Have you ever written a manga?

As the title states. I have made one a long time ago, but it’s been long lost now and honestly I’m glad it is. It would physically hurt to post. It… it’s so bad. However, if you have, would you like to share? :eyes: If you’re making one, would you like to share the finished project here? Or, if you’ve written the plot for one or some sort of head cannon but haven’t drawn it, what was it?


I tried- It was about a vampire couple who hunted down other monsters, BOUNTY HUNTER VAMPIRES. I regret everything in the story :wink:

I was 10-


Well, I tried when I was little, like I wrote and drew all those comic thingies but I failed :joy:

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Never even tried to do one :sunglasses:


Yeh, I attempted to write manga a lot xD Last I made was about a famous hero (let’s just use that term) who’s not really doing her job anymore and is instead doing different jobs to earn money. And—of course—returns to her former job for some reason. Basically, it’s a “returned hero” story.

Aside from “why not?”, I did it so that I could learn how to draw in different angles. Guess who flopped :clown_face:


I wrote something EXACTLY like this at the same age!!!

My readers ended up shipping the main character with the main villain (who was her father, btw)


Back when I was 8-14 my story Kito was actually a manga :eyes: It was more or less a rip-off of Bleach when I first came up with it but it changed pretty drastically and went on to kinda have its own identity by the time I was around 12. At that point my inspirations were stuff like One Piece, Skulduggery Pleasant, Final Fantasy, Bleach (of course), Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. And my list would only grow as the years went on!

The concept design for my very first character: Sapphire. This was before "Kito" was developed and she would go on to be a member of the main cast in the story!

8 year-old Deluge did not know how to sketch first

This was originally going to be her rival characters, he was changed to be a foil for Kito and his name was changed to Taeto!

The first cover for "Kito"

Then, when I was still 8 - almost 9 - I’d go on to start Kito off properly. Drawn on A4 paper and only really sketched, never inked and without any backgrounds drawn or plot structure sorted out :joy:

I was still really proud of this. It would go on to have a 75 chapter, 7 volume run of which I still have a huge volume of pages from. Though not at the house I’m living in rn :sob:

"This is what the covers would go on to look like when I was 12-13. As you can tell it... Had a troubled release schedule

This was the major antagonist of the first arc, Kenova no Ookami! He became a good guy later and even had a love interest. Weird stuff.

One of the last pages I drafted for Kito's comic run

This was a page done when I was 14, almost 15. It shows Kito being overwhelmed by the speed of a minor antagonist in the halfway point of an arc. I feel like with a little tweaking these pages could have been excellent, I just didn’t have the skill 8 years ago, unfortunately :joy:

A digital remaster of a page from that same very late chapter of the Kito comic

This is a shot of Kito gaining the upper hand for a split second in his battle with that minor antagonist. I digitally remastered this page in 2014 when I first got a pen tablet, so I would have been around 16 :smile:


Hero x Villain couples are lowkey cute

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