How To Overcome Artists Block?

Hey, eyemazing and talented beans!

So I have an art shop on the EF with 5 other users and I’ve got like 4-5 requests. I’ve only started working on all of them, but I’m not motivated enough to finish them. I can’t seem to finish the whole piece without taking a break every 2 minutes. I’ve managed to finish one and posted it on the thread. For the others, I’ve only started doing the outline. It’s been over 10 days and the requester is asking if it’s ready. I told them I’m still working on it, but it’s more like I’m procrastinating!

What do I do? And sorry for the rant!



On top of that, my dumb–s thought it would be cool to enter 3 OCs


When I have artist’s/writer’s block I usually try to step away from the medium for a few days. Constantly worrying about it or trying to slog through the apathy is only going to make it worse. I have to recharge and do some stuff irl (even if that means watching/reading things I like), and then I’ll try to jump back into it. If at the end of it if I’m still uninspired I’ll look at other artists’ art I admire to try to get some inspiration.

If you really need to get it done in a certain amount of time - and if you can find a way to work up some willpower - you could possibly try productivity/time management techniques, like the Pomodoro Technique.

(Also… get sleep and stay hydrated/fed because it’s hard for your brain to work at full capacity if it’s running on empty, something I’ve learned the hard way many many times lol)


Thank you!

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  • watch some tv or listen to some music
  • draw something just for fun
  • go outside
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Thanks, I’m trying to do all these things

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Nice to meet you, I love your pfp.

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I can say the same and thanks! Your pfp is rad :sunglasses:

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  • Try a new art style!
  • Watch some speedpaints
  • Discover new artists
  • Take a break from art for a while if you need to!
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