Episode Releases Discussion: Coming for the Crown

This story is a little different from the other featured episode stories lol. I only watched the first episode, though. I do think that it follows a trope of the whole “you get whisked off to the palace to compete against a group of other girls for the prince’s hand in marriage”. I only know of this trope because I read a book that heavily featured it, however, in the book the MC didn’t actually end up with the prince so that was actually a great twist.
Although this story IS different from other featured stories and (dare I say it) other stories on Episode, I do think it will be a predictable plot if I keep on reading.
In the first episode, the MC is revealed to be a small town village girl who is just trying to take care of her sisters. She has no interest in going to the palace, yet she gets whisked off anyway.
I was able to choose the gender of the love interest, and I picked the girl because I thought she looked cooler lol. And a kind of rant about this- are all generic female love interests like this always masculine? Because from the stories I’ve read- (popular/featured) when it gives you an option to pick the gender the female option is always gonna be masculine… I have no problem with masculine women or feminine women… however… its like there is no change from the girl to the guy…
Like, the LI1 comes to the rescue when some group of guys is being weird and rude and pushy towards the MC.
Anyway, it gets revealed that she likes LI1 and they have never expressed their feelings before… however by the end of the episode they suddenly tell each other they love each other- right as the helicopters come for the MC!
And can I just say… it was weird to see helicopters when the characters were wearing old/medieval-ish clothes… but whatever floats your boat episode I guess. I like weird things in writing and I did kind of like that… however, it does come off as careless considering this is Episode we’re talking about. Like you’d think in an environment with advanced technology that wouldn’t be the only thing they’d be advanced in right?
The one thing I did like was seeing the “behind the scenes” I guess as what you’d call it of the prince (and princess) talking about them hating the whole competition thing and how they have to just shut up and appear for the cameras. It installs this hidden fear of even the people INSIDE the castle being scared of the system. I think that was original and thought out and I liked it.

I went a little in-depth because I forgot to take screenshots lol. Hopefully, it wasn’t confusing.

What are your thoughts?


I thought this was a harem drama type of story. I’m disappointed.

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From the cover, I thought it’d be something different other than just a trope like that. I’ll read more of it today and see if it IS predictable or if it really is different.

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I hope it’s… ok

Ok update, took some screen shots…

I HATE the MC! Just again… she’s snarky/sassy however she’s supposed to be “nice” ig and morally good. To the prince she’s “different” but she hasn’t done anything (Up to that point) of being different aside from fall into the King’s arms and dance in front of him. I guess “different” for Episode is “hot”.

I do like the whole thing of the King not being able to fully be in control. I’ll go into more detail after I read more lol.


All I have to say is… oh how disappointing… just… such a let down. There were such great ideas in there… yet… they weren’t expanded upon at all. I might watch the original to see what I missed but like… Episode just takes these stories from creators and doesn’t put any effort into them. It’s like taking a 6th grader’s summary of a great story.

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It’s meh…

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