Episode Pet Peeves!

Post your Episode pet peeves here!
They can be about the portal, other peoples’ stories, or anything Episode related.

Here are some of mine:

  • When the author lets you CC and name your character as well as pick your LI, but then, in the sequel, you get the default name, look, and an LI you didn’t pick. Why let us choose all of that if you won’t let us do the same in the spinoff or sequel??

  • Speech bubbles placed too high or too low, or tappable overlays that make it impossible to continue the story because you can’t tap on them. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME ON IPADS. I read Episode on my iPad, so it’s extremely annoying.

  • When I can’t find the right BG or overlay for my scene, and I’ve looked everywhere until my eyes hurt.

  • When the previewer isn’t working, and I can’t spot direct my scene properly

I’ll be back with more tomorrow.


When they update it and you’ve already watched the last episode and they don’t let you skip it…


This is so annoying, it happens to me all the time-


When the author gives you a choice and then the opposite happens-
Why did you make it a choice then? Lmao


Same! I’ve searched far and wide but I never find the thing I want.

Same! When I try to make them small they always increase!:rage: like bruh I have given up a lot of times and come back the next day to try again but it always just increase then finally It gets the right height!

And I hate when the previewer doesnt work💔 it makes me mad because I can’t see how it looks.

Ikr! I choose this Love interest and they give me the one they prefer that I didn’t pick and change my name completely💔

Can I share a weird one? :pleading_face:


I hate it when you find the perfect overlay but you’re not sure who to credit.


When their trigger warnings don’t give enough information on what’s “sensitive” like WHAT’S SENSITIVE?

As someone who is Epileptic it’d be nice to know if that’s what their talking about. If it involves death, I wanna know. If it involves mental disorders that I either have or get triggered by, I want to know. Not this simple “be careful” so they don’t have to “spoil the story”.


Oh god yeah I hate that. Like I’m pretty sure I’ve seen rape scenes and people saying “be careful” and not giving a warning… Like personally I don’t get triggered by that (Tbh it’s hard for me to get triggered by stuff on Episode) but that would seriously hurt someone. The way those scenes are handled on episode are also really bad as well.

Tbh this isn’t a pet peeve- it’s a problem.




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When there’s a dressing game and the author does that super slow toe-to-head zoom-


I hate that too, omg.

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  • Featured story gem choices. I always exit out once I see one.
  • “Support the author” choices at the end of almost every community story. (Am I the only one that’s bothered by this? :thinking:) These choices have to be the most useless ever.
  • When you see the moat common names like John, Shane, Shay, Axel, Alex, Brad, Chad, Brody, Allison, any name with Lex in it, Carol, Brittany, Jennifer, etc. Can people please more less common names?! I’m tired of seeing these everywhere! :person_facepalming:t4:
  • When they make the character too dramatic for comedy purposes. It just ruins the mood and I just groan every time. Clears throat Amor Loco and The Clumsy Supergirl
  • When they use the same common features in Ink and LL. Use some different features for once! Stop making all your Ink characters have the upturned feline eyes and red pouty lips!
  • When all white/pale female MCs have the full round pouty lips. These lips are meant for black girls! How many white people in your life will you EVER see with such thick lips without botox or black genetics?
  • When the chapter is too long or too short. Unless it’s interesting, I don’t wanna continue.
  • I hate that most of the action shelf is filled with mafia when the covers show more “up close and personal between the MC and mafia leader” (if you know what I mean) than fires or mafia leaders beating up their enemies. Is it really an action if the cover looks like that?
  • When a story is placed in the wrong genre.
  • When the girl on the cover doesn’t match the way she actually looks in the story
  • When most romance story covers have the MC with the long princess braid hairstyle. What’s the deal with that one? :person_shrugging:t4:

I probably have more, but that’s it for now. These reasons are why I don’t read on Episode often like I used to


Sure, I’m curious on what it is.

Oh, I just found another pet peeve of mine! When the authors make their characters wear a school uniform, and their colors don’t match the school color background. For example the same old blue school lockers background with the black and red school uniforms. I HATE it! I just get mad everytime I see that in a high school story! Just find a red school lockers background so it matches! :rage:

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My school wears blue, purple, and khaki, but we don’t have purple lockers

in fact we don’t even have lockers to actually use lmao

Really? :thinking: So what do you do with your belongings? And blue and purple? Nice! I wish I had that color code!

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We have to carry them around. So after class is over, we pack up our things, put them inside our bookbags, and go. Yeah! The shirts are blue and purple. I wear blue.

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Ooh, painful. I always have a bunch of stuff in my backpack, so having to carry it around all the time, I think I would have a hunch back and back pain :sweat_smile:.

But back on topic, when the author has some sort of obsession with a trope in their stories, so they put it in (almost) every one of theirs. For example, the author Adrianne Roxi seems to have an obsession with dominant, perverted men and author Kay B has an obsession with making the MC cheat. I don’t like it at all.

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I did develop back pain eventually. If I kept on carrying that stuff for the rest of the year, I would’ve just gave up at some point. Lol

I feel called outttttt. Especially cuz I love revenge and/or ambition so that’s a common theme in my stories. :sweat: But this is true. And it’s something I don’t like.

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