Blue Royalty: New Blood

Welcome to Blue Royalty, the game that tests your limits and loyalties. The prize? The most distinguished and established title someone could earn, a place on The Blue Bloods. But, this is a game, and your place on there is anything but permanent. The everlasting race to get to the top will break your relationships and shape you as a person forever - are you in?

The Senior Class of 2020 managed to escape Cerulean High, though Blue Royalty has remained a prominent part of everyone’s lives in many different ways. As time went on, the power the game held only increased with time, continuing to have influence over Beryl Heights, bringing fortune and luxury to the winners, and with that comes the downfall and hardship of those who lose.

Almost 20 years after the events of the first, Cerulean High continued to become a playing field for Blue Royalty, the same thing but with different names - the fight to earn a place on The Blue Bloods. The five students who have earned superiority through backstabbing, deceitfulness and betrayal, that came in the form of the tasks set by the gamemaster, in hopes for the more permanent place that will shape their lives. This year among others brought familiar faces from times before, hoping to make the most of another chance to get their family name unforgotten through association with victory from the game. But, unfortunately for them, that gave them no advantage against the fresh faces that were competing against them, aspiring for the highly successful lives that victors before them had achieved.


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Rockefeller Residence 10th September 2039
Pop the champagne, Blue Royalty has begun
The house of Rockefeller had become an unofficial tradition for Blue Royalty, the first and last events of Senior Year’s commencing in the perfect place for a party: a fully stocked bar, dimly lit pool and top quality service from the navy-dressed waiters holding trays of drinks and a professional DJ ensuring there was never a silent moment. All that was missing was the new ambitious Senior class, about to embark on a year that would define their lives in the best or the worst way.




Ahh - a Pierce. Whoever thought one of those would be back at Cerulean High. The answer? No one. At least, not after Jessica, her oldest sister had warned the younger family members of what had happened at the wretched school. And what had happened? Well… from what Paige could understand Jess had been used, manipulated, and broken by the heir of the game. Hey hey hey - Paige respected Jess and all the sht she went through. So why was she here? Why was Paige Pierce at a school that had only produced hatred towards her family? Well. Why don’t you mind your own fcking business because Paige’s life is not one of them. Thank you very much.

In any case - whether she should or shouldn’t be here, Paige was. Though, she had been careful enough that her family members didn’t know. No… it’s not like her parents really cared at all what she did, but they currently thought she was at a boarding school for girls. Ha. Yeah right. She was expelled from there within the first day after a little incident involving pranking the dean with a few hundred gallons of jello. Thank you unlimited credit card. In any case, ever since that - she simply took her motercycle and drove here - Beryl. A place where her uncle, who also didn’t know she was in town with the help of one Veronica Charlotte working her hacking magic. For the last three months, the girl had stayed here during the summer - getting acquainted with the town, hanging out with her family… that she liked. After all, she didn’t necessarily consider the DeLoughrey-Taylor’s her family so she didn’t need to like one Phoebe insert the longest ass last name known in the history of mankind. At least her sister’s kids were sane, she didn’t know what voodoo magic their uncle used to lock down her sister but there she was - distantly (sadly) related to her. Anyways - that was a story for another time.

For now - a summer had gone. And as surprising as it may be, Paige had made friends - one being a man she was currently with. In her black 1969 Mustang, Paige drove to a party; slight adrenaline in her veins from the events of the day. Though - the real question was when did she not have adrenaline in her veins with her reckless actions? In any case, as she parked her car on the street of the mansion - there was a smile on her face. An idea hitting her mind as she looked at the man beside her. Paige knew the man had recently broken up with his girlfriend so what was the harm in a little… fun? Something to calm the adrenaline in their veins or at least… maneuver the pent-up tension.

“Hey… what do you say if we take a little… detour before the party?”

“Seriously?” Paige stated, wiping her mouth sensually with her thumb, though when she followed his frantic eyesight she found a nosey Phoebe looking into the car. Of course it had to be the girl with the endless last name. With a roll of her eyes, Paige casually moved he fingers in response to her apperance as a Hey, now go the fck away and watched as the girl scurried off.

“Get out Elio,” Paige said after Phoebe left, looking at him with an annoyed glance. “Have fun with… that,” she muttered, pointing towards how uncomfortable he looked. Though she wasn’t sure if that was because of someone seeing them or because she hadn’t finished and he was close. In any case, if he had the audaciousness to pull her head off - he could deal with a little discomfort.



Another senior year, another DeLoughrey… well, Taylor-DeLoughrey playing the infamous game. A reason why Phoebe was so excited to skip a year, being a good students she obviously is, and experience something more exciting. Having a mother who won so many years ago (Elodie you’re getting old), only made this girl more interested in the game, knowing she had to do the same thing… or just wanting to because a little extra fun never hurt nobody. How bad can it actually be?
Pretty bad, but Phoebe didn’t know that… no, Phoebe never listened to her parents telling her about it because when does she listen to anything people are saying, or most importantly asking her to do… in this case not to do? Simple answer - never. But who is going to feel bad for a girl currently throwing clothes on top of a glass bottle she was trying to hide?

”AMIE,” she called out her, you won’t believe it, identical twin sister as she closed the drawer and took a final look at herself in the mirror. A slight smirk on her lips, fixing a little white dress she picked out for her very first senior party. Now Amelia… what can I say about her? Just that the two of them looked identical but weren’t the same, at all - that’s why Phoebe stormed into her room without knocking hoping Amie changed her mind and decided to come along but no. The girl was in the most comfortable position reading a… God… damn… book. ”You’re unbelievable,” a dramatic sigh and whine leaving Phoebe’s lips, similar to a little kid not getting what they want before she turned around and walked away, leaving the door open. Letting her black boots echo their presence against the wooden stairs, there was one thing Phoebe knew she couldn’t do tonight - drive. For obvious reasons, it’s a party after all, isn’t it? ”Dad, can you drive-” walking towards the living room she immediately saw her father feeding little Lexie, obviously being preoccupied and reminding her that mom was on a business trip and he had to focus on the little one. ”Nothing,” whispering and actually not being that bothered with it, she quickly called herself an uber before walking towards her little sister. ”Hi cutiiiie.” Pinching her chubby cheeks, there was a big smile on Phoebe’s lips; love for her family always being unconditional. You might not think that because of her last interaction with her twin sister but she loved her. Loved all of them more than anything else. ”PLEASE tell Xander not to touch my bag of chips,” yet another loud sigh leaving her lips as she looked up at her father, taking a few steps back just so she could look up the stairs and shout, ”You heard that, BROTHER? He is not even here, is he?” Last words directed at Riker, guilty smile appeared on her lips. ”You need to stop letting him go out this late… Anywayyy, I don’t know when I’ll be back. Bye,” with that same smile she turned around, leaving before he got a chance to respond to her.

