesn’t make it obvious, Cami could see through it whenever the woman tried to talk to her into not joining the game because “it’s useless. Look at me, I’m more successful than those who won. Like, name all of them. I’m sure you don’t know.” If Cami was to be honest, though, she feels like France only did that so that she wouldn’t surpass her.

“What to wear, what to wear…” she muttered, trying to bring her choices in. Cami being Cami, of course she’d bring clothes more than necessary to a sleepover. A month’s worth of clothes for lesser than a day’s worth of not being home. Pocketing her phone, she walked to Vic and helped with what she carried. “You’re gonna come, right?” she asked as she walked to the kitchen.

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You can fastforward to the party if you wanttt :eyes:


After almost being killed by arriving at the party with Xavier, Athena walked through the crowd of people they went to school with, trying to find someone they actually knew. They hadn’t planned on coming, but their dad and Chris were adamant that they make an effort to socialize. They ran their hand through their hair as they heard a text come through their phone. A few seconds later, they saw Reuben come up to them.

Athena!! Don’t you look nice.

“Thanks.” They responded, shifting their weight so that they were sitting on their hip and putting their hands in their pockets. “You’re not so bad yourself.” They said to him, smiling. Reuben was someone who they knew they could count on for a good time, so him finding them was actually kind of perfect. It meant that they wouldn’t spend the entire party getting drunk on their own. Before they could say anything else, a girl tripped in front of them.

”Woah, are you okay?” They asked her, speaking at the same time as Reuben. They covered their mouth with their hand and stifled a laugh as they heard the tone he used. “Reuben, what the hell was that?” They whispered to him, trying to keep themself from laughing. Turning their attention back to the girl, they said “I’m Athena, by the way.”



xavier pestana

“Okay, we’re going to a party, you could at least pretend to be excited.” He said to his cousin as he drove them to the party, practically against their will. He didn’t need to look at them to know that they were rolling their eyes at him. Parties were never Athena’s scene, nor were they his, but he figured that he didn’t have a choice in attending, judging by the text he’d received earlier. When his parents found out he was going, his dama instead that he not go alone and managed to talk Athena’s dads into making them go with him. “Athena, watch the road for me for a sec.” He said before taking his hands off the wheel. “Xavier!” His cousin exclaimed, grabbing the wheel as he wrestled himself out of his jean jacket. After throwing the jacket into the back seat, he placed his hands back on the wheel.

Xavier. Pestana. What the f-ck was that?” They demanded, staring him down. “What? The jacket was cute, but not ideal for driving.” He told them in an attempt to justify his actions. He could feel their stare intestify as he finished speaking. “And that’s a valid reason for you to get us killed?” They countered and he couldn’t help but chuckle. “Relax, Athens. I promised your dads that I’d get you home in one piece and I intend to keep that promise.” He reassured them, even though he knew they wouldn’t believe him. When they arrived, he parked his car and got out, retrieving his jacket from the back seat and putting it on. Once Athena got out, he locked the car and the two of them walked towards the house.

As they entered the party, Athena looked at him with a rare gaze of compassion, placing their hand on his shoulder. “Text me if you need me, okay?” They said to him, waiting for him to nod in response before leaving, probably to find a corner to hang around in. He made his way to the bar, trying to keep his nervousness at bay. He walked up to the bar and cleared his throat, willing his voice to work. “Um, excuse me, can I have a club soda with lime in it?” He asked the bartender, before stepping to the side and playing with the cuff of his shirt while he waited for his drink.




”I can’t believe you’re asking me for details. Can’t you see I’m in pain just thinking about it?”

Aj laughed as she pushed his hands away, holding his own up in surrender. “Okay, traumatizing moment – i’ll let it slide.” He played it off as if he wasn’t interested, but Aj? Well, let’s just say that hearing drama usually stopped him from creating his own. What could he say? He loved hearing the ridiculous things that went on in their class. Even if he would never admit it. And surprisingly? He’s probably one of the best people to tell anything personal to. He has some type of… boyish honor inside of him that would rather him be dead than spill someones secrets that they trusted him with. Aj was big on trust. You could never let this man down, but if you were to hurt him… Let’s just say bye bye to whatever was between you and him.

