Do you prefer popular music or relatively unknown music?

I personality don’t care about that. I listen to whatever I want, whenever I want no matter if it’s a really popular song or something only I know. But recently I’ve been listening to some underrated and unknown bands and artists.

  • What do you prefer?

I don’t mind as long as it’s good music


One of my biggest music pet peeves is when people look down on others for liking popular music. It happens alot in metal elitism where metal elitists will always be rude towards fans of the bigger metal bands just because those bands are mAinStrEam.

If I like a song then I like a song, doesn’t matter if it’s popular or unpopular. I’ll give small bands a try all the time but I love big bands too :joy:


I like both and there are a lot of underrated songs that are so good and it’s just that it’s not well-known but underrated songs will still somehow become popular if you keep trying.


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Generally, the music I listen to is pretty unknown, but once in a while, a song from the indie/alt radio station I listen to or a song from one of my favourite bands will go mainstream and starts being played on Top 40s radio, which kind of ruins the song for me because they overplay it. (cough High Hopes cough)

I always hate it when people judge how big of a fan you are based on your favourite song from that band. Like, if your favourite song is one of the band’s more popular songs, they say that you’re just a bandwagon fan and you’re not a real fan, ,whereas I’m like ‘no, I just really like that song’.


Those songs are popular for a reason :joy:


I don’t care about that, to be honest.
Certain songs just appeal to me, but it doesn’t matter whether they are popular or not. I go by songs, not artists or genres.

I don’t really pay attention to whether it’s popular or more unknown. I guess I listen to more popular songs more? But I really don’t know what would or wouldn’t be popular so I don’t really know.

I always finding myself straying away from recent mainstream music. I like maybe a tiny pinch of popular music in this time but I mostly listen to old well known music or indie.

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