You know what made her more excited about the party? Tasks. Her very first tasks. Fun tasks she had no problem doing and was, in fact, looking forward to that. And they definitely weren’t as bas as her parents made them be… So standing outside, in front of the place, there was a slight smirk on her face as she was looking down at the phone. A smirk that grew once she brought her gaze up and saw Elio in a car. Ah… Elio. Her friend… she had a small crush on no matter how many times he said no to her. Listen, if Phoebe wants something she’ll get it one way or another. But it’s not that she wanted him… here’s the thing, she doesn’t want anyone she just wants a little fun before she finds something more interesting. Fixing her hair, she quickly smiled and waved at him only to have that smile disappear just as quick. First because she was completely confused but then because she was completely disgusted and understood why he had that almost uncomfortable look on his face. And she showed her disgust, she made sure to show it as no one else but Paige who straightened up looked at her. There were many thoughts that went through her mind like, ew, out of everyone it had to be Paige, why in the hell would you do that here where everyone could see? But also - isn’t he with Lenora? Still, this ruined her night and before anything else could happen she quickly walked away from the car and went straight in where the party was waiting for her.

Phoebe immediately scanned the place looking for one person and one person only and the moment she saw him she walked over to him, grabbing his upper arm. ”MY EYES… Aj… I just saw…” she started, pretending to gag for a second. ”I can’t even say it… I need a drink, come here,” with that she let her hand fall down to meet his before dragging him towards the table with all the drinks. Grabbing one cup, she downed that drink in a second trying hard not to make a face. ”I just saw someone… Turning to face him, instead of finishing that sentence she attempted to play it all. You know… with her hands and mouth, not really caring about people around them that might be looking. ”I’m scarred for life but hey, at least you look nice,” dramatically ending that story without giving him more details, she tried to block that scene out of her mind by talking about literally anything else. And could anyone blame her for having a good looking best friend?

@Madilnel - Elio
@benitz786 - Amelia and Paige
@Aesthetic - Aj



Oh september, the leaves began to crisp as backpacks came on and everything was wrong. The clear image of Cerulean High began only further expanded on the eastern horizon, inching closer and closer to becoming our reality, However, portruding before it stood the Rockefeller Residence. The house in which so many of our classes parents went through the same sh!t that we did. Vapor on the inside of car windows, whispering secrets, smoke blowing out of windows, striding through never ending hallways covered by lockers that told the stories of each and every one of them.

Today, it became them. Daiane’s rude self decided she’s very busy at the moment and can’t get ready (pregame) for the party with him. He was probably going to be preoccupied doing his makeup anyway but he wished she were here. That’s the thing with Reuben, he allows his friends to take breaks when they need them. He’s always there to kiss their paper cuts and listen to their stupid rants about boys who are uglier than his left big toe. They know he thinks exactly that of them too, reuben is comfortable with details that others are not comfortable embracing.

That’s what’s helping him not come off bad to the others at the party even though he’s showing up in his clown makeup. Reuben has always been pretty artsy. You can tell in the way that he dresses looking like some fan of shakespeare who writes poems and folds them into paper airplanes in central park, hoping they reach someones window when he lets them go. His earrings and his lil makeup looks, the fact that he’s fruity, I MEAN YOU CANT DENY THATS AN ARTSY PERSON TRAIT. To see the world differently and romanticize people in a way that others wouldn’t.

“Nah” Reuben disagrees with me as he recognizes himself in the vanity mirror, breaking the fourth wall he laughs at himself in the mirror. “I look so stupid.” He pinched and pushed his skin in the mirror, looking for any flaws in his reflection. Obviously, there are zero. Reuben pretended to flip his non existent hair and got up out of the stool to put step into his costume. Before that, he was just wearing his black boxers. After getting into his outfit, he zipped it up as far as he could before calling “Papi, me ayudas cerrar mi zierre?” to the hallway. Reuben walked through the hallway, down the stairs, through another hallway, and into his father’s room. His father wore an empathetic face as reuben turned around.

“Y Diana?” His father asked as he got the zipper unstuck. “Me dijo que estaba haciendo algo con su familia entonces no me pudo ver.” Reuben sighed. “A si, {insert Dai’s Mom’s name} no me ha contestado el mensaje que le mande haces pocas horas.” His father responded, closing up the zipper. Reuben turned around and gave him that “I see you” look.
“Mande, Mijo?”
“Nada.” Reuben smiled to himself.
“No me veas asi.” His dad said in a playfully serious voice, “Ya vete a tu fiesta” He settled, laughing. “Bueno, bueno” Reuben giggled, holding his tongue down to keep him from saying anything else before his dad got upset and left. Ever since Reuben saw the two parents flirting that one time he would not let it go, at least in his father’s eyes. Right now though, Reuben had a party to attend, and it wasn’t gonna wait all night.

Since his house isn’t too far from the venue, reuben decided to walk to the party. Hopefully by the end of the night he wouldn’t be sober enough to drive home. The road was angled upwards un the hilly new york terrain, suburban mansions at different planes with a plethora of different designs. He didn’t pay too much attention to it, because this is the environment he grew up in but sometimes on walks around the neighborhood when he sees the quality life that he gets to live, it gives him a sense of gratitude, that makes him want to enjoy life even more. You simply cannot waste all that we’re offered here. Then Reuben saw this guy getting a bl0wj0b in the middle of the street. Maybe it’s not that great here, on second thought. He thought as he looked away swiftly.

