Have you ever been at school on Friday the 13th?

Generally speaking, every student will attend school on Friday the 13th at least once. Have you been at school on Friday the 13th? If you have, what happened?

I’m still alive.

Yeah, I don’t remember though I’m sure it was fine.

Yes and it was super spooky! :grimacing::flushed: I remember monday the 4th too…
@idiot.exe how did u survive ?


Omg no… Monday the 4th was one of the most horrifying days of my life…

It was just like halloween on friday the 13th!! Did you know it happens this year?

Anyways, I survived by drinking water and staying hydrated!! It was very important to eat 3-4 meals a day and exercise daily.

Opinion? @AnnSza??


Www-what??? Im barely done recovering from monday the 4th and now you tell me this? Oh god…

I think your explanation was great! That’s exactly what i did and i feel so much stronger right now! But i also went to the gym for 16hrs a week!


I just remember that I had a Science exam that day.

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