Help With Some Ideas For My Disability Story

Ok, so I may need some ideas as to what I could do when spreading awareness of a character’s disability

I have a club, so hm, what about a seminar?

P.S. i could have googled before I made this thread. XD


A seminar could be great. If you’re going to have a character with a disability, explain to the audience about what the disability actually is and how it affects the person who has it. Also, don’t try to glorify or romanticize the idea of having a disability.

So were they born with their disability or did they acquire it later in life?

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Hm, still thinking about this one.

Whats the disabiliy

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The MC has Cystic Fibrosis and the MC sister has dyslexia. @ShanniiWrites helped me with the disabilities.

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Unfortunately im of no knowledge when it comes to tht.

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I know. lol I am doing research on them. Writing down some points, and other points which can help the MC and his sibling with their disabilities.

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