Game: Cliche? What Cliche?

It was actually a tutoring party where multiple students showed up for you to tutor them. Now half the school has straight As, and you’re struggling because you spend too much time helping others, and not enough time doing your own homework or sleeping.

Cliche: You wake up one day and realize you suddenly have superpowers.

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Your superpower is stealing other people’s powers. Unfortunately, nobody else has powers, so this power is redundant.

You find out that you’re secretly adopted and you’re really from another dimension.

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But the other dimension is boring and people think that you’re crazy when you mention it so you just never talk about it again :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

Cliche: you’re the chosen one

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you’re chosen to die as a sacrifice to the elder gods

Cliche: You have superpowers

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After learning to control them, you reveal you have been on someone else’s body because in reality you died a year ago and since then you travel from soul to soul to teach people to control their powers.

Cliche: You are the most popular girl in your school and you have a crush on the badboy



When you and this bad boy get close he leaves you and also ruined you making you not the popular girl. With nothing else to lose you move and met the bad boy brother. Who isn’t really bad nor good but is nice enough for you. He and you get close and as you planning to ask him out over the summer the bad boy tries to interfere. Will you and the brother love shine or will the bad boy force you out again?

Cliche: You were born in a superhero world without powers.

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You find yourself to be the supervillain…

Cliche: You play truth or dare and you were dared to ask someone you dislike out (is that a cliche?)

But you ask them out to a restaurant they hate and go to see the most boring movie ever. They fall asleep during the movie, and you leave them there in the theater.

Cliche: You have a hot new neighbor

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The neighbour is actually a camel, that’s why it’s hot. You moved to the dessert.

Cliche: You take one look at someone and decide that they are gonna be your crush

But when you finally decide to ask them out, you find out that they’re a serial killer and get stabbed to death. :eyes:

Cliche: You’re the chosen one and two boys are fighting for your love :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

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The guys end up falling for each other, rivals-to-lovers trope style.

Cliche: the mafia gang leader boss kidnaps you and declares his love for you in 0.001 seconds

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What you forgot to tell was that he declared his love of pizza to you and wants you to bring him free pizzas.

Cliche: you get pregnant by your teacher :eyes:

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What you forgot to tell is that this is a health class and you’re learning about taking care of a baby- and the teacher gives the babies to the students (dolls- of course) so technically, he actually gets the whole class pregnant!

Cliche: You’re a nerd who leaves town then comes back but beautiful and sassy

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You came back 10 years later, enough time for anyone to change.

Cliche: your boss is a vampire

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Well, he is kind of a vampire, in that he needs human blood to survive. He’s a hemophiliac who needs frequent transfusions in order to prevent himself from dying of blood loss.

Cliche: you’re in love with the bad boy

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So you can get information from him and send him to jail.

Cliche: the mean girl is threatening you

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She’s threatening to call the cops on you for theft because you stole her purse for no reason.

Cliche: the mean girl is making out with the bad boy

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damn it, I can’t think of anything

It’s a roleplay on cliches.

Cliche: werewolves fight against vampires

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People are rehearsing for the new high school play. The teacher’s obsessed with magical tropes and wrote it himself.

Cliche: you’re pregnant after meeting a rich hot stranger at a bar

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You’re pregnant by your husband, meeting the rich hot stranger on the same night was just a coincidence.

Cliche: the mafia leader kidnaps you

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