Good Omens - show vs book

So I wasnt sure if I should put this in the book or Film and TV category but this is mainly about the show so hope I did the correct thing xD

I finished Good Omens (show) a few days ago, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I mean, I love the book, its one of my all time favourites, so I was afraid they will ruin it with show, like it usually happens. But since one of the authors, Neil Gaiman wrote the script for show, my fear was probably pointless.
I loved David Tennant as Crowley, he was brilliant. They couldnt have chosen a better actor. Micheal Sheen as Arizaphale made kinda a weird first impression on me, but I loved him at the end.
I also saw that many people didnt like the actor who played Adam, but I actually did. I think he did him justice.
What I missed was a few things that were in book but werent mentioned in show. Like for example the other 4 motorcycle drivers that joined the 4 horsemen. That was a hilarious scene xD
Also I missed how they didnt show more of how War influenced people around her, only one scene. There was more of it in book.
But I loved the end, I mean the scene when Crowley and Arizaphale swaped bodies. That wasnt in the book, and I read somewhere it was taken from a book Gaiman and Pratchett were planning to write, some sort of sequel for Good Omens.
So anyone saw Good Omens show? What did you think? Have you read also the book? Did you like how the book was represented in the show? Tell me your opinions :slight_smile:


I haven’t seen the show yet, I really need to get on that tbh. But I’ve heard really good things. Not everyone can adapt their own stories that well xD Some people fall super flat trying. But Gaiman is just that good I guess, he kinda always has been

I loved, loved, loved the book though, so I need to watch this damn show


Gaiman is brilliant, and plus Pratchett is dead (RIP :frowning: ) so I think thats why the show was almost the same as book, to honour what they created together :slight_smile:

And I love the book too, read it like 10 times, never gets old.
Tbh people who didnt read the book can find the show a little boring, or more complicated to understand. Mainly the character of Adam, because they didnt really show what he thinks about all this in show. If I havent read the book I wouldnt probably like his character in show xD

Well if you havent watched it, sorry for spoilers xD when you will I would like to hear your opinion

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Absolutely! I’ll pop on over here once I’ve got through it, and once I’ve read it again. Since I’m planning on doing that too :eyes:

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yeah I did that too, but I read it before watching show xD

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Closed due to inactivity, the Good Omens show is great tho :heart: