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Welcome to Blue Royalty, the game that tests your limits and loyalties. The prize? The most distinguished and established title someone could earn, a place on The Blue Bloods. But, this is a game, and your place on there is anything but permanent. The everlasting race to get to the top will break your relationships and shape you as a person forever - are you in?

So here is the thread equivalent to the Blue Royalty website attempted to be maintained last time, where there will be Blue Bloods updates, and (hopefully) general blog posts that will expose secrets. I WILL ALSO make each blog post editable so that you can add character (or anonymous) comments under them, here is the layout for them:

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New Year, New Blood — 9/20/39
Tonight’s exclusive party, as well as introducing the game of Blue Royalty, cordially invites the Senior Year of 2040. Invites come alongside with a reflection of what it truly means to be a winner, in the form of the first set of tasks, that would be advantageous to complete, for the stroke of midnight will bring the first Blue Blood list. But, for now, I say welcome and good luck, because this game is a dangerous one, where the people you thought you knew become strangers, your closest friends will be your competitors, and five of you will become Blue Royalty.


Comments (53)

Amelia Grace Have fun everyone!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Enrique Montoya Amelia Grace Surprised that you know what fun is, kid.

Enrique Montoya Sad - it’ll be a boring party without me
Phoebe Renee Enrique Montoya I think we’ll survive hun bun (:
Enrique Montoya Phoebe Renee Aww I always loved your passive aggressiveness. It’s adorable. Can’t wait to spend all of next year stuck with it now that you’re somehow a senior (:
Phoebe Renee Enrique Montoya It would’ve been a boring senior year without me (:
Enrique Montoya Phoebe Renee Debatable babe.
Phoebe Renee Enrique Montoya Yeahhh, don’t call me that. Thank you
Enrique Montoya Phoebe Renee Adorable or Babe? need to be more specific Phoebe.
Phoebe Renee Enrique Montoya Hm, both, Enrique.
Enrique Montoya Phoebe Renee We’ll see.

Paige Pierce Yawn I’ve been to better parties
Phoebe Renee Paige Pierce Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I got a feeling you liked it
Paige Pierce Phoebe Renee I guess you can’t tell everything from being a peeping tom? Enjoy your lame party love.

Ezekiel Griffin is there food?
Elio Esposito Ezekiel Griffin not sure if it’s any good but I found the drinks!
Ezekiel Griffin Elio Esposito thank you my love

Mateo Perez Hi everyone. Don’t know if this is the place for this but I’m selling a couch. It’s clean I promise. I negotiate. 150$? Anyone? :slight_smile:
Ezekiel Griffin Mateo Perez 120$?
Mateo Perez Ezekiel Griffin I counter with 155$
Abbie Lane Mateo Perez But… what is your definition of clean?
Ezekiel Griffin Mateo Perez 140$ and two boxes of pizza?
Mateo Perez Ezekiel Griffin $160 and 4 boxes of pizza, 2 boxes of breadsticks, and my dog, coco.
Ezekiel Griffin Mateo Perez wait, do i get your dog?
Mateo Perez Ezekiel Griffin Yes :innocent:
Phoebe Renee Ezekiel Griffin You pay and I’ll take the dog! Nice working with you
Mateo Perez Ezekiel Griffin DEAL he has the eyes of a killer. I’LL PAY
Mateo Perez Ezekiel Griffin

Ezekiel Griffin Mateo Perez ill think about it, but good offer
Mateo Perez Ezekiel Griffin PLEASE I’LL PAY MORE
Ezekiel Griffin Mateo Perez can you clone that dog, i want two
Mateo Perez Ezekiel Griffin My cloning machine just broke :frowning:
Ezekiel Griffin Mateo Perez how unprofessional. 11/10 dont recommend
Sienna Esposito Ezekiel Griffen Don’t trust him on the clean factor!
Mateo Perez Sienna Esposito :sob: YOU’RE RUINING MY DEAL SIENNA :sob:

Ezekiel Griffin another question
Ezekiel Griffin what should i wear?
Mateo Perez Ezekiel Griffin Your birthday suit with some clothes on top :stuck_out_tongue:
Victoria Rinaldi what’s wrong with just the birthday suit :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Mateo Perez
Ezekiel Griffin yes whats wrong with that :((

Aj Morrison say hi to jimmy b*tches
Annie Williams hi to jimmy b^tches
Mateo Perez AJ Morrison Trade jimmy for coco?
Aj Morrison Annie Williams jimmy is laughing
Aj Morrison Mateo Perez how dare you :hocho: give me the dog — ill keep jimmy, then i give coco to Phoebe Renee and you give me 2 mil, sound fair?
Phoebe Renee Someone PLEASE take Jimmy I don’t want to see him again
Phoebe Renee Aj Morrison I say yes to your plan, just not that keeping Jimmy part

Cami Auclair PARTY TIMEEEE this better be one good party (and also good luck…) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Ezekiel Griffin :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Alex Beaumont-Stokes WOOHOOO PARTY TIME!! Can’t wait to see evreyone
Phoebe Renee Can’t wait to see you sugar plum

Hartley Bowie Excited for my first party at Beryl!! EEK im nervy! got a welcoming committee???
Phoebe Renee :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


New Year, Same Old Drama — 9/20/39
written by @benitz786

You know how they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree? Well - let me just tell you, many of you should look in the mirror because all I see is the same old mistakes your parents made in the game. The clock’s ticking, and if you want to be Blue Royalty, you have to have to get your head in the game. Here are some examples of what not to do.

