Corrupt A Wish 😇

Original game by @donutlover05 on the old Episode forums, and recreated by @k.w.episode (@Kiwi) on the current Episode forums

Corrupt A Wish

Hello! This game is pretty simple. First, someone will make a wish, and the person who posts after has to corrupt the wish. :smiley::rose::two_hearts:

~ Example ~

1: I wish I could fly!
2: Granted! But you’ll only be able to fly one meter high in the air. I wish to get an A in math!
3: Granted! But you won’t get an A next year. I wish for a million dollars!

So, that’s how it works! :grin::rose::two_hearts:

I’ll start —

I wish summer break was 3 months instead of 2. :rose::two_hearts:


Granted! But only 2months for the rest of your life,
I wish that I could be SUPER STRONG!

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Granted, but only if you’re also super stupid.

I wish to be able to sleep forever

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Granted, but you can NEVER wake up or breathe. In other words, death.
I want to be prettier!

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I’m fine with that. XD

Granted! But you are only considered pretty on the outside, not the inside.

I wish the person I love could love me back.


Granted, but if you divorce, no one else will love you
I want to teleport

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(You reply to the person above you :eyes:)

I replyed to Tea at the same time you did



Granted, but you don’t get to choose where you teleport to or when you do it.

I wish I could see the future.

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But you can’t see the present.
I want to be able to take powers away

Granted, but you can only do it to yourself :joy:

Um… I wish fairytales were real?

Granted but because they are real history will be changed and destroyed forever.

I wish for some spicy foods

Granted but for now on all food and drink will be unbarebly spicy to you.

I wish I could stay young forever.

Granted but you’ll get to watch everyone and thing you love grow old, die and leave you forever.

I wish I could never gain weight

Granted but you will continue to get skinnier and skinnier until you implode in on yourself.

I wish I was amazing at every sport!

Granted, but you will never be recognized for your sport talent.

I wish I had a pet bird!

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So this is Aladdin’s School for Young Genies? Time to Shimmer and Shine. :genie:‍♂ :woman_genie: :dizzy:


You can have one, but it’s not real


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