Bookish Pet Peeves

I reallly realllly don’t like those fake stickers on front covers :sob: Just why? Movie covers are also not nice in my opinion, or people on covers.

@Bookworms, what are your bookish pet peeves?


Definitely agree with this

9 times out of ten the original cover was way nicer than the movie one

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This one is a massive one for me. Reading is something I enjoy because I can create the characters in my head, I don’t want that to be influenced by pictures.

Another one is when there basically is no information about the book on the back, that’s very important to me to be able to get excited about it and want to read it. So it’s annoying when it’s not there… Another one is when it’s a book from a series, but it’s not clearly visible that it is. That way I ended up buying a book that was part of a series of 5, and no, it wasn’t the 1st one but the 3rd so that was very frustrating once I figured out after googling. It was nowhere on the book itself :upside_down_face:

Ugh, yes!

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