Once he reached the driveway, thank god, Reuben entered the house feeling confident as hell with a smile on his face. The ambience was already up with all of the music playing but there was yet to be many people there. Reuben pulled out his phone and started texting as many people as he could, starting with Dai, then Clara, Char, Athena his party partner, anyone he could. Reuben was ready to have fun but he was NOT doing it alone. Before he knew it, He saw Athena, “Athena!! Don’t you look nice.” He said looking them up and down in a feline manner.

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The 2020 predictions were true, Sadie Monroe and Jordan Williams: the couple deemed most likely to have a big family, be parents, get married, and whatever else is supposed to come after that. The two of them soon became a four, with Justin and Kyra Williams, creating the picture perfect family, then soon followed by an adoption, and every step of the way documented by their millions of fans relentlessly expressing love for them as a couple. Sure there was… minor uproar… when the famous couple ended the way they did, but that only put them under the public eye even more. But, Sadie and Jordan, as they did all the time, handled it with grace, maintaining their faultless reputation to the public. Similarly, Justin and Kyra excelled despite everything, growing to become just as responsible, intelligent, charming, kind… and overall just as perfect as their parents.

𝄞 Left Hand Free - alt-J

“SHlT!” Mariana Williams yelled at the steering wheel after the fourth time of trying to restart the car after it spluttered and slowed to an abrupt halt. The decided alternative longer route to Rockefeller residence had suddenly proved to maybe be a poor one. Just as she was about the accomplish that picturesque movie scene, driving down the empty highway probably a bit too fast with the car windows open with the sun setting to bring on the night and the wind blowing just at the correct amount - brought to an embarrassing stop by the ‘low gas’ alert she had ignored progressing into the car stopping dead in the middle of… basically nowhere. “So. The car’s stopped,” Annie revealed to Ezekiel Griffin sat in the passenger seat. “I don’t know why you’re looking at me here, this is completely on the idiot who didn’t fill her up,” She said, repressing the memory of Sadie reminding her to do exactly that.

Unfortunately, Annie wasn’t completely educated in cars and how they work, but that didn’t stop her from claiming otherwise. “Actually, I’ve got it, it’s okay, no worries, I read somewhere the other day that if you hit the steering wheel in a certain place, and a certain pressure it will make the car start up again,” Annie claimed, nodding as she became more convinced it would work the more she said it. “I don’t know why you’re looking at me like that, Zek, trust me this guy showed that it worked.”

After that somehow failed, Annie hoped that staring at the road for long enough would bring some sort of solution. “I hate to tell you but there are… no cars around to miraculously help us out here,” She revealed, squinting at the road ahead, as if that weren’t already a blatantly obvious fact. Though, Annie was in no rush to get to the party. To much surprise from everyone, she had no interest in playing the game of Blue Royalty. Annie wasn’t a big fan of following rules, and that easily included whatever kind of tasks they probably tried to send her due to the much anticipation of a legacy potentially playing. So needless to say it didn’t take much debate for her, and she immediately blocked the number that sent her the message. But that didn’t mean she didn’t want to attend the party… at some point tonight. “For what it’s worth, if we we decide that a pre-party hookup was the way to go, there would be absolutely no one around to see, so there are pros with the cons here.” She started, “But that depends on how long we’re here and how desperate we’re feeling - in the meantime, what do you possibly have in your bag today? Because I’m hopefully assuming it’s not a confetti cannon.”

astxrism Ezekiel Griffin
benitz786 Jordan Williams


Hyun-Are walked into the house, wincing at the pounding music, which was giving her a pounding headache. Why’d she listen to her mother? Oh well. She could always leave. She pushed her way through the mass of bodies, awkwardly pressing herself into a corner. “Kill. Me. Now.” She muttered, body vibrating from the bass. She eventually got thirsty and went to get a drink off, hopefully not spiked, punch. She left her corner, heading to the kitchen. She had just walked a couple feet, before tripping over someone’s foot. Just her luck. Human interaction. “Sorry!” She apologized, having to scream over the music.
@raviola - Ruben
@Caticorn - Athena


Play La Vie On Rose - Emily Watts

Life. They say it’s a series of choices - decisions after decisions that dictate one’s entire personhood. But here’s the question that Amelia could never truly fathom. How did she know she was making the right ones? How exactly was someone supposed to fully understand if they were making the right choices? Phoebe, her twin, was always so confident - taking a leap of faith every opportunity the girl had. Amie on the other hand… had always been more reserved. Drifting within the shadows of her sister’s leaps - following after making a calculated decision. Sometimes she wished she had her sister’s sheer confidence in how she looked at the world. Through rose-colored lenses - La Vie En Rose, as they say - ironically, also the song playing in her room at the moment as she sat on her bed. Though the simple fact was she didn’t - her viewpoint was always filled with questions… with hesitation. Though she didn’t resent that - honestly; Amelia Grace did like who she was. Phoebe and her balanced each other out - two pieces of one heart. Perhaps she was a little on the shy-er side but she always understood who she was… well… fine Amie thought she knew. Though her world did come crashing down a few months prior with her mother’s… business trip. Though… that was a story… an issue for another time.

Currently, the girl was casually laying on her bed in her robe - highlighters sprawled around her bed as she made notes in the book that they were supposed to read for the semester. Was Amie early in reading the entire reading list for the year… mayyyyybbeee. What could she say? Though she found herself distracted hearing her sister storm into the room, screaming first her name soon followed by the fact that she was unbelievable for not going to the party. A soft smile met Amie’s lips with her sister’s wine, "Love you too idiot. DON’T GET TOO DRUNK " Amie yelled as her sister exited the room soon after entering. The girl had attempted VARIOUS times to get Amie to agree and go to said party. And maybe… just maybe if she had made different choices…Amie would have said yes. After all - life is a series of decisions. Here’s the thing though… she couldn’t go. For… there was a sheer fear that she’d see someone there. A decision made in the past - and now she found herself unable to go with her sister. Not that she was a big party girl anyways. He was just…someone she had been avoiding for the last three months. Though it was easy when she was out of town and in Greece - thousands of miles from said person. Well… she could at least avoid him as long as humanly possible, which included avoiding this party.

