Does technology get in the way of learning?

It does for me sometimes, because I get distracted by the forums, but I still try to get all my work done and usually use some technology, so I’d say that it can get in the way, but also be used in a good way to learn more. :eyes::sparkles:

So what do you think?
Does technology get in the way of learning for you?


It’s distracting but being able to just search for anything when you don’t understand it is super helpful. Being able to have online school during a pandemic is better than not having school at all. Technology is super helpful when it comes to education but it can be distracting too because both work and play is in the same place. :joy:


True. True. It can be helpful but sometimes my mouse switches tabs-
(Yes, I have a school tab and a regular tab-)

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Evil mouse!

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I know! My school has a 15 minute break in between each class, it’s…not fair. And my parent’s said no forums…


No forums?! That should be illegal

15 minutes seems like a good break :wink:

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As a student in class at university: Yes, absolutely. I tune out a lot during lectures because it’s just the teacher talking and end up chatting on discord/forums.

As a teacher watching what students do during class: Yes, absolutely. I’ve caught so many kids watching movies and playing games while doing my student teaching rounds :joy: I make a point of walking around to the back of the class so I can see what’s on people’s screens during ‘working time’ when I’m teaching :wink:

'I’m sure that’s a good movie, but it doesn’t look a thing like your math textbook. :thinking:

Technology has its uses, but it can be the ultimate distraction too, haha.


This is absolutely abhorrent. I hated it SO much when I was an academic teacher. I’m also guilty of talking to you during your lectures all the time, lmao


Man, that’s a lot more lenient than my high school was. We had 3 mins to get to our next class >.> No proper breaks between periods unless it was recess (25min) or lunch (50mins).


Yes, you are an enabler of my bad habits :joy:

Personally, I don’t mind if someone’s distracted during class so long as they don’t distract anyone else. If you don’t do the work, then okay, that’s on you ¯_(ツ)_/¯ They’re your grades, not mine. But if your friends were originally focused and you bring them down with you, I won’t be as nice :eyes:

Of course, we’ll see if I can keep that attitude when I’m actually teaching at a school and have parents/the faculty breathing down my neck.

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I hope your headmaster is fired by now Y___Y

On a more serious note, though: Yes, absolutely. Technology can be obstructive in a lot of ways. What I find really interesting is how it works from the teacher’s perspective. In my experience, before COVID, the most lazy and / or talentless teachers resorted to… E-learning, a lot. They’d literally use it as a way of dodging their responsibility to actually teach, dump the whole work onto the students and don’t deal with them face-to-face :triumph:

There’s also an important thing about taking notes: A research dating back to 2000s indicated that taking notes by hand makes the material easier to remember :open_mouth: The researchers weren’t conclusive whether this wouldn’t change as new generations (more used to typing) would go to schools, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

Taking notes by hand is slower, so it requires you to concentrate harder and apply more attention to the class. It also involves moving parts of the material from short- to long-term memory, so you can remember what you’re supposed to write. So, in some ways, analogue learning can really be better :wink:

My attitude exactly, though I assumed that I’m working with adults. I’m not sure I’d be as lenient with teens ^^’

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That’s actually pretty standard, haha.

Oh yes, I have mini rants about this all the time, especially when I see the state complaining about how low literacy levels are compared to ten years ago :joy:

‘Why can’t students/new teachers spell anymore?’

‘Well, there’s this thing called autocorrect now :thinking:

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Actually, are spelling competitions still a thing? :thinking:

I have a short attention span and I can get easily distracted so yeah, technology does get in my way. It’s really hard for me to study using my laptop.

Wait, your parents let you on the forums?

Sometimes, more often than not.

I get distracted by my phone reallllyyyy easily, but what helps is closing all my tabs on my laptop (with only OneNote open to do school work) and putting my phone in another room.

It never did for me. Technology always makes it easier for me to learn something which means I get it done faster and I have more time for the distracting parts of technology :smile_cat:

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