  1. Elio, sweetie, maybe don’t get a blow job in front of the entire school and then be surprised that people saw you? Just, maybe.
  2. But at least it’s not as bad as having sex with someone you just met… don’t forget Hera and Charlie, there are eyes everywhere
  3. Has anyone even seen Mariana? Or did the legacy, herself, get scared away by a little party?

Anyways - have fun, players, and finish those tasks if you want to be the best of the best.

Comments (28)

Enrique Montoya Great boyfriend you have there, Lenora.
Elio Esposito Enrique Montoya F off
Enrique Montoya Elio Esposito Are you saying I’m wrong? Because let’s be honest - you’re a piece of sh!t.
Elio Esposito Enrique Montoya thanks for your opinion, means a lot coming from you.
Enrique Montoya Elio Esposito Awe I’m glad. Have fun with all of this :fu:

Mateo Perez Um… I’m also selling a very clean pillow. Please message to buy.

Elio Esposito uhhh
Lenora Foley Elio Esposito nothing else to say?
Elio Esposito Lenora Foley really want to do this here???
Phoebe Renee :popcorn:
Lenora Foley Elio Esposito yeah, actually, i would love to see how you pull this one off
Elio Esposito Lenora Foley you are the one who wanted the break this time!!!
Lenora Foley Elio Esposito oh, it’s my fault, then
Elio Esposito Lenora Foley ok. I definitely did not say that Len.
Elio Esposito Lenora Foley it’s mine.
Enrique Montoya Lenora Foley Guess Karma’s real huh?

Paige Pierce Anyone pressed about a blow job probably has never had a blow job in their life. Chill tf out.
Ezekiel Griffin support

Elinorashipper :broken_heart::broken_heart:
Enrique Montoya Who else believes that Elio just got another account to say this lmao?

Kaya McAllister-Drake ah sorry Annie is chillin in my basement I didn’t let y’all know
Annie Williams Kaya McAllister-Drake u okay if i come out for a sec? blue royalty is missing me apparently
twinsrok new couple update :eyes:
Annie Williams twinsrok don’t tell anyone tho
Kaya McAllister-Drake Annie Williams I think they’re onto us
Annie Williams Kaya McAllister-Drake deny deny deny

Cassie Drake Are we not gonna talk about how Lenora came to the party with JP and they looked hella close? I mean… maybe Elio’s not the only one at fault you know?
Sienna Esposito :clap:t3::clap:t3:
Lenora Foley Cassie Drake u have no idea what ur talking about
Ezekiel Griffin i told you all hes a simp

Hera Zhou Not that it’s anyone’s business, we didn’t do anything wrong. And for the record, I’m sure Elio and Mariana don’t deserve this negative attention either.

Victoria Rinaldi uhh, who actually cares?
Cami Auclair Victoria Rinaldi For real it’s 2039 :yawning_face: whoever wrote this is clearly wearing adult diapers

Mireya Mischief since when were they dating?



Hot/Not List (First Senior Party) Pt I — 9/20/39
written by @benitz786

Here with another update about our lovely players and associates - here’s this party’s Hot/Not list. Did you all forget that we are always watching? I hope not. And for that reason - let’s start with the top 3 “Not’s”.

In 3rd Place, please welcome the lovely Clara Weston-Lucier. For a girl whose family holds photographers and models… what are you wearing? This isn’t a costume contest babe, and we’re not at a 5th-grade ballet recital.

Coming in 2nd Place, we have the man who can’t keep his pants up - Elio Esposito.
Darling, your look (with your pants up or down) was just not it today. Do better.

And finally - at the very top; Hello Victoria Rinaldi. Drinks are supposed to be sipped, not worn.

We here at Blue Royalty would like to remind everyone that appearances matter. And as these three individuals were clearly not up to par, we’ll be deducting 5 points for your blue royalty progress.

Stay in tune for our top 3 Hot’s.

Comments (12)

Phoebe Renee I personally think Elio looks fine
Enrique Montoya Phoebe Renee I personally think you’re wrong

Reuben Pascual I came here in a clown costume, I think my friends are fine

Sammy Mbogo People can express themselves however they want!

Victoria Rinaldi So, someone elses spill is worse than a whole clown costume? Please don’t get into fashion judging anytime soon :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Reuben Pascual Victoria Rinaldi agree

Sienna Esposito Whoever wrote this I assume has a closet of a 7 year old. Have you seen what some of the other people showed up in tonight?! Not the list imagined but ok
Elijah Morgan Victoria looks hot ngl
Charlotte Bekker Elijah Morgan Are you blind?

Amelia Grace This is just… mean.

Cami Auclair Oof :flushed: tbh Vic looks good even after a spill (and how the hell did a spill put her into the top? didn’t know drinks are clothes now?) and so does the other people. Someone clearly needs a lecture on fashion :kissing:
Ezekiel Griffin go off cami



Hot/Not List (First Senior Party) Pt II — 9/20/39
written by @benitz786

As possible winners of Blue Royalty, everyone should keep in mind that presentation is everything. After all, you can’t be considered top of the social ladder when you can’t even wear the part. So why don’t we talk about who looks the part today.

In third place, welcome Mireya Mischief - a girl who knows how to serve looks. After all, a party is never just a party. Everyone else would do well to remember that. Though sweetie, the shoes brought the outfit down to third place. Remember - the entire outfit matters.

In second place, Veronica Charlotte Parker made a big statement in red one piece. We all love a power suit and at this party, VC turned heads.