Amelia waited until she heard the door close - indicating her sister had left before getting up and going towards her own vanity. Opening up her robe that she had tied specifically to make it seem as if she would be having a quiet night home, Amie opened it up to reveal that the girl was already in a dress - one that likely made her look older than she was. Letting down her hair from the previous bun, the girl added some gloss and slight powder to finish the look. Honestly… lying wasn’t something Amie liked doing… nor was it something she was good at. Rather… she was god awful at it. But… she just couldn’t stay in. Walking downstairs, Amie smiled sadly at her dad who she found rocking Lexie to sleep - a sad smile on his face though he’d never tell his daughters the truth behind that smile.

“Hey dad - I’m going to go to the par…party too,”

Damn a fumble. God, she hated lying. Her father briefly looked up with a smile and nodded. “Make sure Phebes doesn’t get into jail alright? Bailing her out right before school starts is not on my to-do list for this year… maybe next semester but let’s start the year off right huh?” he added with a wink - a joking tone within his voice. Perhaps he was too distracted to notice the fumble in her voice. The way Phoebe had left before her. Either way, her father didn’t question it as Amie kissed her little sister on the forehead before making her exit as Phebes had done earlier. Though instead of heading towards the party, Amie went in the opposite direction - taking an uber of her own to a location she had found the night her mom left.

There was a dark serenity as she exited the uber, making her way towards the darkened corner of the street - towards a door that most people would miss. Though like Phoebe would be at the party until the late hours of the night, Amelia Grace - the girl many considered innocent beyond compare - would do the same. Simply - in a different place.

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“It’s okay.” Reuben told the girl on the ground casually. He was a little bit bothered that his conversation with Athena got interrupted just before it began, but then he remembered that the girl wasn’t trying to bother him. It was the nice thing to do to help her out anyway. “Here, let me help you.” He extended his hand for her to get up. She didn’t seem like she was having a good time, she looked down at the floor instead of eye level and her gestures seemed held back. Her outfit looked like she was a nice girl. Quiet, and sensitive as if the music over the speakers could rattle her. “Are you okay, love?” He said, trying to sound fruity so she knew she was safe. Reuben didn’t seem to notice when she forgot to let go of his hand, smiling softly.

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

She had barely started, and already Nari was already considering leaving.

Her mother had warned her about this- that the amount of competition here would be too overwhelming for Nari. She had tried to convince her over the phone to leave and go back to what her mother wanted her to do- cook, clean, and wash dishes. And Nari was tired of that- she needed to live a little, and she never got to. Not until she decided to join Blue Royalty. Though she want the best at social interaction, she felt as if a friend was a requirement to get though this game. Nari remembered cussing her out angrily and slamming down the payphone in anger when her mother said that.

Though her mother tried to discourage her, Nari was determined- a trait that didn’t always have good results, and now she had stuck herself in a place where stakes where high and there was no mercy. However, she wanted to prove that she wasn’t some coward who ran away from people and isolates herself- something she was infamously known for. But here, surrounded by all the people talking and chatting with each other, Nari’s head hurt. They were all so annoying and she barely even knew them. It was already getting hard resisting the urge to just retreat into a corner and stay quiet. The only thing that made up for the lights and amount of people was the amount of refreshing, nicely displayed drinks that made her throat go dry with thirst. Nari made her way to the table and took a sip of one of the drinks, thinking of how lucky she was to end up here on time because of the major inconveniences she had to encounter.

“Y’know, if you don’t know how to drive, I can teach you. I have my permit,” Kim Moon waved her permit in front of Nari, who was trying to get her car out of a large mud puddle and was having little success. Nari scowled. “Shut up, idiot. You can’t even drive yet without an adult- and it’s not because I can’t drive, it’s because this bloody old car won’t move!” And with that, Nari walked out of the car and kicked it. Kim rolled her eyes.

“Abusing the poor car won’t make it work any better,” Kim said curtly.“We should really get it towed.” Nari shook her head frantically. “No!” She yelled, making Kim jump. She cleared her throat and said, “No way am I going to waste more time getting this thing towed. You may want to stretch, because we are going to push this goddamned car.”

Kim groaned loudly. “Are you serious? That is going to take forever! Do you want to miss the party?”

Nari shook her head- though that was a lie. Parties meat loud people, and loud people meant pounding headaches and nausea. But she couldn’t miss it- that wouldn’t be good for her place in the social hierarchy. “We have to push it. Or you can leave and I’ll do it myself.”

That was how Nari had arrived- pushing a broken down car all the way to the parking lot. She was sure people had noticed- and most likely had a good laugh. Nari couldn’t dwell on that for long though- that was not why she was here. Nari noticed a girl who looked as uncomfortable as she was, but she disappeared into the crowd shortly after Nari arrived at the drinks table. That was when Nari noticed that she knew no one here. It wasn’t going to be easy finding someone to talk to. Besides, the drinks tasted like heaven and who in their right mind would miss out on perfectly good, (hopefully not spiked) drinks? Friends could wait, Nari thought as she turned to pour herself another glass.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★



Senior year. This was going to be a fresh start for Aj — all things in his past considered. The past. I mean, he practically hated the thought of it. He wasn’t the type to dwell on anything regarding previous issues, but last year was rough, man. He did, however, owe it to his bestie, Phoebe, for being a real one after Julie and everything with his mom. And among his other friends, Hera was a big help on getting him in sh*tty situations. Hera was his bank robbing alternative. If he wanted to be wild and judgy, it was them. @raviola Aj arrived back home a couple weeks before this party from his summer trip, hoping this year would be the best respectable fun of his life. After all, who better to have fun with than Aj himself. He was destined to have fun. Dancing in the rain, climbing on top of buildings, jumping off of waterfalls — Aj was more than ready to be happy again.

He woke up rather late — which was normal to him. Adlai could sleep through an earthquake if he wanted to. The sounds of car horns and birds echoed through his open window. He could smell the familiar scent of Belgian waffles wafting through the air like a snake, straight into his nose; causing his stomach to grumble. Aj closed his eyes tightly with a light groan, despite being minutes away to arriving late to his first senior party.

That is, until Logan ran in screaming: “I MADE WAFFLES! Come eat, bro,” Aj instantly opened his eyes, heart racing as the kid nearly scared him to death.

