Do you think that the internet and television will eventually make books obsolete?

I don’t think so, since reading books online or seeing movie adaptations is incredibly different from reading them. I’m not positive that books won’t mostly turn online, although I would be sad if that happened. I don’t think having an online version of a book would make it obsolete, and I think there’s still a market for methods of traditional publishing even among sites like Wattpad that let people freely share their work.

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Although we have access to internet nowdays, I don’t think so because there are book lovers who enjoy reading books.

Watching the screen for a long time will make your head dizzy but this is different when it comes to books. You get to have a peaceful enviroment, without any noise. It’s really calming.

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I don’t think so because there’s so many important and significant books that many people prefer to read physically. Also, staring at a screen for too long may hurt people’s eyes or head, making them prefer physical books. Libraries and book stores are still very active, as well as the idea of book clubs. I just think that ebooks are becoming more popular but it’s not completely out dating the physical books

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Agreed. I prefer physical books over e-books as well. I absorb information quicker when I’m reading an actual physical book unlike when I read e-books.

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