Have you ever published a book?

I’ve never published a book but I tried to get some information on publishing when I was younger. But everything seemed so complicated and expensive so I forgot about it.

Have you ever published a book?
Where did you publish it?
Can you tell us something about how it went for you?
If you’ve never published a book: Would you like to?


@ChaoticDeluge :eyes:


I’ve self published a book on Amazon :joy:

I’ve made £15 over the 4 years that it has been available! \o/

Actual publishing is very different. I’d love to have my work published professionally eventually, though that’s a distant goal yet :wink:


Yup, technically, at least.

Wattpad :sweat_smile:

Not great, didn’t get that many reads, but hey, it’s over a hundred so I’m happy with the reads I have!

I’d love to get a book traditionally published tho, I just want someone to be interested enough in my work to publish it with their company. Cuz anyone can self-publish a book to be fair. Not all of them do well, and I’m not saying it’s bad to do that- it’s great! But like traditionally publishing seems to me at least, to be a lot more official…



Wattpad (if that counts)

Most of my stories don’t get that much traffic, but I have one with over 100 reads.

One of my mom’s friends is an actual published author. Her books are really good.

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Well, If you count an Episode story? I published multiple I never finished, and one which I finished and started a sequel to.

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Nope, but I would like to one day :smiley:

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Never published I book, and I don’t really want to

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