“Mmh, waffles? no way, bud…” He muttered, slowly closing his eyes again.

Logan was simply appalled that his dearest brother would sleep through such a victory of his (with the help of their nanny, of course) and walked away for a second. Though, quickly came back with his secret weapon. A nerf gun. “I said, I made waffles!” Logan insisted, giving this as a warning to his big brother. Logan instantly fired shots straight towards his brother’s head and torso with the famous soft blue and bright orange bullets. Aj started laughing, holding his hands up to cover his face. “I surrender, I surrender!” He said, sitting up and scooping up his brother over his shoulder as he stood up. “You will pay for that, big man!” He teased, carrying his brother and tickling his sides. Logan’s giggles carried all the way from Aj’s room to the living room. “Put me down! Put me down!” He said, trying to tickle his brother in return. Aj chuckled and lowered him onto the ground, ruffling his hair as he ran away towards the kitchen.

Adlai walked towards his mother who was sat on her black recliner while she watched the television. He placed a tender kiss on her head and gave her a sip of her drink. “You alright, ma? I’m heading to the party soon. Logan is good. Friends are good.” He said, continuing to tell her about the rest of his day. His mom was usually laid in the east wing of their home, so it was unusual for her to be in the living room. It was a good sign. He smiled to the nurse next to them, and went off into the kitchen. Aj plopped a waffle into his mouth and went to his room to get changed. He then walked out of the door and grabbed his skateboard, considering he didn’t live far from the event.

Aj settled by a wall once he got there, noticing a very dim pool, waiters, and a DJ. This was very normal to him and basically anyone attending. In fact, this was a casual party in Blue Royalty descriptions. He placed his board against the wall as he felt a familiar hand grasp his upper arm. ”MY EYES… Aj… I just saw…” He raised a brow and turned towards the girl. Phoebe was his best friend. The only girl it he never had unruly intentions with, which was the best part of their little duo. “Look who finally arrived… Are you okay?” He started off with a smile, and it slowly faltered into a worried expression. With the mention of a drink, Aj smirked lightly with a shrug. “Sounds good to me, but you look like you’ve just seen satan in a bikini… Can’t say I’m not worried about your news,” He cracked as he familiarly grasped her hand while she practically dragged him to the open bar.

He grabbed a drink and they turned in unison as she spoke. ”I just saw someone…” Adlai’s face quickly formed into a sheepish grin as she started to do the hand motions of something he knew all to well. “Phoebs, you look insane,” He said falling into laughter as he hid her little charade behind his obviously bigger hands – covering it from the people around them. “Already? D*mn… Who was it??” He asked. “Where was it?” Aj needed more information. This was an great way to start off the year in his book, in fact, why hadn’t he thought of it?

”I’m scarred for life but hey, at least you look nice,”

He smiled lightly and took a sip of his drink. “You know, with that as our kickoff, it just shows that this year is going to be… wild,” He said, exaggerating the last word. It was good and bad. Aj just didn’t want death and betrayal to be the theme of this year. “But thank you, thank you. I tried so very hard if you couldn’t tell,” He said, gesturing to his outfit that he knew that she was probably thinking was so effortless that he probably wore it yesterday, knowing him. Throw on a few chains, a couple rings and call it a fit. But that was all apart of the Aj charm: Be indelicately humble. “And you look great as well. Why don’t you give the audience a little spin, P?” He suggested with a light laugh, giving her an approving look as he spun his finger in a small circle in the air.

@astxrism pheobe x


Where has Ezekiel been all day? Well, anywhere but his own home. It’s almost a habit of his not to be at home, to just spend his time outside or with people he is friends with and… there are many people he is friends with. So where was he now? He was supposed to be on his way to the first senior party, a party he was looking forward to since parties are his comfort places and he was… Zek was sitting in the passenger seat of Mariana’s car, staring at his phone and the message he received about the Blue Royalty. Not even close to what he was expecting… not fun in the slightest. Vicious and absolutely ridiculous, but also very intriguing? Was he going to do everything? Yes, there is nothing better he can do with his life anyways but did he hate the idea of doing it? Absolutely.

A mix of feelings he didn’t show as he kept a relaxed expression and locked his phone, just seconds before he noticed the car slowing down… or just stopping. Immediately looking over at the girl he just stayed quiet, waiting to see what she would do and yelling? It was on top of his to expect list. Hitting the steering wheel being on it as well but not in this way. “You sure you’re doing it correctly? Want me to look it up for you again or? Because I’m sure you forgot about a part where he says how many times you have to do it just like you forgot to fill her up.” Zek stated with a grin on his face, entertained with this whole situation as he turned to fully face her. Not being afraid to criticise her for something she obviously hasn’t done. But it wasn’t that bad - they were just stuck on a road with no one around them and a car that was failing to start while the party he was so excited about started a long time ago. Sounds bad but it really wasn’t. There were worse things that could’ve happened and what was the point of complaining about a situation you can’t really change? What are they going to do now though? He had absolutely no idea since there really was no one around them but luckily he didn’t have to think hard about it after hearing her next words.

“Welll…Both very tempting and it seems like we’ll be here for a long time so…” A soft chuckle escaped his lips, keeping his gaze on her for a couple of second before reaching for his bag and taking out already rolled up jo!nts. A stack he had knowing it wasn’t the smartest idea to just carry around. “You know, if that didn’t happen then we wouldn’t be here… and this,” he spoke up, a sweet smile on his lips as he handed it to her and tried to make the best out of the situation, something he often did. And let’s be real, if it wasn’t this he’d be somewhere else doing the same exact thing before heading to the party. “And I’ll ignore the fact that you so emotionlessly insulted confetti cannons because I do have one… But that first offer. How desperate are we?”

@/novella - Annie


Adolescence is a funny thing. One day, she was turning thirteen, getting pulled apart from another girl who was trying to bite her, blood running down from her nose, and nothing but anger in her eyes. One day, she was convincing herself that she remembered what love felt like, and the next, they knew. They spent an entire childhood suffering and getting better again and again and now it’s about to be over. She has no idea what life has been like for a majority of her peers. Some of them look so happy. But they know the seemingly ideal childhood has it’s flaws too. Most of the class’s parents are vain monsters. Hers are angels though. And they feel like they clip their wings.

