Chernobyl on HBO

So I am watching chernobyl on HBO ( my cousin actually the place early this year)

and it full of old fools. the nuclear reactor has blown up. and they won’t even admit it to themselves. and refuse to tell the public. they say to not spread mass panic. they are all in danger and are going to die.

it’s base on real life. I just can’t believe this how they handled it. these old rich men bring everybody’s life in danger including them self. and for what?

edit: so the forum is closed but I really wanted to share something.

So I got to a drawing club Thursday. and last Thursday we actually ended up talking about. see where this club is hold is also a printing shop kinda thing. yu can also rent computers with photoshop and such on them.

and a woman was here and heard as talk. and she came and told us she lived in Ukraine when it happend.


if you dont wanna see the show this is basically it


I am litarraly haveing mealtdown over how stupid stuck up this people are.


I don’t think you can call them rich men. This is Soviet Ukraine. No one is rich. Apart from the most high-up, and they have to pretend they’re as equal as everyone else!

The point isn’t that they’re rich and old. The point is that the way the Soviet Union was run allowed this incompetence to happen. People would rather lie than admit that they didn’t meet their goals because they could get in a lot of trouble. People were expected to listen to their superiors and shut up and do their job even if they’re were more educated than their superiors.

As much as Dyatlov annoys me, it’s not all his fault. They hit the emergency shutoff. What happened shouldn’t have happened. It’s also not his fault that he forced through a test. It had already been postponed and he’d be in a lot of trouble if he didn’t carry it out. The Soviet Union was all about getting numbers over anything else. If you didn’t get them, either lie or face the consequences


And it annoys me that they were in so much denial, but this was the first time this kinda thing had happened. Having an actual reactor explode was unheard of — especially when they hit the emergency shutoff. We have hindsight on our side. We know a lot more about Chernobyl than they do!

And remember that this was during the Cold War. They wanted to keep things as calm as possible so as not to plunge America and the USSR into all-out war by showing weakness. That’s the exact reason why they only evacuated Pripyat instead of the whole zone Legasov proposed. They needed to keep face for the rest of the world and that was more important in their minds


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