I'm Still Beating Myself Over It

U ever get this chills that when your playing with your sibling and he fell down on something hard but yr not in front of him but behind him and dont know where he hurt himself and next thing u know when u wake up n look at your sibling theres small mark on his eye, on top but not directly at the eye. Sigh…i know he fell countless times before but im still worried n i feel like its all my fault if i didnt play with him that much or like be in front of him…i feel like im a bad sister, right now…


Yee, happens a lot, you arn’t a bad sister, you just can’t have your eyes on them 24/7, ya know?


yeah, true, it just pains me to see him crying in pain out loud…


I know how you feel. My nephew is clumsy but has the highest pain tolerance I have ever seen in the family. This one incident happened that almost got him taken away from sister because people that she had abused him. He broke both bones below the elbow in his right arm. Sadly, it was just an accident where he put his arm on a chair that my sister was about to sit down on. She didn’t see him put his arm there. Then he fell three weeks later and re-aggravated the injury. No one knew his arm had been broken. He only cries when he is seriously hurt but it only lasts for a few minutes. I felt so bad about not catching on to the fact he had been injured that badly. His arm never showed any sign on the break. It still bothers everyone in my family so we just have to be more mindful about certain falls and bumps he gets. He is almost 3 years old so we were lucky the injury won’t effect him in the long run. Like Sparkle said sometimes you can’t catch all of the things your brother gets into. There are going to be times when incidents like this happen that bother you but just remember if he isn’t seriously crying out in pain then he will be good. So don’t beat yourself up over this Lana.


It’s not your fault, accidents happen

When I was little me and my bigger sister almost accidentally killed my little sister, we thought she was cold so we kept giving her more blankets and she overheated and had to go to hospital :no_mouth::crying_cat_face:

She’s okay tho


Thanks guys. :heart:


Don’t worry… some kids are very accident prone.

My 5 year old nephew is one of those types… last year, we went to eat rolled ice cream, and he fell off the stool right in front of us. He just cried a little but he was fine. :purple_heart:

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