First song you learned to play

What was the first song you learned on any instrument you play? First I learned on keyboard was Merrily we roll along. First I learned on bass was our lady of sorrows! I’m curious to learn all your first choices.


Well I learned father Jacob (dutch Vader Jacob idk if this song is also in English)as my first ever song to play on the piano and the flute (we call it dwarsfluit because you hold it horizontal idk if it has a different name in English couldn’t find it) it was very fun

Flute (dwarsfluit) that I mean :point_down:

Hot Cross Buns on the recorder in like 2nd grade or something :joy:

I think it was twinkle twinkle little star :joy:

i dont remember
i think it was old mcdonald on the cello

Recorder - Hot Cross Buns
Flute - Also Hot Cross Buns (I’m pretty sure)
Piano - Mary Had a Little Lamb
Bass - Either Do It All The Time by I Don’t Know How But They Found Me or Jumpsuit by twenty one pilots, I can’t remember. I think it was DIATT.

Recorder~hot cross buns
Clarinet~marilyn we roll along
Violin~ William tell overture
Guitar~ fire flies by owl city
Base ~ smoke on the water by deep purple.

On the piano the first song I ever learnt was Someone Like You. I really liked doing the broken chords at the beginning because I thought they were quite easy.

But also the first song I learnt to sing (if that counts) was Somewhere Over The Rainbow or Build Me Up Buttercup. Yeah, I sang them when I was like 6 years old, not very well at all, and there are unfortunately too many videos that exist of me doing them.

All my little ducklings on keyboard :joy:
It wasn’t really a choice, it was the only song I could find the notes to at home

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