Does Ecosia actually work? 🌎

Does Ecosia actually work? And how would trees be planted from a search? Cuz you’re not paying for the search engine or the trees sooooo…

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You don’t have to pay for anything, it earns money by showing ads. So when you’re searching for something, the first one or two results are ads and sometimes the last one is another one, but they aren’t random. E.g. if you search for the lyrics of a song, you’ll get a result showing you how much a CD from that singer/group would cost at amazon.

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it earns money the same way google does.

there is a video here about how google earn money

@RainbowCat @line123462 Tyyyy that helped and I understand it now. :v:t4:


@Karisha.x Since you have an understanding of it, would you like me to close the thread?


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Question has been answered. :slightly_smiling_face: