Do you know any apps/webstie where you can write like episode

I tried to ask this on episode once. but oh no they won’t let talk about competition be allowed

And I thought anyone who knows other places where you make stories like on episode. properly not as advanced

I myself know about

I have not used that one.

and then I know the app chapters. where you can write your own stories but they are only phone text stories you can make

also, I know sims machinima. which is movies made with the Sims games. I kinda have debated doing that in some time.


hm, I don’t think I know any.

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That sounds interesting! Of course, there’s Wattpad for people who just want to write. And then Tapas for people who want to make ad revenue for writing stories


Uhh. You can use the movie maker on Moviestarplanet? :joy:


I tried that. its not that good. and you to spend a lot of money to make a proper storie

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Wait lmao really? I was kidding :joy:



Unfortunately, I don’t know any that you haven’t already mentioned. I use Chapters myself, but like you said, it’s text stories only. Apparently they have plans to let us create stories like their featured ones in the future (spotlight style) but I’m not sure when or if this will actually ever happen.


I bet/hope there will be something else to compete with Episode soon. Competition is good! Raises the standards and means companies actually have to listen to their customers. It would improve the quality of releases, stories and customer care.

That and I’d be able to use that platform.


yes years ago. before episode

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MSP was my jam

I am from the gosupermodel time. I was in my teens when MSP came out

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I hope so to episode really needs a very strong competitor. I wish I knew how to create a competitor app but I’m pretty stupid so that probably won’t work :laughing:


Same. I did actually ask around about what it would cost to make someone set an app like that op . I for got what the price was but a couple of 1000 dollers or more

that’s a lot! is that like only the price for the person who creates the app? because you need to pay for placing the app in the appstore to right? gosh I wish that I could just hurry up and get better at coding …

that is for seetining it up. if you pay someone to do the codeing

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What is a text story


this is your calling. make a new app lmfao


hehe, will try xD

like this