If a genie granted you infinite wishes, what would they be?

Now I want a sketchbook ;-;

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Infinity + 1 wishes :wink:

No, seriously I’d wish for a fish

I’ll wish for them to remember me and never have the need to go in the hospital


I would wish for many things. The one thing I want the most outta everything is to make a peaceful world. I would kill everyone and then make this new world and create peaceful babies. I would then see outta all the people I killed who can be the most helpful to my cause. I would then bring them back to life to watch the kids or do whatever their purpose is. This would be my paradise.

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If I could wish many things, It’d mostly focus on the situations that I have been on

It could be from erasing embarassing memories that keeps me up at night, making my weight and body look toned rather than… lumpy, at least manage my items since I may lose or forget things :sweat_smile:, have a good fashion sense (and have some support that I wish I’d have), and pretty much have a sustainable amount of money so that I can at least buy things for me and my family. But honestly the first would be just to lessen the toxic energies and people since they reek and hinder development (not all, since human development still needs some challenge to at least mature and experience.)


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If we want to get deep, I would definitely wish to make the world safer. Solving environmental things like pollution, climate change and rising sea levels. Then the illnesses that kill people, would be cool to have cures for them. Then… rid the world of people who live just to hurt or kill people. But that part would be hard because it’s obviously difficult to distinguish those people. Then I’d probably throw in a wish for world peace because that’s important too.

Then I’d wish for confidence, intelligence and money probably.

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Hi can I have the motivation to do my work please thanks

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Since the wishes would be infinite I could just ask for something as I come up with it and wouldn’t have to write everything down on a list, but I’ll write down some things I can come up with as I sit here and type on the keyboard. :dizzy:

I would have wishes both for the greater good and for myself, my friends and family.

  • World peace
  • End world hunger
  • End poverty
  • End animal cruelty
  • Save every distinct species
  • Stop global warming

…and stuff like that

Some wishes I have for myself are

  • To move out
  • Work with something I find fun these forums
  • Get my bachelor
  • Travel
  • Do fun stuff with my friends
  • Get more time
  • Don’t have to worry about the future
  • Don’t have to worry about money

…and stuff like that.


I want my sister back

Rn I don’t wish for much except moving from this dumb country
And moving out of my parent’s house

Amazing grades
Moving to another country :eyes:
Getting a really good job I’m passionate about
Spotify Premium
Ice Creammmmmm

  • money
  • a new car for my dad and grandma
  • for my grandma to know how to drive
  • a car for myself
  • acceptance into one of the best schools
  • better house for my grandma
  • a new phone case
  • a card that grants free toilet paper, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and soap
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Free traveling :)
Moving to another country

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My sister.

I want my nephews to come back from the USA.
That’s all.

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A PS5 pls :eyes::eyes:
My FF14 subscription always paid :eyes:
My dream job achieved :eyes::eyes:
No debt :eyes::eyes: