Hidden assets in stories you really want?

Episode has a whole bunch of assets that their creators cannot use and are locked in their featured stories. I used to like obsessively take screenshots of everything, although that’s kind of stupid. The wish list should’ve been something we could vote on rather than let them clap themselves on the back for releasing something they otherwise would Anyways, there’s a lot of really nice assets that they’ve shown off in featured stories, so which ones do you really want them to release?



The faceplam animation so my characters can express how much they dislike the bad boy with a traumatic past that smokes and rides a motorcycle. :relieved:


I’ve seen that one in so many things and they still haven’t released it, it’s ridiculous

Also facepalms are great


There’s many assets that they need to release! Including SCI-Fi. Some Episode Users have even started an awareness on it.


I saw something that was complaining about them not supporting other genres and therefore no one ever wants to write in sci-fi or historical things just because of the total lack of assets


I’m about to start working on a sci-fi story, And the lack of assets are irritating! I don’t need anything major but cyborgs and whilst that’s easy to somewhat make the robotic features are what’s screwing it up. Sadly Episode only updates regular assets and rarely fantasy.


I have also posted this on the wishlist

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20s-style flapper dresses! I saw them on the Wish List, but since they were a gem choice, they aren’t planning on releasing them.
We need more clothing from different decades and time periods in general. :sunflower: :sunflower: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :coffee: :coffee:


Yes! I totally agree that we need more items from the past and some for the future.

I almost die sometimes while creating outfits for my new story since the colors are white, gra(e)y, and black. That is ALL most characters can wear unless they are in the military, which they then get green, or are LGBTQIA+, plus size, trans, erc and the government makes them where red. That’s not great but that’s what happens when a government controls clothing. ALSO MY CO-WRITER AND I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE RED CLOTHING BUT THOUGHT IT WOULD BE GOOD FOR AN ALREADY ABUSIVE GOVERNMENT.

Sorry for the long message :exploding_head::sweat_smile:

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What are some animations you wish we had?

We need more sitting animations. I’m tired of always having to zoom in and spot direct the characters so they can do an animation that doesn’t exist when they are sitting.

Sneezing and blowing their nose, for when characters are sick. The cough animation doesn’t work anymore because people keep overusing it for ‘clearing their throat’ or nervous stuttering when someone makes a comment that they don’t want to respond to.

Looking at their watch.

Pointing to something in the distance. It exists in INK but not LL.

What else?

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