And finally, in first place, sits the lovely Phoebe Taylor-DeLoughrey. See Victoria, darling, you can wear white without getting a drink all over it.

As a prize, these three lovely girls will be getting an additional 5 points in their progress to becoming Blue Royalty. For everyone else - do better.

Stay in tune for the first list of New Bloods.

Comments (5)

Amelia Grace AHHH IT’S MY SISTER :heart:
Phoebe Renee Amelia Grace And that’s my ass :stuck_out_tongue:
Amelia Grace Phoebe Renee It’s a damn good ass, sis.

Phoebe Renee But wow, thank you

Veronica Charlotte Parker Can’t say I’m surprised

Sammy Mbogo Congratulations y’all!!!

Sienna Esposito VC IS THE HOTTEST



Blue Bloods (Update I) — 9/27/39

The first list of victorious seniors has officially arrived. My suggestion? Make these people your top priority to befriend and impress. To the temporary winners, I say congratulations, but stay cautious, your earned position is a highly desired one and so your place is fragile. Will you be able to maintain it?


Phoebe Renee Taylor-DeLoughrey @astxrism


Diego Ricardo Montoya @Littlefeets


Nakamura Tsumuji @Kristi


Zhilan Hu @Nil


Embry Thompson @Caticorn

Comments (10)

Phoebe Renee :)
Abbie Johnson Phoebe Renee Ew how did you even get first?
Phoebe Renee Abbie Johnson Not by being rude like you

Veronica Charlotte Parker enjoy it while it lasts babes
Abbie Johnson Veronica Charlotte Parker As if you could even get up there.

Destiny Howard Go, Diego, Go! Also Congrats Embry! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Finley Wolf How adorable
Enrique Montoya Finley Wolf Aren’t they?

Ezekiel Griffin hey i know them
Enrique Montoya Ezekiel Griffin Hey no sh!t. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.



Trick or Treat? — 10/31/39

All Hallows’ Eve, the one day of the year it’s socially acceptable to become someone else: although some of us don’t need to dress up to become a witch, and the only ghosts around are the one’s of trick’s past that will come back to haunt some this fateful night. But, the stroke of midnight brings the witching hour’s end, the costumes of the weird and wonderful, but shocking and evil, characters are taken off and everything returns to the way it was. That is, except, for the one’s that weren’t pretending. Because every day is Halloween, isn’t it? For some of us.

Our contribution of the night; a venue and a challenge. An overnight stay in the haunted mansion, Atrox Manor, renowned for supernatural activity, which is fitting for the Cerulean High Seniors. With this night we give you only one rule: to stay in the assigned groups. Aside from that, we grant you free rein to mess with the house, the ‘spirits’ haunting, and each other.

Remember, it’s Halloween. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Comments (7)

Veronica Charlotte Parker 24/7 witch is present :raising_hand_woman:t2:
Enrique Montoya Veronica Charlotte Parker Both in costume, and in real life.
Veronica Charlotte Parker Enrique Montoya Sounds about right

Enrique Montoya “Stay in your assigned groups” what is this, an Elementary school field trip? Fck off.
Hera Zhou Enrique Montoya You have to behave or you won’t get any candy smh

Sammy Mbogo working on the protection spells rn. Also, who said all witches were bad? :smirk:

Ezekiel Griffin :ghost:



Truth Time — 11/01/39

After their Blue Blood victory, Embry, Zhilan, Tsumuji, Diego and Phoebe have been sitting way too comfortably at the top for over a month now - and we think it’s time to make a change to that. What happens when we take off the masks and see who they really are? Because, after all, everyone has a right to know the kind of people they are putting on a pedestal, and to give the opportunity to make own judgements on whether they deserve to actually stay there.

Let’s begin with Embry Thompson. I’m sure you all are aware of her violent and aggressive nature? And how she beat up and got into a fight with a random person? No? Oh, that’s right, of course, everything can be covered up and you don’t have to face consequences for anything when you’ve got daddy’s wallet at you’re beck and call.

Who’s next… Zhilan Hu - whom I’ve heard has began an addiction to drugs, so if you were looking for anything, I’m sure she’s willing to share - and Nakamura Tsumuji, the beautiful, innocent virgin Mary. Though does virgin include sleeping around for the benefit of her father’s career? That is an interesting tactic to strengthen business partner’s loyalties to him.

And I’m sure everyone’s caught up with the happy family fallout. In case anyone missed it, Diego Montoya ended the Hallowe’en bust up with the claim that Enrique didn’t seem like a brother to them - though maybe there was more truth in that then what meets the eye? Call it just general pettiness, but perhaps Ricky’s withdrawals have been an enforcement of the natural separation between them.

Finally, Phoebe Taylor-DeLoughrey. Really, the only problem here is deciding which one to bring up first. Let’s start with ex-friend Sienna Esposito, with dreams to start a fashion line but were put to an abrupt stop when her past caught up to her. Except, there wasn’t ever a past, only Phoebe and a fake report made by the one and only. Hope you didn’t quit your day job, though, Sienna.

Well, we hope this shed some light on the people you thought you knew. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more where that came from, it’s probably about time to realise how little you know about the people around you.

Just a final word for the rest of the competitors, those who didn’t stick to the rule of staying with your group during Hallowe’en will face a five point deduction. Other than that, hope the game is treating you well, maybe you’ll get your time up there someday.

