How do you plan your RPs/SGs?

Hey guys, so this thread is to share your advice or look for some from other RP creators on how you plan your RPs! Be detailed and if you have any, share your tips!



ive only done one before and it was very on a whim i didnt know what i was doing

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Um… I’ve never planned them… oops.

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I only hosted 3 or 4 p’s and one died really fast, but this is my personal few on RP’s and what I learned from past RP’s and what I apply on my current one.

For me what really kills an rp is timeframes. For example when all of a sudden a new day begins while you're still in the middle of something so you have to either cut it short or rapidly finish it. It takes you out of a fun situation and if that keeps happening, I most of the time lose interest and stop to bother to create a fun interaction if I already know it's going to be cut off when we have a good flow going.

Same goes for minimums on how long a post is. Sometimes 2 sentences work well and then after 3 or 4 you get a long one again. It comes in waves and for me when I have to force sentence to be longer, the thing I’m trying to say loses its impact.

As for what I notice what people enjoy doing is have the freedom to do things and only need input from the host when the energy drops.
Try to be flexible that what you plan… 90% of the time all those pre-made plans and events aren’t going to end as you want them to end because that’s the fun thing about RP’s, the person(s) you’re playing with thinking different from you, so they will do different things in the same situation.

However, and I know this conflicts with what I just said, but make sure storywise, you are prepared. Have pointers that you know that when your rp falls silent, you can throw in one of your pre-made situations. Just keep it in keywords. For example:

Purpose: Interaction/knowing each other.
Vibe: Relaxed.

I want them to:
Work in teams - random/self pick / I pick.
Do something together - scavenger hunt/puzzles/etc.

One twist:
Something you know you can throw in at any given time no matter the situation.


Love this. Thanks for sharing with everyone. (wink)

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Np :blush:

Its just personal preference and things I noticed.
Rn, I’m trying the time thing, the free to play and the free amount of writing and I’ll see what happens.


Good luck!


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