Is going to the cinema worth it?

I’d definitely say it is still worth it but only for going to see films that I’m actually interested in I wouldn’t wanna be sat there watching something I didn’t really care about.

But for things like Endgame it was definitely fun to see it on the big screen :grin:


I think it is I love cinemas
Lowkey expensive here tho but it’s kinda worth it it’s a lot more fun watching things in big screen

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I like it, but I certainly wouldn’t go regularly to see movies in theaters


Yeah, but home tv can be just as good as well.

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I don’t suggest it, sometimes movie theatres can be really busy unsanitary and unsafe especially in covid.
There’s most likey going to be a mess or a lot of germs in the theater because most people dump and go.
Not caring about the rules.
So I wouldn’t suggest it.
I feel people should stay at home, that way this virus could go away quicker.
And then we can try to rebuild our nature lifestyle like before.

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Also, you can rent movies that are new and just releasing.
They’re letting you do that now.
So I really don’t see a point for me to go out to the theater.
It’s going to risk me getting sick.
Especially in a place that’s not known for the best sanitary environment.
So I’m trying to wait everything out so things can get better.

Yes and no. I think it does depend on the film and what you want to see, but I prefer watching films at home. Tickets can be very expensive here, but if I want to see a film I know I wouldn’t be able to find online then I think it is worth it.

no not at all :grimacing:
so dirty
so sickly
so awful
why get a big screen when you can just sit rlly rlly close to the tv?

some people have such low IQs :roll_eyes:

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not for me. they’re usually dirty, unsanitary, and overpriced. you can just buy decently priced snacks from the store and watch films at home. simple as that.

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Umm maybe, maybe not lol… I went already and it was pretty alright but never went back… I just prefer watching movies at home when I feel like it :sweat_smile:

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