Comments (4)

Ezekiel Griffin :((

Enrique Montoya It’s fine, Diego’s right :slight_smile:
Phoebe Renee Care to explain? I think we are all interested

Amelia Grace Hey leave them alone…

@ NewBlood


Happy Birthday — 11/12/39
written by @benitz786

Birthdays: don’t we all just love them? And today just happens to have celebrations x 3. So, Happy Birthday Montoya’s - don’t say I never gave you a gift because here it is. The gift of secrets, lies, and cheaters.

  1. Oh don’t we all love Elio Esposito? I know Lenora, Ezekiel, and JP definitely do after their Halloween night group pairings. Oh, and we definitely know how much Erique loves him too. So here’s a fun fact - did you know right after he had a temper tantrum, Elio went right after another one of Ricky’s exes and fcked Veronica Charlotte until daylight crept in? Ricky, it seems like you and Elio really do have similar taste in women. Take it as a compliment - it’s cute. Or maybe that’s just in the Parker bloodline, because Olivia Gardiner also took her time lip-locked with a taken man, Mason Mitchell - sorry not sorry Sienna. But don’t worry about Ricky, everyone, we hear he’s having the time of his life leaving Beryl this morning with Annie in his car… suspicious wouldn’t you say? Either way, Happy Birthday Enrique.
  2. Talking about Annie; did you all know she just gained a new step sister? How cute is that? We love when the two most fcked up girls in school become siblings. Isn’t that right Laurel? We here at blue royalty just have one question - are we invited to the wedding? And let us guess, Is Laurel’s plus one Raphael? We’re only asking since the two also ended up fcking Halloween night - but Raph, how would you feel if we told you that Laurel was just using you for points? Oops. Happy Birthday, Raphael.
  3. Finally, we can’t forget about little ol’ Diego who has the most obvious crush on Phoebe Taylor-DeLoughrey. Well, Diego, how would you feel if we told you that your crush was just - as Jenkins232 noted - “basically made a p0rn film in the school hallway.” Seems even Phoebe likes her fair share of “bad boys.” Talking about the Taylor-DeLoughrey twins, it seems like divorce is in the air with their father’s newest post. Are we surprised? Not in the least - though, for all the boys who put Elodie DeLoughrey’s photo in the locker room, here’s your chance. Happy Birthday, Deigo.

Oh and just a bonus as a triplet birthday gift? We hear that little Isabella Montoya has been sending nudes out. Wouldn’t you all just hate it if those got… leaked?

Comments (10)

Mason Mitchell Do me a favor, stay out of my business.

Phoebe Renee I had fun :') Don’t drag my parents into this.
Finley Klein Phoebe Renee Thanks for that
Amelia Grace OHHHhhh

Finley Klein Go Ricky

Ezekiel Griffin this is cruel, delete it

Mateooooo VC? :pleading_face:

Phoebe Renee Montoyas, defend your little sister

Raphael Montoya Talk about be all you want but don’t fcking talk about my sister

Veronica Charlotte Parker Liv’s not even a parker you idiots. But speaking of the Parker bloodline, do me a favour, stay out of my business and don’t pss me off
Mateooooo Okay… I will :sneezing_face:

Elio Esposito :woman_shrugging:t3:
Mateooooo …oh…okay…
Phoebe Renee damn

Diego Montoya Don’t touch Isabella. She has nothing to do with any of this. What you say about me doesn’t matter, but don’t mess with my family.

Laurel Parker Does it f***ing matter why I had sex with Raph? I mean, who wouldn’t want to if they had the chance?
Raphael Montoya do it for points or no points, I don’t care as long as I have fun from the plan

@ NewBlood


Blue Royalty’s Present to the Bride and Groom — 12/14/39
written by @benitz786

Aww, look at the bride and groom saying “I do” - how adorable. Can Blue Royalty just start by saying, thank you for the invite Mr. and Mrs. Williams? Well, now that we’re here and we have the pleasantries out of the way, is it a little late to say that we object? Well… technically we don’t need to “object” exactly, but just… add on to the nuptials. After all, Jezebel Williams, you have your something old, blue, and borrowed so let us bless this wedding with something new.

By something new, of course, we mean new to all of the wedding guests. Why don’t we start with the Bride and Groom’s own kids? How disappointing is it when the groom’s own daughter decides to skip the wedding? Though, we guess it’s a damn good thing she’s adopted because apparently, all the other Williams kids decided to show up, including soon-to-be Williams, Laurel Parker. Oh wait… she’s not going to be a Williams, or even a Parker for much longer. Rather, our sources found that Laurel recently went to the County Clerk’s Office to change her last name to “Lucas”. We here at Blue Royalty are believers in giving back to our community, so Laurel, our gift to you is expediting this process so starting today, you are Laurel Lucas. Congrats! Talk about an awkward family dinner later…

Since we’re already talking about Jezebel’s family, it would be hard to ignore Veronica Charlotte Parker, Jezebel’s darling niece… especially when that family tree is soon to be growing. And no, we don’t mean the fact that your mom, Valerie Wood is pregnant, or that your cousin, Jessica DeLoughrey, is pregnant, or even that Jezebel Williams, the bride herself, is pregnant. Apparently, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Valerie and Daniel, since your own little angel is also knocked up. Any bets on the baby daddy? Clearly, there’s more than one contender: Elio Esposito, Mateo Perez, and Enrique Montoya.