”I can see you trying so hard. I’ve never seen you in black, you should wear it more often,”

He waved her off and grinned goofily as she started to fix his necklaces. “Thanks, mom.” He teased, placing his hand over hers whilst they were placed over his heart — feigning a humorous heartfelt look. ”I don’t want to… but if you insist…” She said before spinning, showing off exactly how great she looked. Adlai gave a nod and clapped his hands in approval. “Now see? Beautiful as a daisy. This will get you… around five boyfriends by the end of this, hm?” He teased, shrugging as he took a sip of his drink. Honestly if you want to be hyped up? Aj and Phoebe should be your go to. They were simply amazing at making everyone around them feel good and Aj personally wouldn’t trade this energy for anything in the world.

To Aj’s surprise, Phoebe started to explain what happened before she had gotten here. He raised his brow in anticipation, waiting for her to finish the very long introduction for as to whom it was. However – their conversation was quickly intervened by Elio.

“Hey guys, champagne?”

Aj looked to the glass in his own hand and then to Phoebe who started to ramble, still as classy as she usually was. “How could I refuse?” Aj complied to his suggestion and reached for the glass, downing his first one faster than he would’ve wanted and taking this one in return.

”You know I’m a minor, right? We can both get in trouble for this but I guess you have other things on your mind…”

He chuckled lightly and took a sip of his drink, watching as Elio asked to have a word with P. He watched as she looked into his eyes, giving him a sign that this was the culprit – though, he knew as soon as she spoke to him with subtle hints in every sentence and action that she displayed. He paid attention to everything. So, Elio was getting special attention to someone other than Lenora? Not his business, but it sure wasn’t a pretty look for Elio. Aj was sure that he came over to discuss the events with Phoebe, most likely trying to get her to shut up. Which — let’s face it, everyone probably saw the scene when they entered the building, so his pursuit was in no use.

“You were saying? Oh yes, a word with me. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind Aj being here, we were kind of talking about something very important… And you two know each other, don’t you? So I see no problem with that… go on.”

Aj practically saw the tension of the group, Elio probably walking on a wire in his brain. Did he want to tell them both about his situation? Probably not. But Phoebe could be rather persuasive when she wanted to — almost making it feel like you would have no other option than to do exactly what she says. Besides, what in this convo would Phoebe not just tell Aj later? Aj smiled sweetly, just as Phoebe did and tilted his head at Elio. “Yeah, I’m curious, Elio… You’re looking a little pale.” He said. Elio and Aj were friends for sure, but this was a little insane… Especially when he had a girlfriend and it was only the first day back.

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Hyun-Ae wouldn’t usually accept help, but her babies thought her to be kind, so she took the boy’s hand, allowing him to pull her to her feet. When asked if she was ok, she nodded. “Yes, thank you.” She said softly but politely, bowing to the boy. She turned to address the person sitting next to the boy, giving a smile that looked more like a grimace, as a particularly loud song came on. “Yes, I am arright.” The person whispered to the boy, laughing about something, and Hyun-Ae waited patiently for them to address her again, which they did. “Nice to meet you, Athena. My name is Hyun-Ae.” She said, holding her hand out. After shaking Athena’s hand, she then turned to the boy, holding her hand out as well.
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Victoria was just taken aback by what had just happened – and for her not to remember the fact? Was even more unbearable than seeing a naked man on he couch. “That’s getting deep-cleaned…” She muttered, pointing her finger towards the sofa. Vic was most definably a neat-freak – her OCD killing her at times like these. Two phone dings went off in the room, directing Vic’s eyes towards her phone – which was placed on the kitchen counter. She picked it up and noticed who it was just as her friend Cami did.

“Hey, oh my God, I almost forgot! The senior party is later!”

She groaned lightly at the thought. A party. Victoria would rather spend her time getting ready for this semester academically. “That also means tasks,” She added, holding a finger in the air and sighing. “You know, the only reason I’d even consider doing these is for the college points.” Victoria wasn’t interested in the drama of Blue Royalty, but she was interested in winning in this competition in order to achieve absolute greatness — which was promised once receiving the title. Though, she couldn’t say the events didn’t seem appealing… She just had a lot on her plate, and wouldn’t have all this time to party and get her life ruined. Too much was at stake. She left most of junior year to endure the toll of her modeling career – which didn’t take to well on her studies. So, she has to cram in her last two years of Blue Royalty into one. What a challenge, right?

