How do you deal with having too many story ideas?

This happens to me all the time. I have a good idea for a story, plan on trying to create some characters or something, then I go to bed and get 1000000 new ideas for other stories. Or I think about a plot twist in the story that I’m writing and what would change if the story went another way which creates a totally different story and then I add zombies or superheroes to that idea and get even more ideas :joy:
So, basically, I just always have too many story ideas and don’t know what to do with them. Most of them aren’t even good ideas :joy: Some might be but I should focus on finishing a story for once!

And tips on how to deal with having too many story ideas? :smile_cat:


Sometimes I incorporate them into my stories or other stories. Or I create a new story if I’m losing inspiration in the other one.


Literally write them all down! Every idea is valuable! At some point you will use them. I found myself having a few ideas which fitted in later on in a story I’m writing.


Ahhh relatable. I get story ideas like everytime and it’s sometimes too annoying because it’s usually more interesting that what I’m currently writing ;-;

But I reserve them later. Usually, I try and think of ways to put and connect them all together too. Like, recycling or stuff. Orrrr yeah, plot twists. I use them to think of plot twists and such.

Sometimes, I also end up planning a series just to put them in place and not bother me because I need to finish what I’ve started first.


Choose the one that will be the easiest to write :eyes:


Bump! I would try them all out and see which one works!

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I have a MASSIVE problem with this. I try to write them down in my writing ideas journal thing for a later date. But I could really use some more help.

@idiot.exe, do you have any ideas for how to deal with this problem?


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