How to get yourself motivated to promote your own story

What motivates me to promote my story is the fact that I love it and want other people to read it. But seeing a low read count motivates me even more to promote it whenever I can (on the right threads, obviously) so that people can NOTICE it. Because you can have an excellent story, but people won’t read it unless they know about it, right?
Seeing other people promote theirs is also a good motivation, as sometimes people might be looking for new stories to read, and they’ll notice yours in a collective promotion thread.


I have a couple small Creepypastas and quizzes if you’d like to check them out. Lol, that’s what I do. Just ask people to read the story or take the quiz.

For the motivated, I watch a lot of horror ad on tv mostly the unholy and panic gave me chills. So that what my story is based on.

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