“You’re gonna come, right?”

Victoria watched Cami as she started to figure her outfit out for the party whilst Vic misted her indoor plants. “I mean, I don’t know…” She muttered. Should she even go? She has so much planned and needs to graduate this year with perfection. However, Cami was usually amazing at convincing her to go to things like these – among a lot of her other friends. Nothing like peer-pressure, right? With a bit of persuasion, Victoria decided ‘what’s the harm in a little fun?’ and they both got ready accordingly.

They arrived at the party and began entering the building. Victoria’s ears were practically ringing at how loud it was, but seeing all of the familiar faces definitely brightened her up a bit. A small grin was displayed among her lips as she walked towards one of the servers. “Champagne?” She offered with a goofy tone, grabbing two glasses and handing one over to Camilina. “How do you think the game will go?” She asked. “I mean, are you even participating?” Victoria added, unsure if she even was interested.

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Hera stood silently by now, her natural seriousness preventing them from attracting many people over, however, there was one girl who seemed old enough to approach them. She wore a very short black dress, which Hera… didn’t hate. They thought as she stared the girl down as she approached them, taking a sip from their red cup. She had a delicate figure, feminine, like she was meant to be preserved. Her face though, it was so naturally beautiful, usually she didn’t like white looking, or at least passing people, but this one was different. She was tall, and slim, and her face looked so beautifully human. Just like, when you think of what an alternative life would be like, living along a river in a vast forest, bathing in water bare bodied and getting dry by the small fire place in your cottage, she was the figure that you pictured.

The “hi” seemed fairly casual but then she called them a “bad boy mafia leader,” causing Hera to let out a small chuckle. They liked her, she seemed like there’d never be a dull moment as long as she was around. The honesty sounded humbled, which Hera respects in people. Well, now they had to give an adequate response, taking a sip from their cup, “I like your dress, it has female lead who shoots bad guys energy.” They smiled, showcasing their pearly white teeth, and then turned their body to face her. *Oh god, was that too pretentious? I’ve got to make it cute now. “So, partner in crime, may I offer you a drink?” They suggested, since she didn’t have one already.




Reuben elbowed his friend before the girl could notice and then put on a smile as she got up. F*cking Athena. Reuben loves them but like shut up for two seconds child, I’m trying to let this deer in traffic know I’m not straight so she feels safer. Would he rather I randomly mention talking to 30 year olds on grindr? He thought so, hmph. Anyway, she bowed, which by now Reuben understood was probably just a custom, the same way he greets people in brazil with a hug and a kiss on the cheek if they are women. He shook her hand, good grip, he thought. Reuben could not lie, he was a little impressed by her handshake quality. “I’m Reuben.” He said, at this point he could imagine that his slight accent was registering in her mind. Sometimes he was insecure about it because it made him sound straighter, but then he remembers that americans find it sexy, so he shrugs it off. Actually, she didn’t sound perfectly american either. “That’s pretty, where’s it from?” He asked curiously in regards to her name, making direct eye contact. He assumed she was some sort of asian, judging by her features, and she hasn’t been here all of her life because of her english, but what brought her here?

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Charlotte stood there, immobile for one passing moment as she really indulged in their features.

Her laugh was love; the smell of red roses pulled from the fresh soil, an injured bird learning to fly back home again, like the ever-lasting embers of a dimming fire. Charlie could loose herself within the flames and burn forever until her bones were ash without complaints. Their voice had that timeless feel to it, as though she could listen to it for a thousand years. The kind of voice that makes you want to fall far out of the world into another dimension. The kind of voice, where you would rather they hated you than never speak your syllables again. The kind of voice that could send you to sleep on a stormy night.

Charlotte returned a chuckle at their ‘female lead’ comment. She’s always been attracted to people with a knack for matching energy. And then, she saw her smile. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach, round and round in circles. Charlie tried to subdue the strange feeling but it was impossible. Nobody’s teeth could possibly be that perfect.

Partner in crime

Charlie’s body flushed. It was cute. Almost immediately, she accepted their offer with a big, cheeky grin. “Yes, you may. Although, it would be particularly peculiar to not know the name of my partner in crime.” She acted slightly nonchalant but desperately wanted to know their name.
“And number, and schedule.” Charlotte mumbled under her breath.




