Is black a colour? ⚫

Black is not assumed to be a colour. Well, as far as Physics goes.

Black is just an absence of colour. It doesn’t have any specific wavelength like colours such as red, purple etc do.

Just as white is not a colour. White is a sum of all colours. It also doesn’t have any specific wavelength. When you pass white light through a prism, the light undergoes dispersion to give out a spectrum of many colours (commonly known as VIBGYOR).

So what do y’all think? Is black a colour? Why or why not? :eyes:

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Black can be a color when it wants.

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Why arenu soneducashun


For art, yeah it’s a colour because you have to draw from a pallet. Technically, it’s more of a shade, but the term exists.

For everything else, it’s not a colour.


It’s a color, as long as it’s not #000000 aka completely black :star_struck:

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Well, if you think about the laws of physics it’s not, but I still call it a color. So to me, yeah black is a color :star_struck:

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your new nickname is Science

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No :cowboy_hat_face:

I suck at science :blush:

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too bad bcz i already started calling u that, science. :grin:

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