Apparently, there’s a lot of sex going around at this wedding, and we don’t just mean the type to knock someone up… though maybe there will be a few more people at this wedding that’ll give birth in 9 months. Why don’t we start with Finley Klein sleeping with Nora McAllister - and yes, we mean Cerulean High teacher, Nora McAllister. Apparently, having sex with someone twice your age is what happens when you have “mommy” and “daddy” issues, isn’t that right, Fin? Don’t worry, from what we remember, Nora’s in the same boat which is probably why she fcked you too. Nora, sweetie, I hope you are ready to look for a new job - schools don’t usually like it when you sleep with the students and we’ve graciously made it public knowledge for you. Maybe it’s a good thing that not all the McAllister’s can get knocked up, isn’t that right Kaya? Infertility can be amazing when you think about all the terrible parents there are about to be in the room with you. Oh… were you keeping that to yourself? Too bad. Talking about sex, it seems like there’s someone even feistier than you, Fin, and it’s not exactly someone anyone would expect. Isn’t that right, Eduard Flynn? Is that sex tape with Paige Pierce still just sitting in your house? Sweetie, what happens in a school classroom doesn’t exactly stay in a school classroom - especially when you two aren’t exactly quiet. Talking about having sex in public places, it seems like Eddie’s best friend, Amelia, seems to be on a similar path - after all, having sex with JP during the wedding doesn’t seem very innocent of that Taylor-DeLoughrey. Well, imagine our surprise when blue royalty found out that Amelia Grace turned even sex into the most innocent thing it can be - after all, what would you call Amelia asking JP to have sex with her so she could learn… well… everything. Our resident good girl turned sex into a schedule - and we have the pictures to prove it. Thank you Phoebe for taking those photos for us - we truly couldn’t have figured this out without your help.

Amelia's Diary

Though, we can’t exactly blame Amelia after her mother seemingly left her father… though Phoebe was a little too daft to pick up on that huh? Don’t worry, that’s why we’re right here to tell you all. Rumor has it that Riker Taylor-DeLoughrey requested for divorce papers to be drafted up by his lawyer. Though clearly, that’s not the only family issue in the room since Alexander Beaumont is visiting his darling father in a mental institution and even helped him escape. Oh… sorry Madelaine, did you not know your son had figured out who his father was, and with the help of Phoebe, gotten him out? Maybe if Amelia was still friends with him, she would have talked him out of that… but oops, she’s a little too busy fcking JP in every which way.

Ahh, isn’t it interesting how a wedding filled with so much love has guests that are filled with so much hate? Though, can we blame Enrique Montoya - after all - how would you react if you found out that the Montoya triplets didn’t exist because you, yourself, were actually adopted? Hurts doesn’t it, Enrique? We’d say go turn to Lenora or Veronica Charlotte - but clearly, no one wants you. Not your own family who gave you away, not your brothers since… well… they’re not your brothers, and clearly not anyone in your love life since that’s always gone to sht. Though don’t worry, Enrique, you’re not the only person whose life is absolute sht. Just ask the person who fcked your ex, Lenora, Ezekiel Griffin. I mean, he is, after all, living out of a hotel and sleeping with girls for money. Tell us, Kaya, are you and your father missing any cash? I’d go take a look at your valuables. But hey, if you’re looking for a roomy, don’t forget that Fin also has daddy problems Zek. I see bestie material right here.

It seems like a lot of people in the room have mommy and or daddy problems, so don’t fret you two. Specifically, the Weston-Lucier’s clearly have daddies problems - though what can we expect when your former dad was a druggie, and your biological dad is also such a sht show. Maybe a few more of us should ask where Amanda really was for the past few months… we here at blue royalty truly realize that she takes after Maverick Weston, but then again, you’re not very innocent in the first place are you Amanda? What about Clara? Well, wouldn’t you be surprised that daddy’s little angel is anorexic? Though… have you seen her? It’s not hard to guess. Don’t worry Clara, you can go reach out to Hera Zhou and become anorexic buddies since she’s in the same boat as you. The only difference, Hera got there by a bit more liposuction than you.

Though we may be attending the wedding, we here at blue royalty do hope that those not in attendance didn’t forget about us. Though, not getting an invite doesn’t exactly put you in our good graces - just look at Fin who snuck in. Even he knows where people of class should be during a day like this. To that, all we can say is do better. In any case, Karen darling, don’t kill another goldfish at the carnival okay? After all - since poisoning a class pet seems to be your forte… we can only wonder if that skill translates to poisoning people you consider friends… or even enemies. Though, Karen, if you ever need help - feel free to reach out to Hades Lucas-Astor. Seems as if he has a knack for killing people just like you do for animals - after all, what would you all call almost killing your cousin with your bare hands? Oh, Hades, darling, also, if you are looking for more drugs for your mother, Gabriella, we truly suggest you reach out to Ezekiel Griffin… or maybe even look into Julian Paul Medina… though we wouldn’t be surprised if your mother is already in contact with those two… maybe double-check that she’s not also fcking Fin.

Anyways, I hope the bride and groom enjoyed our gift to you all. We truly hope you have a long and prosperous marriage… unlike the last time with Sadie Monroe who we found leaving the wedding a little early after a little chat with Jordan Williams. Seems, Jordan really is in it for the long haul, Jezebel. What a lucky bride.

Comments (19)

Ricky Montoya Oh fck the hell off. 1. 100% not the baby daddy over here, but I’m not fcking surprised VC got herself pregnant with probably Elio’s kid. Have fun you two. 2. My family business is not yours so shut the fck up and go to hell.

Elijah Morgan Wow. Do you get paid for this?