My Mafia wife asked for my name, and my name she shall recieve. “Hera, and you?” They questioned as they poured the drink, not fully expecting an answer. They would be okay with mystery if the lady prefers not to say, Hera was going to get it eventually. They were determined. She finished serving the girl in the black dress’s cup, and handed it to her, hoping their hands would meet for a second. They needed to verify a spark because she’s spiritual like that. “Be careful, it’s a little bit sour.” They advised her so she wouldn’t be surprised. The beverage tasted homemade, so they could assume that was why it was so unfamiliar. Many new things tonight, foreign drink, mysterious girl, recently purchased outfit, and already a new crush. I can’t wait to tell Adlai about this girl!! They thought as the two of them sipped on this peculiar mixture. AJ was probably with Phoebe right now, They wish they could tell her to stay away from her friend but she’s just so supportive. It’s infuriating.



Hera. A beautiful name to a beautiful face.

Charlie was reluctant to answer their question and therefore settled for: “Hm, I usually don’t tell strangers my name on the first interaction. So, I guess you’ll just have to endure my company some time else in order to find out.” Her cheeks uplifted into a tilted smirk. Charlotte wanted to ensure another conversation with the wonder that was Hera.

They pass her the cup of weird liquids that Charlie is nervous to try out but it all dissipates at the touch of their fingers. A lingering jolt that shot like lightning in her blood, thunder racing in her mind. Just a simple touch of soft skin but strong enough to have her inhale inwardly at the feeling of their fingers. Charlotte took the drink presented to her and also took into consideration what Hera said about it being sour.

It wasn’t necessarily…bad, just surprising. Both Charlie and Hera took a sip of the concoction and they clearly handled it better than she did. Charlie tried to hide her grimace in front of her, but she couldn’t help the slight look of disgust that passed over her face. “It’s um…certainly something.” Charlotte nodded to try and convince herself that it was somewhat bearable.

Her eyes broadened out to the rest of the party, especially the dance floor, making a mental note to ask the enchanting Hera if she would like to dance. That is, unless they ask her first.




Miss black dress refused to tell Hera her name, so they just rolled their eyes and smirked at her. “Okay, what should I call you for now, mysterious woman that can’t get her own punch” They asked with a smile caused by the amusement of teasing her back. Hopefully she wouldn’t get too upset because they could be in troubleeeeeeeeee. They didn’t care though, their confidence to a fault knew they’d figure out how to get her back.

Handing the drink to her, Hera felt an actual sort of magic to her touch, she looked up and their eye contact was so strong. It felt so easy with her. Something about her eyes felt right. They were brown, but piercing and they saw beyond their body and into her soul.

She pretended not to notice it when the girl broke the connection to drink from her not-too-filled cup. The girl winced a little bit at the drink, which, hera probably would too if it werent for her… past. Between being a poor orphan and a promiscous teen you could not fathom all of the nasty things they have put in their mouth, so they just chuckled at what she did. They didn’t get to comment anything on her nonverbal response to the drink because this new girl said it was… “definitely something” first, which made Hera smile. “It’s a drink alright.” She stated in agreement, taking her last few gulps before saying, “Leave the punch if you want to, I can tell you aren’t enjoying it alot.” She put the cup down, and before she could place her hand anywhere else, Hera took it, causing the girl’s eyes to dart over to them. “Dance with me?” They asked innocently.



An eyeroll from her came from Zek’s entertainment in her failed attempt to reboot the car from her questionable techniques. “You know, now you mention it, I do think he forgot to specify the number of times the wheel should be hit. So, it is probable that he doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about,” Annie explained, her eyes travelling across to him as he turned towards her. “Well at least if anything this got you off your fᴜcking phone finally, have you never heard that it’s the passenger’s responsibility to entertain the driver?” She asked with raised eyebrows after he had spent the first part of the car journey focused on one thing. Annie knew it was safe to assume that Blue Royalty had captured his attention, yet another reasoning for her disinterest in the game: the idea of it being life-consuming, and Annie didn’t have the patience nor interest for that kind of commitment, as it was that way in many other things.

