Have you ever learn about Blackbeard the pirate 🏴‍☠️ In school

Have you been studying your history on Blackbeard. I did remember someone who was in the classroom I was in in middle school had to dress up as Blackbeard the pirate all day. But unfortunately that was a very long time ago.

Here history on Blackbeard https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackbeard#Last_battle

By the way if you visit Ocracoke, North Carolina during vacation you might see the spirit of Blackbeard search for is head.

Also Blackbeard crew like 49 pirates were hanged on the oak tree in white point garden in Charleston, South Carolina.

It haunted but leave before night if you don’t want to see ghosts pirates looking at you. But if you do be careful do to Charleston, South Carolina is one of the most haunted cities in South Carolina.

Here a another place to see Blackbeard ghost looking for is head

didn’t learn much about him in school thou horrible histories made a song about it

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Okay, it fun to look up pirate who roam the world.
Watch this video that Blackbeard ghost is searching for his head.


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