Fortunately, Unfortunately

Fortunately, they invented an antidote to counter-attack the failure of potion and thus, making it work.

Unfortunately the serial killers were motivated by greed and that nullified the potions effects

Fortunately, the working potion stays in the bloodstream for 24 hours - nullified or not.

Unfortunately they died of the side effects of the potion :eyes::sparkles:

Fortunately, no one else died.

Unfortunately, they all commited suicide.

Fortunatly they got brought back to life

Unfortunately, they couldn’t remember anything.

Fortunately I had written it all down

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Unfortunately, the paper I wrote it on was destroyed.

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Fortunately, I had made a copy of it after writing it down.

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Unfortunately, my dog ate the copy

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Fortunately, there was a library filled with copies that couldn’t be eaten/damaged/destroyed.

Unfortunately, I can’t read

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Fortunately, theres someone close by who can and is willing to read them to you

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Unfortunately, they were discriminatory towards passionfruits and so ran away immediately.

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Fortunately, I’m not a passionfruit

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Unfortunately, the man mistook you for one and refused to change his mind.

Fortunately, another person who could read was really willing to help

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Unfortunately, they were attacked by a flock of angry geese.

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