Eryx Astor Say whatever the fck you want to say about me but live my mum out of this you assh0les. Also do you even know the full story of ‘almost killing my cousin’ or what the f*ck you said, no? Then stfu

Destiny Howard Making fun of anorexia? Really?

Karen Hunter I didn’t think anyone would…find out about that :persevere:

AriLee Wait Ricky is adopted?
Ricky Montoya AriLee Mind your own fcking business Ari.

Mason Mitchell You had to do this in the middle of a wedding? What the actual fck.
Finley Klein Mason Mitchell What a shame.

Embry Thompson You people really have nothing better to do.

Quinn Castillo Looks like you surprised me Amelia
Paige Pierce Quinn Castillo Aww is “the” Quinn Castillo actually interested in something other than himself for once? Looks like you surprised me, Quinn.

Ezekiel Griffin party at my room this week? :partying_face:
Paige Pierce Ezekiel Griffin See you there darling.

Florence Carter Always knew Parker’s suck
Daniel Parker Florence Carter I suggest you watch your fcking mouth, “Florence Carter.” At least us Parker’s stick together, but who actually even wants you - fcking street rat? Flounce your pretend designer clothes all you want (because yes, I have access to your shopping records) but you’ll never be up to par in status or class with us Parkers. Next time, sweetie, watch what comes out of your mouth because that’s not the only thing I found out about you within 1.2 seconds of looking into your history.
Paige Pierce Florence Carterl I’d warn you about saying that, but I think my cousin has that covered.

Kaya McAllister-Drake Sure whatever

Raphael Montoya It’s funny if you think me and Diego don’t want him. You guys are delusional

Finley Klein Oops? Hey Hades, where can I find your mother?
Mason Mitchell Finley Klein Hey maybe don’t be a prick about this? You literally just ruined a teacher’s career, assh0le.
Finley Klein Mason Mitchell It takes two to ruin that career.
Eryx Astor Finley Klein She’s married to my dad and other mom you freak, stay away from her.
Finley Klein Eryx Astor Ouch.
Paige Pierce Finley Klein Oh it’s a big mommy fetish at that too.

Diego Montoya This doesn’t change anything about Enrique being our family. Adopted or not he’s still my brother. Always has been, and always will be.
Paige Pierce[color=4380bf] Diego Montoya/color] But he won’t. Not really and clearly Ricky understands that obvious fact.

Adonis Loverhack Eryx Astor Don’t take it the wrong way and try to kill me cough not that i think you would but is your aunt single? The young one?

Tsumuji This was mean :frowning_face:

Amelia Grace That’s…that was private…you can’t…share that…

Paige Pierce Well isn’t this the highlight of the day. Not the sh!t about my family, of course, but I have to admit, everything else was golden. Not surprised that Annie skipped the wedding - I’m just waiting for her father to disown her so I have 0 connection to that girl. Fin sleeping with someone twice his age? Color me shocked that he has a mommy fetish - I always thought he was gay. Trust me, Blue Royalty, My sex tape is probably the most interesting thing in Eddie’s house right now but awwww look at Amie trying to be a bad girl. It’s so cute. Also Clara, go eat a biscuit darling.

Sammy Mbogo I feel bad for whoever runs Blue Royalty. Their lives must be so pathetic to pick on kids for fun. Sending them good vibes <3

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Blue Bloods (Update II) — 9/26/39

Time to bring on the second set of successful seniors, the live view of previous Blue Bloods’ fall from grace as they failed to maintain. Congratulations to the winners. For now. As warned before, don’t get too comfortable, the seniors following close behind will be ready to ruthlessly take a place at the top.


Daiane Meyer @unsungcheerio


Laurel Parker @Littlefeets



Diego Montoya @Littlefeets


Ezekiel Griffin @astxrism


Elio Esposito @Madilnel


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Veronica Charlotte Parker love my girls on the top there :star_struck::raised_hands:t4:

Hera Zhou Congrats Blue Bloods!! :blue_heart:

Raphael Montoya Champ

Julian Paul Medin Elio though? You’ve got to be shtting me

Kaya McAllister Drake can’t say I dislike this group
Jackie William Whitlock I agree, with Kaya, like why are they all hot? :hot_face:

Elio Esposito ummm how?
Elio Esposito also what a great choice of a pic, I’m literally 14 in it lol
Julian Paul Medina Clearly it was your peak. Just getting worse ever since
Elio Esposito only relevant Julian is a lemur, how’s it feel to be less than a damn monkey?
Julian Paul Medina at least king Julian is a king. Elio though? You’re basically nothing
Elio Esposito you do know monkeys eat their own feces right….

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Roses are Red, Violets are Blue… Let’s break up a relationship…or two. — 2/14/40

We all know what time of year it is; it’s the perfect time for men on Wallstreet to buy flowers and chocolate for both their wives and mistresses and hopefully this time, they’re not too drunk or high to mix the cards up… thank god for secretaries. However, don’t get us wrong, we all know the old men on Wallstreet stereotype starts somewhere, and we here at blue royalty are here to tell you that for many of you, it starts right here at Cerulean High. After all, manipulation is simply part of the game, and we don’t mean the blue royalty game, we mean one that is far more… dangerous and lucrative: Love. So, let’s dedicate a little hurrah to love… well… manipulation … after all, it’s the exact same thing right?

