Has food ever made you sick? What happened?

Food has made me sick all the time. Last semester, a ate Papa Johns, and so did my friend. We got food poisoning after that. What about you guys?

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I have never gotten food poisoning but I hate chunky liquids (ex. Smoothies) and sometimes I feel sick after drinking them

Yeah papa John’s seems to give me food poisoning too it’s so weird :skull:

Also a lot of food tends to mess with me since I’m predietbetic so I need to eat in moderation but ik lately I’ve been eating really unhealthy so everything doesn’t feel good

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Yeah, but usually it happens with vegetables that aren’t fresh.

In November 2019, I got a stomach infection after eating an old salad that had been forgotten in my fridge for a week.

And in February 2021, I ordered a dish that had raw carrots and coleslaw in it, but since the portion was pretty large, I saved some for the next day. I guess the vegetables weren’t fresh to begin with, but they probably went bad when I ate the leftovers. Because the next day, I got really sick with food poisoning for an entire week.

Eggs, boiled eggs!

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I’m pretty sure I had that luck of never being sick because of food


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