Do you like to cook food for yourself?🦋

I personally really like cooking for myself and do it most of the time (also because my mum cooks pretty tasteless food with tons of vegetables so no.) but also because I generally do love cooking and baking it’s rad :sunglasses:

What about you my little gluttons? @Foodies


No, my mom is a great cook, I’d be stupid not to eat the food she cooks and I can’t cook myself anyway

I do, it’s a lot of fun

No, I hate cooking, it’s a torture for me. I obviously have to do it but I absolutely hate it

I do, but not all the time because I have other stuff to do lol

Noo not at all
Sadness ‘cause I really like eating but the whole cooking process is just erghhh so time consuming

I absolutely love cooking. Idk why but it just makes me happy. I basically cook every other day for myself…

Kinda. I also kind of forget to eat when I’m home alone, but if I’m reminded, it’s usually just popping a freezer meal or leftovers in the microwave. I don’t really trust myself to use the stove unsupervised (I once burnt myself making instant ramen).

Yes, I cooked butter chicken last night.

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I do… I love cooking!
But when I don’t have time too cook or too much work, either my mom cooks or I order food delivery service.

If I didn’t cook for myself I’d die of starvation by now :star_struck:

Yes I cook !
It’s rad but not all the time simply because of time.

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