Let’s start with Ives Mulligan; as cute as your relationship with Clara Lucier has been, it may be time to cut the roses and the sh!t and tell her that your relationship was built on lies. After all, who wouldn’t do something for a few extra points from yours dearest? Oops… did we ruin your Valentine’s plans? Well, since we’ve already started down this path of relationship destruction, we should mention that Ives wasn’t the only one intermingling love with more… important affairs. Daiane Meyer, yes, we’re talking about you and your oh so adorable relationship with Embry Thompson. We find it so ironic that Embry was on the list not so long ago, and then after a little task from Daiane involving confessing her feelings (or, should we say, our made-up ones) and kissing you, she jumped up to first, moving poor little Embry off the list. Sweetie, you’re not as important to your Valentine’s as you thought you were. Finally on our Valentine’s hit list, Mason Mitchell. We hope we weren’t the only ones to notice that Mason has been a little more distant to Sienna Esposito lately, and a bit closer Olivia Gardiner. Well, from what we hear, this isn’t the first time Mason’s fcked around with other girls, and maybe even guys? Tell us, Mason - has your relationship just been a joke from the start, because from what we hear, you recently tried to kiss Sienna’s brother. It’s okay to come out of the metaphorical closet, sweetie, you don’t need to pretend to be in love with one Esposito when really, you’re in love with another. Trust us, there are quite a few people on that list including Lenora and Veronica Charlotte who can talk you through it.

Back to the topic of love. Honestly, we all know it can come in many forms - just ask Annie and Paige whose blood test showed they’re family. Do we see some sisterly bonding this Valentine’s day? Though, after a little digging, we’ve found that the mother of the two is none only than Anna Pierce. Guess we know where the mental instability stems from for the two of you, isn’t that right?

What about the love of a father and son? It truly is supposed to be unbreakable, though, if you ask dear old Finely Klein, he can tell you the opposite. Though, is it really father/son if he’s not really your father, Fin?

What’s our advice for you seniors? Always be skeptical - because love equates to hurt, and we here at Blue Royalty only take the top of the pack who were smart enough to protect themselves from heartbreak.

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Finley Klein Thank God
Enrique Klein So… am I still a Klein?
Finley Klein We need a new last name
Enrique Klein How about Daredevil? It has a ring to it. Finley and Enrique Daredevil.
Finley Daredevil It sure does

Paige Pierce Check your facts, sweetie. Anna’s my sister.
Finley Klein Seems like you’re wrong
Paige Pierce I’m sorry, shouldn’t you be busy with someone’s mom? Go do that, and us grownups will actually talk sweetie.
Destiny Howard How are y’all even related

Mason Mitchell Fake News
Finley Klein I believe in it. Oh I do
Mason Mitchell You know nothing, Fin.

Mateo Perez Woah, I could become a secretary?
Ezekiel Griffin i dont think you can :((

Destiny Howard Mason is just feeding the website at this point
Finley Klein What would we do without Mason?
Destiny Howard Why are you talking to me

Veronica Charlotte Parker why is my family such a soap opera
Ezekiel Griffin cute soap opera
Enrique Klein Because your a drama craving wh0… we both know where I’m going with this.

Julian Medina Why tf does everyone go for Elio I don’t get it
Phoebe Renee Don’t be jalous
Amelia Grace Spelled jealous wrong.
Phoebe Renee Thanx you

Elio Esposito Why tf can’t this site and Julian keep my name out of their mouth!
Ari Lee You know he can’t, he’s in love with you.
Finley Daredevil Mason is in love with him. Get it right
Ari Lee They both are. It’s Elio’s gay harem, get it right

@ NewBlood


One For The Books — 12/14/39
written by @benitz786

Welcome to Prom, Ladies, and Gentlemen…. Oh… maybe we here at Blue Royalty should fix our language because clearly, no one here can be considered a proper “lady” or “gentlemen”, can they? Certainly not Annie Williams – isn’t that right Quinn? We once said that we admire those who share the values of the 1% of the 1% - in other words, have style, elegance, and the ability to gracefully handle your secrets being revealed to your peers – whether they’re playing our game or not. Currently, I can tell you Quinn and Annie don’t meet the mark, though we do appreciate you trying to do our job, Quinn. We, however, can simply do it better. Though Fin seems to be trying as well - and in case any of you missed that fight, from what we understand, Mason and Dean Klein have been sneaking around? Seems like Fin’s about to get a new stepdaddy.

So, what about the rest of you? Can you meet our standards? Why don’t we give it a little try – after all, where’s the fun of Prom without revealing all your dirty laundry? And Annie… trust us, you think Quinn did a good job tearing you down? You’ll love what we have to say about you… but you’ll have to wait - unlike in Quinn’s speech, you’re not the center of our reveal today.

If we’re talking about people who don’t meet our standards, pill-popping Kaya McAllister certainly meets the mark. After all… weren’t you the one who stayed in a psychiatric hospital for practically a month only to come out with a lovely addiction to drugs? Following in your daddy’s footsteps? Certainly not meeting our standards, sweetie – though your mother and father never did either. Let us guess… you wanted to join your mother in whatever hell hole she ended up in? Another individual who has yet to be up to par with what we expect is Hyun-Ae. After all… a double identity? Hannah Montana was canceled 4 decades ago, so lying about your identity with a little wig doesn’t do sh!t darling. Embrace fame… or even the hate with your cute little KPOP group. Either way, you two, Do better.

On the topic of doing better, the lovely Daiane and Veronica aren’t far behind… after all would you call someone who made sure their father was illegally on a clinical trial as classy ? We certainly wouldn’t… especially since two people died in the process. Dai, forgetting about Embry for a moment, tell us – how was it killing your dad and Veronica, how was it murdering your grandfather? It’s funny how Embry’s trying so hard to win you back but maybe, she’s the one who should be running – wouldn’t you say?

