Developing interesting Small Talk

Making small talk can be hard. Ideally, you want to go straight to the action and skip all the small conversations.

But small talk can be very interesting. It can help with:

  • Learning more about the character
  • as a creator developing a more detailed conversation.
  • Give a little breather between actions

But having a small talk conversation can be boring and slow paced.
Here are some tips to help you develope interesting small talk:

  1. Treat it like real life.
    When you have some small talk with people in real life it may be awkward at times, but at others you might actually get to know the person better, or have a conversation that might have potentials for something bigger.

1.2 Try to be interested in the other character.
In real life this is how you get the most interesting conversations. In an rp, this can be how you find some depth in a character. Talking about their happiest memories, their biggest blunder or even deep stuff like secrets or fears, using these subjects can make a conversation almost feel real.

  1. make it playful/ use the surrounding
    You can also try and combine it with a game, or an action. For example, if they are in a cafe, their order can also spark a conversation, a walk in a park may be something that reminds the character of the past. Spicing the surrounding up is how you get to enjoy the small talk and how it suddenly can feel very natural. The combinations and opportunities are endless!!

@RPers I hope these small tips may help. If you have good tricks to develop interesting small talk, please let the others know!.