Every time I reach a milestone like this
I think of how little I have accomplished
People say it’s alot
But when I add it all up
I just feel more insignificant.
I get better with every therapy session
But I’m starting to lose hope that they’ll ever be normal.
It just feels like eating the same generic cereal everyday.
I can see the sunlight overhead
But only through the gridded spaces of my cage.
Every day is simulated and the same.

Truly, today was not the day for them to be partying. All of their friends knew they were going to get absolutely wasted tonight, seeing the mood they’re in right now. The only thing that can make them feel better is dr^gs. They’re what makes her feel alive in a way that she has never been sober. And it’s not that she doesn’t value her friends and family now, but with dr^gs, the only person they could possibly hurt is themselves. It rewires their brain for a few hours and then she goes back to being sad. They don’t want to be sad, but their dear friend AJ inspires them to be sober again. He lost the love of his life and he was still able to start again. It inspires Hera so much.

Speaking of AJ, Hera needed to go see him. She spent an hour or so doing their flawless makeup on the floor in front of her full body mirror, and then pulled a stretchy red matching set contraption that looks really hot on them over their body. They not only wanted to party, but needed to. It’s been like a week since their last party but they are in need of another. She imagines that with the new school year she’ll meet more people who invite her to them. She smirked when thinking about it on her way out the door. “SAMMY!” Ah, yelling comes so natural to them. “Let’s go.”

Sammy stood on the threshold of her bedroom, leaning on the doorframe. “How we gonna get there? 'Cause you and I both drinking tonight.” She asked matter-of-factly. “I guess we can walk?” Hera said, that was how she got places since she was little and she still does it now because they couldn’t always drive but they could always walk. It’s one of their little quirks, you could say, they walk everywhere no matter how far it is.
“You are out of your damn mind, I’m asking Atticus.”
“He’s 14, I don’t think so.”
“Yeah but I taught him how to drive.”
“I didn’t tell him he was gonna drive well”
“That’s it I’m calling the uber”
“No you aren’t”

3 hours of sibling bickering later

Hera and Sammy arrived at the party via uber, the car dropped them off near the street and they divided to find people to mingle with



Elio’s summer consisted of football camps, working out and spending as much time with his family, Lenora and Mateo. He was happy with how the three months went, that is aside from the last two weeks. He wasn’t even really sure what caused his and Lenora’s fight that last night in Napa, but they haven’t talked since. Let it be known, he has tried many times to reach out to her. So back on a break was their status for now. Nevertheless, school was starting back up and that meant that football season was right around the corner too. Elio was most excited for that. He knew that was where his future lied. This year was the one that would set him up for college with scouts already talking to him and planning trips to Beryl to watch him play. Today though, college football was heavy on his mind thanks to his little adventure with Paige Pierce that took up most of his day and not was leading into the first party of the school year.

He had gotten a text earlier this morning being welcomed into Blue Royalty. Since his mom had attended school at Beryl, his sister and him have heard about this game many, many times. He had received tasks that would earn him points if he completed them tonight. They were things he could do, but were they smart to do. The competitive side in him screamed yes. He looked at those messages as Paige drove them to the Rockefeller Residence. He looked away from the screen when he could feel Paige looking over at him after putting the car in park. His eyebrow raised as she talked about a detour. “Didn’t we just-“ He started but was at a loss of words when she had traveled down to another region of his body. He didn’t make any movements to react in a way that told her to stop though. Why would he? He was on a break with Lenora and it was the first party of senior year so why not start it off right?

His head was rested against the back of the mustang’s passenger seat and his hands instinctively intertwined with her hair. His mind started to draw a blank until he saw Phoebe Taylor-Deloughrey waving to him and making direct eye contact with him. His jaw dropped slightly many it was the shock, or the actions being performed below the belt, but he knew his face gave it all away. Then to make matters worse, Paige sat up like she was being called to do so. He watched as Phoebe turned swiftly and got the h*ll out of there as fast as she could. He could stay and finish was started here but he knew that talking to Phoebe to make sure a special someone wouldn’t be hearing about this was more important.

Elio pulled his jeans up with one hand while using the other to push Paige away from him. A small “Sorry” coming from his lips as he grabbed his belongings and grabbed for the door handle. He stumbled as he got out of the car. Stumbling so bad that his hands hit the ground, but he pushed himself up quick to run across the street. Still buttoning his pants as he tracked down the brunette. Once inside the already loud atmosphere, his eyes roamed quickly until it landed on his target. As a waiter walked by with a tray of glasses that were full of Moet champagne. He noticed she stood with a guy, Aj, so he took two in one hand and a third in the other. His feet took him over to where he needed to be, without even having to think about it. “Hey guys, champagne?”He said and held them out for the two with a cheeky grin. He turned only to Phoebe, “a word?” He asked her with a pleading glisten in his eyes.
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Agony is all Victoria felt as she woke up from her bed with a massive headache. Who knew finally watching a sports game after the many trials of conviction from Cami would get her hot girl wasted? She didn’t, that’s for sure. It was unlike her to get wasted randomly, but responsibly at home with a friend? Yeah, that’s all her. It was considered an adventure; and after all, she loved those. Thankfully, Vic was indeed a morning person — no matter her condition. She smiled lightly as she rubbed her eyes, opening them fully as the sunlight burned her vision. “So, it’s one of those days, eh?” She muttered — Hungarian accent shining through. Victoria noticed her bestie, Cami, Sprawled out on the corner of her bed, totally knocked out. Jesus, sports and cupcakes really turned into something wild, didn’t it? Not as wild as other things… But well enough.

Victoria got up, standing in front of the mirror in front of her bed. “Who’s shirt is this…?” She muttered, lifting up her arm to show an oversized dress shirt — most likely from a male. No she didn’t… She gasped, quickly checking if she was wearing anything underneath. Her fingertips hastily felt the lining of her shorts still intact. She let out a breath of relief. Phew. No messy hookups today, no-no. That wasn’t her style. But how in the h*ll was she wearing some random man’s shirt? She walked over to Camilina and shook her, trying to quickly wake her friend without hurting her head.

“Cami–“ She whispered. “Wake up, lady.”

