Favourite Subplots in Roleplays

What are some of the best subplots you have seen?

Are there any overused?

Are there any overused that you like anyway?

A subplot could be a secret or plot between characters, an event that takes place or basically anything that isn’t about the main/initial plot.


Rain and Jane in Camp Seafare, definitely. I’ve audibly squealed.

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I can’t personally think of any that are over used.

Though, right now, my favorite subplot of any RP is The Jordan-Jez-Mikel situation that is beginning in Blue Royalty. Overall, I love all of the subplots within that RP. There’s just so much going on.

Some of the quests in CHB. Or my own escape VR roleplay.

Cant think of any over used subplots right now.

What are your thoughts @RPers

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I’ve never been in a RP big enough or long enough to experience any subplots, just regular plot

Lol my own overused sup plot: Philip trying to kidnap Regan, going overboard and she (and sometimes Loraine) end up in the hospital with injuries from being beaten up and drugged.
Also trying to marry her to someone even though she isn’t his daughter

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While there have been a couple of subplots I’ve seen, there actually hasn’t been one that I can call my “favourite.” They aren’t not good—they are, but I guess it’s just not my cup of tea hahahah xD I, for one, am a plain boring white bread and is shy and so I have not been in some kind of subplot maybe I have, but have not been carried out nicely

But you know, a plain white bread can bring so much potential with the right things on top I just need someone to put those right things on top hehe

But if we’re talking about subplots that are within my characters, like individual, then I still don’t have a favourite lol I just love every one of them xD I kinda want to say Merthiel, but I’m just being biased because she’s my favourite character of mine too :3

Though thinking about it, it’s probably Mychyst’s from FTD. It’s tragic and I love tragic even though it’s sad. She lost both of her parents just because some brother and sister wanted each of them for themselves, and she never had any justice for them (revenge, but only for her father). I might write a “fanfiction” about her somehow getting out of OUH and disobeying Odin’s words, which might also get her to fall into Helheim :3