Describe Your Mood in a Colour

bluish grey

Blue :blue_heart:

Orange because I think I’m having a sort of allergic reaction rn lol.

Yellow :eyes::sparkles:


Silver probably fits me best :laughing:

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Right now? :broken_heart:

Who broke your heart? :sob::broken_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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My terrible cooking skills. :pensive::white_heart:

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Oh no, what did you try to cook? :crying_cat_face::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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I tried to make soup. :pensive::white_heart:

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Ew, soup :eyes::eyes::eyes::green_heart:

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My dad said I should’ve added egg. EGG! :nauseated_face::white_heart:

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Ew :eyes::eyes::eyes:

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Exactly. Egg soup is disgusting. :nauseated_face::white_heart:

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I’m feeling bored
From out of the sky-



I don’t want to be alone in the darkness

Orange :eyes::sparkles:


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