Have you ever accidentally bought the wrong shade of make up?

Many times I have accidentally picked up the wrong shade of something, mainly because of putting things in the wrong place when trying then out. I wanted to buy a red lipstick I saw which wasn’t too bold but instead I picked up one the same shade as ribena :smiley:


I once bought a wrong shade of brow pomade, it said it was chocolate and looked pretty dark but once I got home I realized how orange it actually is…
But I didn’t throw it away lucky because it’s the exact shade I need now that I’m ginger :joy:

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Funny story. I purposefully buy the wrong shade of foundation. Since I do musical theatre, as part of our stage makeup we have to have a foundation that’s two shades darker than our actual skin tone to combat the brightness of the stage lights. My everyday use foundation is my actual skin tone, but I came into possession of it because my mom accidentally bought a foundation that was too light.

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One time I bought a foundation that had yellow undertones, and it doesn’t really match my skin tone at all, so it looks weird. Another one was too pinkish. I’ve seen some YouTubers buy two shades of foundation and mix them together… but who would want to spend that much money? Besides YouTubers, obviously. :joy: :joy:

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I bought a concealer last summer before going on vacation to hawaii… let’s just say I had to buy another one after I came home since I was a bit tanner (but I don’t wear makeup often so it was fine)

I accidentally bought an eyebrow pencil colour that was too light for my skin so it didn’t show on my face. The lid colour of the pencil is slightly similar to the one I usually buy. I realised once I used it.
Another time, I ordered the wrong lipstick shade online. It was hard to find the right matte lipstick that I needed so I went online and still ended up getting the wrong one. The lipstick literally had me looking like this:



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:smiley: I don’t buy makeup-

All the time. I need to rethink life choices.


Niether do I after that :smiley:

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Here I was

Tryna be all cool and buy lipstick

But no


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Gosh Telly you gotta get that right shade! Bring out your eyes :grin:

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Added some tags :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

What’s that? :eyes::eyes::green_heart:

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It’s basically a black current drink

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I’m still confused, what’s that? :eyes::eyes::green_heart::no_mouth:

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Uhhhhh hm :thinking: purple juice

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tbh if I had done this (since I usually bought makeup for people) I would not be here now.

Women are quite lethal when it comes to their makeup shades :eyes:


Yep I once bought a lippy that I thought was a cool red… nope it was dark purple heading towards brown. And I was traveling and it was the only lippy I had with me to go to a birthday party. I looked like the corpse bride…


I don’t wear makeup :eyes::eyes::eyes:

Can’t relate lol

I buy the wrong make up way too often! I never test out foundations and things like that, and I’ve never found one that actually works well for my skin tone (although I did coincidentally find a concealer that is disturbing close), because everything just looks wrong.

I’ve also gotten pale brown mascara before, which I never used, because it’s way lighter than my eyelashes and it just think it looks weird on me.

I’ve also bought a few lipsticks that I thought would have a nice color that definitively did not have a nice color when I actually tried to wear them :joy:

Any makeup purchasing mishaps @Discussions?