She watched as her eyes fluttered open and quickly brought her finger to her own lips, making the shushing face. “I think we have an intruder,” She whispered, going towards one of the closest things she could find that resembled a weapon. A vase. Yes, this girl picked up a vase out of all of the things in her room. She leaned against the wall and slowly opened the door. The handle creaked lightly, but she was careful not to be too loud. God, where was her taser? The kitchen? Lord knew. She tip-toed, hoping Cami would follow with a weapon in pursuit and made her way slowly to the scene of the crime. The living room, which was next to the kitchen.

She then stumbled into the living room, noticing a half-naked man laying down on her sofa. She looked to Cami and instantly said. “Why is there a half-naked man on my sofa?” She muttered, trying to recall last nights events.

She heard a grumble and quickly went towards the couch with her weapon — well vase, raised and ready to attack. The man shot up yelling, causing the girls to scream as well. Victoria closing her eyes as she held the vase in front of her. “Woah woah woah! Why are you trying to attack me, girls?!” He said, worried and probably scared sh*tless just as the other girls were.

Vic raised her brow. “Who the h*ell are you?!”

“I’m- I’m jack!! Don’t hit me,”

“Who?” She looked to Cami for any clue whatsoever to whom this was. Jack? Who in the world was Jack? “I’m Jack, your neighbor Jack? I just moved in last week and you invited me over for… cupcakes, alcohol, and sports…” He recalled, listing the three contents of yesterday night on his fingers. The girls were as confused as he was. Victoria looked around, seeing everything was pretty clean, surprisingly.

“Okay, jack… Get the h*ll out, please,” She said, adding the please with a bright smile. Almost as if she were the sweetest thing on the planet, even though she was commanding him to leave. She had that kind of power. Use a command and add a cute little manner and they just listened. No one in the male department has let her down to this day. She just hoped he wasn’t some paparazzi guy trying to get her tricked into some washed up fake news. Not the time for that, thank youu.

She watched as he left and looked to Cami with a fit of laughter. “What the h*ll?” She said, shaking her head lightly as she cleaned up a few things from the coffee table.

@Nil Camilina x


Senior year. After five years of living in Beryl Heights, going to school with the rest of the class of 2040, it was finally the beginning of senior year. In a matter of months, high school would be over and everyone would go on to make their lives their own. Though, life after high school wasn’t the focus on the mind of many of Logan’s classmates. For Cerulean High, senior year was all about this game called Blue Royalty. It was a game that seemed to thrive in secrets and lies to bring a mere few seniors an easy ticket to success and a well known reputation. For Logan, the lies and deceit of the game certainly weren’t her cup of tea to begin with, and the idea of using a stupid game to win a future of success and luxury certainly did not make the idea any more appealing. Logan was competitive, but that type of a competition wasn’t for her. She’d rather keep football as the major competition for her senior year, then forge her own success, and not have it handed to her on a silver platter like her classmates. Now with first day of classes fast approaching, the vast majority of the senior class would be attending a party. Logan, she wasn’t normally one to attend these events, but she had the night free, so she figured she would go for it and start off the year with everyone else. At that, she left Enrique’s place and made her way to the Rockefeller place. When she got out of her car at, she walked inside with her hands in her pockets, looking at the extravagance of the party, not exactly to her taste, but who knew what was waiting in store, not just for the party, but the entirety of senior year to come.


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Laurel stood at her bathroom mirror, following her typical routine after a shower, carefully replacing her contacts and making sure her hearing aid was actually working. With quickly blow drying her hair and getting ready for the party that she would be heading to in just a short while. She glanced at her phone, seeing that she still had extra time, turned up the volume on the music she had playing then glanced at the most recent art project she had been working on earlier before turning to her computer. After a short while, Laurel’s attention was finally pulled from the computer to a notification on her phone. There they were, the first tasks from Blue Royalty for her senior year of high school. As she was reading them, she didn’t even notice someone step just inside her doorway. “What’s that smirk all about?” At the sound of her voice, Laurel turned down the music volume and looked to the doorway. “Oh, mom, I didn’t see you there.” Laurel said as she closed the computer and turned in her chair to fully face her. “Its my first tasks, so senior year has officially started.” Laurel could see a soft smile on her mom’s face as she stepped closer. “Laurel, remember you don’t have to do those if you don’t want to. Winning isn’t everything.” Laurel simply gave a slight shrug in response. “Yeah mom, I know. You thought you had to win your senior year, but you and uncle Dan didn’t need to. If I don’t win its not the end of the world.” It was at that point, that Laurel felt her mother’s arms around her. “You’re a senior now… It feels like just yesterday that you were just a little girl. You’re growing up too fast on me. I love you.” Laurel returned the hug with an “I love you too, mom.” Her relationship with her mom certainly had its ups and downs, and in certain ways her mom was a complete mess, but in others, Jezebel did things right, so Laurel never had to question if her mom loved her. Laurel paused for just a second to check the time again, before bringing her gaze back to meet Jezebel’s somewhat tear filled eyes. “I know you want me to just stay here and be your little girl, but I better get going now so I can make it to the party.”

After a few more minutes, Laurel was off to the Rockefeller house, a place that held more meaning for her than most of her classmates. It had been 20 years, give or take a couple of days, since the class of 2020 had entered that same house for the party to begin their senior year. It was the place where Jezebel Sloane first spoke to Mikel Lucas, the place where they first kissed. Because of that day 20 years earlier, her parents started talking to each other, and months later Jezebel was pregnant with Laurel. That house was where her parents’ story, however short lived and problematic it was, began nearly 20 years to the day earlier, which meant in a way, it was where her story began as well. Now at 19 years old, it was Laurel’s turn.


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Luck is a woman in gold; beautiful and fair, with a smile like stars seeping through the cracks of corruption. Many watch as she gambles away her breaths in the form of currency, breaching the jackpot.
Luck is mankind’s alibi, but she does not play in Charlotte Bekker’s favour on the 10th of September, as the black car with tinted windows pulls up at the Rockefeller Residence.

Charlie had always adapted well to new surroundings, making friends and talking to strangers was an average pass-time and now, Charlotte was surrounded by people who she didn’t even know. No more sh*tty Dad, no more annoying sister, only freedom.