It had appeared that Annie had assumed correctly what would be in his bag. She shuffled around in her seat, lifting her legs up to be crossed. “You know, Zek, you may be turning this whole car breaking down thing around,” Annie told him, pointing at him, while taking a jo!nt from the stack with the other hand, “In fact I think you should really be thanking me for doing this,” She suggested as she pulled out a lighter from her back pocket, clicking until a small flame lit the bottom of the joint she had placed between her index and middle finger, before passing it to him too. “So, you’re welcome.”

“I did not directly insult confetti cannons,” Annie insisted, as he circled back to the passing comment she had made. “I think they have great potential in some situations but how much would they really have been able to fix this?” Despite seemingly asking him an open question in that, Annie gave him no room for an answer, and therefore no chance for his argument that may have been against hers on the matter, continuing with: “Yeah, see? Exactly,” Because, no argument, a confetti cannon would not suffice in this situation. Speaking of things that could salvage the situation, “Desperation-wise?” She started as the conversation drifted back to her initial suggestion, her eyes flickering as she looked him up and down. “I’d say we’re getting close.”

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mysterious woman that can’t get her own punch

Charlotte smiles openly at Hera’s attitude; no one has ever spoken to her like it before and Charlie would be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy it. There was just something about the heavily tattooed individual, a trait that not many possessed, an inability to ever be deterring. Charlie could indulge in their dark eyes for an eternity. From then until the end of time. Even in death.

“Well, there are many choices. Baby, my love, Shnookums, or My darling dearest if you’re feeling fancy.” She replied, an eyebrow raised in amusement.

Charlie placed the cup back down on table after Hera’s suggestion, battling the shock at how she managed to take more than one gulp of it. Yet, before she could make another move towards anything else, the charming soul reached forwards and took Charlotte’s hands in theirs.
That same shockwave feeling travelled around her body, arriving mostly at her cheeks in the form of a pink tinted blush. She’d never felt this way with one single touch. She’d never felt so…alive.

Before Charlie could even ask, Hera beat her to it. An invitation to dance. Her eyes were filled with nothing but pureness and life, only goodness. Charlotte felt as though she had to catch her breath just staring at the goddess in front of her. She nodded enthusiastically, grasping Hera’s hand tightly and pulling them away from the drinks table, towards the dance floor.

When they both reach the centre of the party, the floor thrumming against her feet, Charlotte stops mid step making the distance between their bodies closer than before. A trance. The only word to describe the energy in her core. Charlie was caught in a trance where she could not stop staring at them, hoping that Hera would take the lead.

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Her reponse sounded so obviously interested. The directness made Hera ecstatic. They have spent their life in search of someone who will return the same right here, right now energy when they put it out there. It was starting to feel like maybe the spark wasn’t just her imagination rambling about how meant to be they were after their eyes saw her legs. “My darling dearest it is.” They replied, sounding playfully formal.

After they reached the dance floor, Charlotte halted sharply, closing in the space between them. Hera looked down to her feet when she stopped, seeing what she meant when they looked back up, thinking about what they just saw, and put hands on her delicate waist. They took the lead and the two of them danced for what felt like forever, hands all over each others bodies, yet they still wanted more. Every synchronized movement was sensational. The two of them felt the music take over, Hera wasn’t going to tolerate it any longer. She didn’t know her name but she wanted to moan it. She could feel the black fabric of her dress rouging up against them. “Let’s get out of here” They whispered in her ear. The two of them walked like they had sh!t to do to the nearest door, opened it, shut it, and locked it behind them. She stood in front of a wall, Hera’s eyes met hers and they gripped her throat, pulling her in to bite her lip gently amongst other things. They could feel her warmth so close.

Hera was just about to start pulling up the girl’s skirt before somebody had to open the door, The two of them completely letting go of eachother, Hera scratched the back of her neck nervously. Nothing going on around here folks. They apologized to which the two of them were like “No you’re good, we were just leaving.” with frantic smiles on their faces.

“That was close.” Hera said, taking her hand. They didn’t want anyone else to see their new love interest with any clothes off. “Come on let’s freshen up.” They paused, noticing the smudged lipstick on her face, “You’ve got…” She rubbed off the makeup under her lip. “…something” They smiled tenderly.

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