On the other hand, Eddie doesn’t seem to be running away. After all, we were shocked to realize that innocent old Eduard Flynn has one sex tape, how would you all feel if we told you he actually has two – another one with his current date: Florence Carter. It truly makes us wonder, Eddie, how many times do you record yourself doing the deed? Is it a fetish? We don’t fetish shame here, but we will say, that’s an interesting one. So, what’s our general consensus – which sex tape was better, Eddie? Paige or Florence? Maybe we should just reveal both and let your peers decide once and for all. And yes, Eddie, we do now have copies of both. Don’t you love what your peers are willing to do for 15 minutes of fame?

Fame really makes people do… crazy things. Though, Elijah’s father knows how to use those connections for his benefit. After all, having a corrupt charity only to line your own pockets seems to fit the bill, huh? Though money apparently isn’t everything, Elijah can tell you that after he had to settle for Sammy and is too scared to tell her he’s very unattracted to her. Hey Elijah… crazy thought… maybe just go ahead and pay Sammy for all the emotional damage you… and we just created… after all, your dad has more than enough funds for it… though, technically, your dad did steal that money from all your peers’ parents so maybe deal with that first?

On the notion of emotional damage, Ari has quite a bit but how can anyone blame her…. correction, clearly Quinn has many things to blame her for… but back to the point, how can anyone blame her when Hera was cheating on Ari the entire time they were together? Talk about emotional trauma… though, Quinn, we’re sure you are more than happy to learn that Ari got some due justice?

Though, in retrospect, We here at Blue Royalty adore emotional trauma. After all, what’s better than finding out that sweet little Enrique Montoya was adopted? Well, maybe the fact that none of the Montoya triplets are actually… triplets? Oh Diego… you don’t know? My team did a little DNA test and it seems that you’re not a Montoya either. On the bright side, Raph, how does it feel to be the only boy in the actual Montoya family now?

Oh you think we’re done? Not even close. Prom is such a big day for so many of you - especially with the soon departure of so many to college. Some… who deserve to be there and others who… well, don’t. After all, Phoebe would know about that since her sister was the one to take her college admission test. It’s funny that Phoebe currently has a full ride and Amie… well doesn’t have anything. Maybe reconsider your priorities, Amie, and worry about yourself. We know that we do.

Oh and Annie, we’re sure we have you on the edge of your seat to find out what we know about you… well… we guess you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer. Maybe go hang out with your boyfriend, Enrique Montoya to relax until the reveal at the after-party… though can anyone really trust him after he fcked your dead best friend and broke her heart? Maybe that’s a question for him, huh Quinn? Though, Quinn did retaliate by fcking the Montoya’s 15-year-old sister. After all, “Montoyas”… where do you think Blue Royalty got copies of little Isabella’s nudes? You can thank your old best friend, Ricky.

That being said, currently, not many of you meet our standards. Many of you even have the ill-conceived idea that you’re above the rules of this game which is disappointing seeing as many of those individuals are legacies and your parents and grandparents would have never disappointed us the way you have. Here’s the harsh truth, you’re all still a part of it and will be until this lovely year ends… and trust us… we have far more planned to reveal today.

Until next time.

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Kim Hyun-Ae Well…this is happening. Yes, I’m part of a girl group known as Dreamcatcher. I just wanted to be a normal student for once, so I kept it hidden. I hope you can understand.
Paige Pierce Literally no one cares
Laurel Parker You wanted to be a normal student? Then you should’ve gone to a different f^^king school.

Fin Klein Not proud of your choice of women but gooo little Eddie
Paige Pierce Can’t hate from outside of the club when you can’t even get in

Mason Mitchell Fck off. Not that anyone deserves or needs any fcking explanation, but there is no story here. I have a girlfriend, I’m happy, it was taken out of context.
Paige Pierce Oh just shut the fck up for once

Ari Lee boohoo H*ra cheated who cares? It wasn’t any of your business and my ‘due justice’ isn’t any of your business either. Are really in the era where people don’t understand the concept of ‘minding business’ and what does Quinn have to do with me and baldy’s life?

Adonis it’s looking bad for the Montaya family . Elijah is a jerk, wow who would have thought
Elijah Shutup Fabio

Eryx.Astor You guys need to learn to mind your business. I’m not a fan or a ‘casual enjoyer’ of any of the people here, but this is weird and irritating. Whoever writes this blog post is quite the loser.

Elijah :fu:t2:

Kaya McAllister-Drake So fcking what

Raphael Montoya Bullsht

Amelia Grace Maybe fact check your posts before spreading lies? I never took Phoebe’s exams, and I don’t believe half the other stuff you’ve written on here.

@ NewBlood


Blue Bloods (Update III) — 3/28/40

It’s been a while to say the least, and a lot has changed in that time - true testament to success breeds complacency. Which begs the question, who now have been deemed as successful? Perhaps the ones that have learned that it can be lonely at the top. For those wondering how they can take their places, don’t worry, we’ll let you know exactly how some of them got up here.


Enrique Montoya @benitz786


Quinn Castillo @Littlefeets


Mason Mitchell @benitz786


Raphael Montoya @CerealKiller


Hera Zhou @raviola


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Annie Williams Congrats guys xx

Katie Burton Woho

Ricky Montoya Just fcking great


Raphael Montoya It’s about time

Veronica Charlotte Parker sounds about right

Phoebe Renee Looks so wrong

@ NewBlood