Exiting the car, she slammed the door behind her, not thanking the driver on her way out. He worked for her Dad anyway and was probably going to just relay her every action back to the snobby man. She had only one rule for the night: to not leave without making a friend. This would be the perfect time for social interaction and putting her best skill to use.

Charlotte entered the party, pushing through the many people in order to reach the drinks table but she was not alone. Their arms are covered with tattoos which make her few look inferior. She looked about 5’6, making Charlie maybe an inch taller too. Charlotte had met many strangers, and this one was HOT. Secretly, she thanked the universe for wearing her short, black, sequin dress that barely covered her bum.

“Hi.” A simple introduction. “I really like your tattoos. They’re really radiating ‘bad boy mafia leader’ on wattpad, and I live for it.”

@raviola - Hera


Satan in a bikini. Trust me, Phoebe would much rather prefer seeing that than what she actually did. Just anything other than that. Don’t get me wrong, she was no stranger to such things and it wasn’t that big of a deal it was just the people participating. Pierce. Her aunties sister. How… no, why are Paige and Jessica related? And shouldn’t she like her because of that? Short answer - no. She was giving Phoebe no reasons to like her and this… only made Phoebe more annoyed. ”I can’t believe you’re asking me for details. Can’t you see I’m in pain just thinking about it?” Playfully pushing away his hands as he tried to hide her little charade, what a good friend should probably do in this situation, she giggled and shook her head, not revealing anything else. Just how scarred she was.

Was there a reason for her not to say anything? Well, yes and no. There were many things she shared with Adlai, one maybe being a little confession of how cute she thought Elio was so maybe she didn’t want to say it aloud and remind herself she was being stupid. Stupid because in a way she was chasing something, someone who didn’t want anything to do with her? Or she was just being a decent person for once and wanted to think about it first before she ruined Elio’s relationship with Lenora… but wasn’t that the whole point? She despised Lenora. It was a perfect opportunity… Hard decision to make. But even if she did tell him it wouldn’t make much difference, who knows what Aj might do with that information she just knew he wouldn’t do anything to put her in a bad situation. So at first Phoebe ignored his curiosity and slightly smirked at him mentioning this year was going to be wild. It was going to be wild. She’ll make it wild for herself at least. ”I can see you trying so hard. I’ve never seen you in black, you should wear it more often,” matching his energy, she sweetly smiled at him bringing her hand up to fix his chains before chuckling at him telling her to do a little spin. ”I don’t want to… but if you insist…” She jokingly started, spinning slowly in between her words, really trying to show off.

”Okay, listen,” resting her elbows on the bar, Phoebe leaned in closer to Aj as if she was going to tell him the biggest secret. ”Right outside. Literally right outside there was a car and I casually looked at it. Just, you know… casually. That’s when I noticed a guy… Now who was this guy? Oh boy…” A loud sigh leaving her lips, making the story unnecessarily long which might’ve been mistake because she soon heard a voice coming from the side. She soon saw the guy standing right next to them with drinks in his hands a stupid smile. Sh!t. Maybe she wasn’t supposed to be expecting him not to follow her. ”Oh Eliooo, buddy, it’s been a while. Nice to see you again and how nice of you to bring us this, wow…” A big forced smile on her face, Phoebe for a second placed her hand on his shoulder before taking a glass from him and getting just a tiny bit serious, still joking around and avoiding what she knew was coming. ”You know I’m a minor, right? We can both get in trouble for this but I guess you have other things on your mind…” Which didn’t stop her from subtly mentioning what she’d seen… ok, she wasn’t trying at all to avoid that conversation with him. ”Excuse me while I just…” Smiling shortly at him, she brought a glass to her lips and downed yet another drink, placing down that empty glass. “Wash down the disgust I’m feeling.” With that she glanced at Aj as a little sign that the guy she was talking about was the guy that approached them - Elio. “You were saying? Oh yes, a word with me. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind Aj being here, we were kind of talking about something very important… And you two know each other, don’t you? So I see no problem with that… go on.” Putting on a sweet smile, she looked between the two, before letting her gaze set on Elio and see what he was going to do.

@Aesthetic - Aj
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Cami did not know how to process what just happened. She watched silent and confused as a boy hurried out of a house that’s not hers, hand holding her phone, which recorded the whole thing. Yes; apparently, her first instinct when she got up with the false alarm of having an intruder was to get her phone and click on the camera. Well, what do you expect of her? In her defense, if they ended up dead, at least people could look through her phone and easily find out the suspect. Though, she did grab a second thing to use as “weapon,” which was used to give Jack a not-so-nice souvenir on this forehead. Don’t worry though, it was just a slipper.

Rubbing her eyes, she started laughing along with Victoria. This crazy start was the fruit, though it’s more of a continuation, of yesterday. “What was that?” she said, laughing in between words as she turned off the recording of the phone. She was about to shut it off to help Victoria clean up around the house, but decided she shouldn’t when she saw a number in red popping above the messages icon.

She had completely forgotten about a really important event on this day. Her eyes widened in realization, looking up at Victoria. “Hey, oh my God, I almost forgot!” she said, swiping and clicking on her phone through the messages. “The senior party is later!” She couldn’t contain the excitement; it was more than obvious in her voice, and she didn’t plan on hiding it either. She is finally a senior, and though that itself and alone is exciting, she was more thrilled about the famous Blue Royalty game that her family used to play and win… except for France, who, until today, is still salty that she did not win. Even though she doesn’t make it obvious, Cami could see through it whenever the woman tried to talk to her into not joining the game because “it’s useless. Look at me, I’m more successful than those who won. Like, name all of them. I’m sure you don’t know.” If Cami was to be honest, though, she feels like France only did that so that she wouldn’t surpass her.

“What to wear, what to wear…” she muttered, trying to bring her choices in. Cami being Cami, of course she’d bring clothes more than necessary to a sleepover. A month’s worth of clothes for lesser than a day’s worth of not being home. Pocketing her phone, she walked to Vic and helped with what she carried. “You’re gonna come, right?” she asked as she walked to the kitchen.

@aesthetic - Victoria

You can fastforward to the party if you wanttt :eyes: